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The BGZ website is in the process of moving to a new host, so some functionality
may change as this process moves along. I’ll update everyone once the move has been completed and all functionality has been restored. Thanks for your support and patience during this time.

As of January 27, I’m in the process of moving the domains for BGZ from where they currently are over to a third party registrar. This could cause some outages of the website. Also, over the next week or two the domains will start pointing to the new host which could also impact services. Hopefully this will be a smooth process. If BGZ disappears, be patient and it will show up again on the new hosting better than ever.

You may have noticed that the audio content links do not work except for my recent update podcasts. All content will be restored on the new hosting along with the blind cool tech archive page with more to come in 2016!

Whether you’re a geek, geek-at-heart or a tech newbie, the Blind Geek Zone has something to interest you. With audio tutorials, gadget demonstrations, useful links and programs, and a community of tech gurus just as geeky as I am, you’ll quickly make BGZ your home on the web.

BlindCoolTech Archive Page:

The Blind Geek Zone is proud to be able to make the BCT Archive page available for everyone to enjoy. If you enjoy access to the BCT archive page, please consider a donation to keep the archive up and running as it takes a lot of resources and money to keep this valuable resource available for everyone. Currently, you are limited to 10 downloads / listens per 24 hour period. As I see server resources level off, I will raise this limit some more.

Want all of these files at once? Then, you will want to use Bit Sync to get these files downloaded to your PC. It’s fast and easy, Davy Kager @Ducktail on Twitter is running the official BCT Bit Sync folder. The secret key is BPVKWPD6233T4CVZWTTZ4EHDHO6TK4EZD
Much thanks to him for doing this.

Download BT Sync

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