BlindCoolTech Archive Page

BlindCoolTech was created by Larry Skutchan and 2005. The first podcast was uploaded on June 1, 2005 and by the end of the year there were nearly 300 podcasts from Larry and many others around the blind community. BCT rapidly became the place to go to for your favorite blindness technology related podcasts. BCT also became a place where people could socialize and talk about many other things that weren’t necessarily technology related. I found the BCT website in December of 2005 and fell in love with it right away. Soon after, I began to record my first podcasts that I sent to BCT throughout 2006 and this is what led me to ultimately create the BlindGeekZone in November of that year. BCT continued to provide a wealth of podcasts until 2012 when updating of the site ceased.

BCT is once again alive on this tribute page to Larry and the much missed original BCT website. This is a huge source of history that hopefully will never be lost.

My thanks goes out to Larry for giving me permission to creat this page and to host all of the original podcasts that the BCT website originally held. This page would have never been possible without the help of many other people that sent me BCT podcasts which make it possible to create this page for all of you to enjoy. There are currently over 1500 BCT podcasts here that you can download and listen to.

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Here are descriptions for BCT podcasts from 2005 through 2012. There are some broken links for missing podcasts and other links in the podcast descriptions that point to other websites and products that no longer exist.

If you find an incomplete podcast, please let me know about it. If you can supply any of the missing podcasts, plese let me know as well. Thanks.

You can use headings to navigate more quickly. Heading level 1 moves by year and heading level 2 moves from podcast to podcast.


Windows 8 Window Eyes

3/12/2012 Jeremy Curry

and Doug Geoffray demonstrate Window Eyes running with Windows 8 at CSUN 2012. 27.2 MB

Olympus LS100 Recorder Review

2/23/2012 Neal Ewers

describes this portable recorder and shows how quietly both the internal and external XLR phantom power microphones can be. It’s even quiet with low power dynamic microphones. He does some stereo separation text examples with the internal microphones, talks about and demonstrates limiters, an walks all the menus. 106.5 MB

Quicken 2011

2/15/2012 Bob Jutzi

describes the techniques needed to use Quicken 2011 and 2012 successfully with a screen reader.

8.7 MB

MM6 In Depth Overview

2/5/2012 Drew Weber

describes this 61 key keyboard from Yamaha, reviews the entire knob and button layout, talks about changing arpegios, connecting the keyboard to your computer, connecting a drive to the unit, and sequencing with the Windows sequencer.

19.5 MB

Android Demo 5

1/29/2012 Mike Arrigo

Shows how to overcome custom modifications to Android that manufacturers sometimes use that limits accessibility, shows how to connect a Bluetooth GPS receiver, demonstrates Google Goggles, and demonstrates a file manager. 40.7 MB


tecsun PL390

9/27/2011 Tim Hindle

reviews this portable radio with exceptional FM Reception. The unit is small and easy to use for blind consumers. Most buttons beep, and it can be locked for transport. 12.1 MB

Top Braille

9/21/2011 Rebecca Blaevoet

Introduces this innovative hand held reading device that enables instant access to print through built-in Braille and speech.

See more at 26.9 MB

IPhone GPS Comparison 2

9/18/2011 Mike Arrigo

updates his earlier report on accessible iPhone GPS apps and demonstrates two particularly good ones–the Magellan Road Mate and the Motion X Drive. 25.9 MB

Zoom H2 N Recorder Review

9/13/2011 Neal Ewers

puts this newest recorder of the Zoom line through its paces. He describes the layout, sonically compares it with other zoom recorders, and uses all 5 microphones on the unit to capture a variety of sounds as well as his description of how the microphones work to bring about a new era of sound in inexpensive portable recorders. in addition he uses it with a number of external microphones, and discusses the pros and cons of using a recorder that does not have talking menus. 52.8 MB

Mac Demo 14

9/9/2011 Mike Arrigo

continues this informative series with a detailed discussion on Version 10.7, Lion, of the Mac operating system. 29.6 MB

Kindle For PC

7/26/2011 Nancy Vanderbrink

explores the features and benefits of this software that lets you read the wide library of books from Amazon’s Kindle store with synthesized speech. 39.4 MB

Olympus LS7 Recorder Review

6/17/2011 Neal Ewers

compares many aspects of this recorder with others from Olympus, notably contrasting the built-in microphones with those of the DM4. He describes the operation and features of this recorder and gets the new user running quickly by describing the essentials of battery installation and button placement and function. 54.5 MB

Android Demo 4

6/13/2011 Mike Arrigo

continues this informative series with demonstrations on how to change the text-to-speech engine and the screen reader without loosing speech. He also shows an accessible messenger and Serotek’s iBlink Radio app, connects an external Bluetooth GPS receiver, and shows Sendero’s Look Around GPS app. 19.3 MB


6/9/2011 Steve Bauer

interviews Dawn Haley and Peter Johnson from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing about the new IOS app that identifies U. S. paper currency and other topics relating to the accessibility of paper money. 16.4 MB

Yahoo Search Direct

6/6/2011 Victor Tsaran

demonstrates the accessibility of the new Yahoo search feature that presents results directly as you type. 4.7 MB


6/2/2011 Christian Moller

demonstrates this app running on an Android phone that lets licensed ameture radio stations communicate with one another. He is extremely pleased about how accessible the app is with screen reader software. 18.0 MB

CCRadio 2

5/31/2011 Dane Trethowan

reviews this replacement of the CCRadio 1. He explains that the analog TV channel selection has been replaced with a two meter ameture radio band. 27.3 MB

Cisco Academy For The Visually Impaired

5/30/2011 Grace King

and other instructors and students explain the benefits of this environment for learning and getting certified in networking. 10.5 MB


5/1/2011 David Chung

and Hayden Presley demonstrate this online basketball management game that is both accessible and challenging. 53.3 MB

VI Math

4/22/2011 David Chong

and Hayden Presley discuss approaches to working with math from the perspective of a blind high school student deeply interested in the subject. 27.5 MB

Windows Live Mail

4/21/2011 Mary Emerson

demonstrates various aspects of effectively using Windows Live Mail with JAWS 12 and Windows 7.

25.0 MB

Android Demo 3

4/17/2011 Mike Arrigo

continues this Android tutorial series with updates to information about phone hardware, discusses the pros and cons of Android vs IOS, shows how to update apps, and demonstrates the new Amazon mp3 player. 27.4 MB

Addictive Drums

3/31/2011 Andre Louis

demonstrates this VST plugin from XLN Audio. 74.5 MB


3/31/2011 Becky Skipper

discusses this software that makes editing and reading complex math expressions practical for blind students and professionals. Infinity Project is a volentary organization of researchers seeking ways to make computers process scientific information. This software might be the first to let a blind student use optical character recognition (OCR) to scan a math textbook or work sheet and put the expressions into a common file format which can them be used with the editor. 28.3 MB

VoiceOver And Hot Spots

3/30/2011 Jess Smith

shows how to create, delete, manage, and monitor hot spots with the Mac screen reader, VoiceOver. Hot Spots are important areas on the screen that you may need often. 7.7 MB

CC SW Radio

3/29/2011 Dane Trethowan

reviews this shortwave radio from C Crane. 49.4 MB

Android Demo 2

3/26/2011 Mike Arrigo

shows how to use Mobilespeak Accessibility as a shell on an Android phone and covers some topics he missed in his first Android podcast. 21.3 MB

EBuddy Instant Messenger

3/25/2011 Chela Robles

instructs in the use of this instant messanger that is web based and does not require the installation of any additional software. 36.0 MB

Victor Reader

3/24/2011 Zackery Binly

demonstrates this Daisy player, recorder, and mp3 player. 9.9 MB

Roasting Coffee

3/23/2011 Randy Formennti

roasts coffee right on the stove. It smells great. 17.9 MB

Teac HD

3/12/2011 Tim Hindle

provides some background about HD radio and describes this receiver.

19.5 MB


3/6/2011 John gallagher

describes where all the buttons and controls are located on Amazon’s Kindle, then he demonstrates and discusses the accessibility triumphs and pitfalls of this electronic book reader.

8.5 MB

Handy CMS

3/6/2011 Earl Harrison

demonstrates this accessible, online contact management system from Handy Tech North America. 31.4 MB

Mobile Accessibility Browser

3/5/2011 Carlos Palomino

demonstrates the web browser in this accessibility suite that combines a screen reader and a platform of specially written applications for the Android phone. 13.6 MB

Android Tutorial

2/28/2011 Mike Arrigo

teaches the use of the Android operating system with its built-in accessibility. 32.7 MB

Fusion And Sharp Keys

2/26/2011 James Dean

demonstrates this virtualization software that lets you run Windows along side Mac programs without having to reboot. He also describes a keyboard mapping tool that is very useful. 33.0 MB

Math Genie

2/23/2011 Becky Skipper

demonstrates this application enabling users to read math problems using the function and arrow keys. Math problems are presented through a synthesizer. Math problems can be saved as Nemeth code files and exported to Braille translation software or read on a Braille display.

31.2 MB

Cosmetic Music

2/13/2011 Craig Spencer

Demonstrates this songwriting tool Developed by Professor Charles Atkins where the spelling of a word is used to derive at a musical idea and, ultimately, a song. For more information, go to 37.9 MB

Korg AX300G

2/12/2011 Heiko Folkerts

demonstrates the Korg AX3000G Guitar Multi effect board 89.3 MB

Book Transfer

2/4/2011 Chase Crispin

emonstrates the Book Transfer software that comes with the Book Port plus Digital Talking Book reader to transfer titles from the computer to the Book Port. 56.2 MB

Yamaha S910

1/29/2011 Minton Barelus

demonstrates the functions and features of this mid-range keyboard.

24.5 MB

Sara Camera Edition

1/27/2011 Mary Emerson

examines the Scanning and Reading Appliance from Freedom Scientific. 26.3 MB

Upgrading NLS Player Firmware

1/23/2011 Joseph Norton

shows how to download and install updates to the firmware runnnig on the NLS Digital Talking Book player.

10.6 MB

Keeper Password Vault

1/23/2011 Chris Gilland

demonstrates this app that encrypts and stores passwords, user ids, and other information you need to keep track of in a secure way.

13.3 MB

Main Menu 2010 Highlights

1/22/2011 Jamie Pauls

recounts the most significant stories that effected the assistive technology industry in 2010.

45.9 MB

Rhapsody Blind

1/18/2011 John Martin

demonstrates these JAWS scripts that make the Rhapsody application accessible to blind users. Get more information at

10.9 MB

No Snowjob

1/16/2011 Jim Fidler

describes a new podcast featuring the Snow Man Radio show.

3.7 MB


Descent Into Madness

12/30/2010 Dmitriy Lazarev

walks through this horror adventure game.

65.1 MB

Detecting Dollars With VisionHunt For iPhone

12/15/2010 Stavros Papastavrou

unveils this new version of these popular scanning tools that run on the iPhone from VI Scientific.

12.0 MB

Instant Bird Setup And Configuration

12/9/2010 Armando Melinado

and Shela Robels walk through the installation and configuration of this instant message client that is both accessible and works with a number of protocols including the Facebook chat client, Google Talk, AIM, and many more.

22.3 MB


12/3/2010 David Chun

reveals a great solution for the problem of those visual CAPTIAs that stop blind people from commenting or otherwise participating in any environment that employs this technique of insuring that responses to a web page are coming from a human and not some kind of robot.

See 4.4 MB

Apple TV

12/2/2010 Matt Vollbrecht

gives information about several recent updates to various Apple products and demonstrates the new version of Apple TV that includes accessibility with the built-in Voiceover screen reader.

30.6 MB

Blue Yeti Microphone

11/29/2010 Davy Kager

reviews this condenser USB microphone that features four different pickup patterns.

18.4 MB

Yamaha TSX 130

11/27/2010 Dane Trethowan

reviews this high end clock radio.

Ovi Maps And Mobile Speak Demo

11/24/2010 Fi Dunn

demonstrates using Mobile Speak with its support for the Nokia Ovi maps program used on Symbian phones for accessible GPS navigation.

18.1 MB

What Is New JAWS 12

11/23/2010 Eric Damery

and Dan Clark describe the new products and services introduced by Freedom Scientific this year. They then demonstrate and discuss the new and updated features in version 12 of JAWS, the screen reader program.

24.3 MB

Kenworth Juicer

11/22/2010 Rachel Keyte

reviews this citrus juicer that works well and is accessible to blind users.

12.6 MB

Audio Description Podcast

11/12/2010 Corien

announces her new podcast at Instead of House, she now describes Alias and Modern Family. Here is an example of one of each episode.

93.7 MB

CC Radio EP

11/10/2010 Tim Hindle

reviews this effective anolog radio from C Crane.

9.5 MB

Peavey 5150 Amplifier

11/3/2010 Chris Harrington

familiarizes you with this combo amp and demonstrates some of its capabilities.

33.5 MB

Refreshabraille 18

11/2/2010 Chase Crispin

reviews this portable refreshable braille display and keyboard from American Printing House for the Blind.

46.7 MB

iPhone GPS Comparison

10/31/2010 Mike Arrigo

compares and contrasts the various GPS options available to iPhone users. Recall that he also reviewed Mobile Geo and Way Finder Access.

23.7 MB

Epub Read

10/25/2010 Sean Randall

shows how to use this Firefox plugin from to read EPub’s already present on your system, searching for and reading public-domain EPub files, using bookmarks and navigation, and the amazing precision. 26.6 MB


10/25/2010 Roger Smith

discusses these new software speech synthesizers from Ivona that feature both excellent voices and the ability to get the pauses right.

5.0 MB

Directions For Me

10/22/2010 Byron Lee

introduces this web site that provides quality packaging information for many health and beauty products. The blind user can read preparation instructions, ingredient lists, and whatever else the packaging provides .

13.1 MB

List Recorder Brief Overview

10/9/2010 Neal Ewers

explains that List Recorder is an iPhone app from that combines making lists with an easy to use, yet powerful audio recorder. The result is a handy app that lets you quickly jot down and organize information as text, audio or both. But what makes List Recorder special is its ability to be used eyes-free and its use of custom motions and gestures.

Navigate through your lists with taps and tilts. Check items with swipes. Wipe out with a back flip. You’ll feel like you have a magic wand that talks to you as List Recorder responds to your waves and touches.

It’s quick and easy to record a note. Tilt right and tap: you’ve got a new item. One more tap and you’re recording. Give it a title and text or just tilt left and go back to the list view. Organize in whatever way you want by sorting and creating lists within lists.

The podcast is a Brief Overview of List Recorder. Jenny Axler starts things off with a brief introduction. Neal then highlight some of the coolest and most useful features of this app. You’ll hear how he combines VoiceOver with List Recorder’s custom gestures and tilt motions for a powerful eyes-free operation.

These podcasts can be played using the Sixth Mode Audio Clip Player. The Player provides an optimal way to listen to a podcast whether you are sighted, low vision or use a screen reader. Click the “Play Podcast” link in the podcast’s entry to experience the rich variety of audio controls on the podcast’s clip page.

The clip page includes visual controls as well as two types of links for controlling audio playback. The links under the “Audio Controls” header include play, pause and positioning functions, as well as a download and help link. The best part is what you’ll find under the “Table of Clips” header: a list of links you can click to get right to the described segment of the podcast. There is also a link to download the complete podcast.

Here is the link to the podcast page.

Comments on List Recorder and the Sixth Mode player are welcome.

16.2 MB

Free Secure Email Certificates

9/30/2010 Hanif Kruger

explains how to digitally sign your emails.

13.6 MB

NetTalk VoIP Adapter

9/29/2010 Tim Snyder

describes the positive experience and provides registration instructions for this device that provides unlimited domestic calls for $29 per year. 42.7 MB

Kapten GPS

9/27/2010 John Moore

demonstrates this subscription based GPS application for the iPhone that was recently made accessible.

36.8 MB

Sendero GPS LookAround

9/25/2010 Kevin Chao

demonstrates this iPhone app designed especially for blind users. Just shake the phone to get heading, location, cross street, and nearest points of interest. The app is only $4.99.

16.1 MB

Otter Box Case

9/24/2010 Darren Duff

describes this durible case for iPhone and iPod Touch.

16.8 MB

Composing Music With Sonar And JSonar

9/20/2010 Kelly Sapergia

demonstrates the JSonar scripts for the JAWS screen reader that make the Sonar digital composition software accessible.

67.1 MB

Airport Express

9/17/2010 Dane Trethowan

reviews and demonstrates several uses for this versitile router from Apple, Inc.

13.7 MB

Zoom H1 Recorder Review

9/8/2010 Neal Ewers

compares the recording electronics with the H2, and presents what sounds like identical recordings on this $99 recorder with the same electronics as the Zoom H2.

39.1 MB

A Tapping Tour

9/2/2010 Joseph Lee

discusses touch screens and how blind users can use them. He specifically describes the Mobilespeak screen reader with a Windows based cell phone.

19.9 MB

DM4 Demo

9/1/2010 Earl Harrison

explores the features, functions, and benefits of this new digital recorder from Olympus that includes text-to-speech and the ability to play Daisy content.

20.1 MB


8/31/2010 Bryan Smart

reviews this unique game for the iPhone that uses audio as its exclusive interface. He turns off Voiceover as he shows how the game uses all the phone’s sensors to control play and provide feedback with sounds.

41.1 MB

HTC Ozone With Talks

8/29/2010 Richard McKinly

reviews this powerful cell phone running Windows and Talks screen reader.

55.2 MB

Nerf Lazer Tag

8/27/2010 Shaun Williams

reviews this talking lazer tag set from Hasbro.

20.0 MB

Inside A Hard Drive

8/26/2010 Ashley Cox

takes apart a hard drive and describes what’s inside.

17.0 MB

Some iPhone Games

8/25/2010 Raul Gallegos

spends a restless evening playing three accessible iPhone games. Moxie is a wordbuilding game, Beep Beep is a Simon Says style game, and Zany Touch is a Bop It type game.

44.8 MB

Arrange Home Screen

8/21/2010 Dean Martineau

explains organizing, arranging, and managing home screens on the iDevices, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

21.9 MB

iTunes With A Screen Reader

8/20/2010 Michael Hansen

explains how to use the Windows version of iTunes with a screen reader. He uses JAWS, but he uses no specific screen reader commands, so it should work the same for any screen reader.

55.4 MB

Windows 7 Unattended Install

8/19/2010 Ashley Cox

walks through the steps required to create a Windows 7 unattended installation using the Windows Automated Installation Kit downloadable from the Microsoft Download Center. The additional files Ashley discusses are on his tutorial web page.

29.2 MB

Amadeus Pro Ring Tones

8/18/2010 Eric Karon

demonstrates creating and editing sound files to make ring tones for the iPhone using this free audio editing software and a Mac.

17.4 MB

Thunderbird Tutorial

8/16/2010 Raul Gallegos

teaches a method of using this email program for Windows 7 that works well for him.

35.4 MB

More DVS

8/12/2010 Hank Smith

describes a new service from UK TV 2 C that provides audio described TV and movies from the UK to US residents. Since there are many more shows described in the UK, the selection is good.

18.4 MB

Olympus DM4 Microphone Examples

8/11/2010 Neal Ewers

uses both the internal and external microphones in a variety of settings and demonstrates this new recorder’s automatic gain control and virtual microphone separation features.

17.8 MB

Using Loudtalks

8/11/2010 Millisa Rowe

demonstrates this voice chat program by showing the web site at where there are quick start instructions, chatting with others involved with the project, and using the program on her cell phone to talk instantly with individuals or groups over the internet.

41.7 MB

Micro Cell

8/9/2010 Matt Roberts

describes this device that serves as a mini cell tower for your home, letting you use unlimited minutes while in its range.

33.7 MB

Olympus DM520 Revisited

8/5/2010 Neal Ewers

discusses several aspects of this recorder that have not yet been covered. He likes the virtual mic separation features and the extremely well executed auto gain control. He presents several tests with various microphones and differring conditions.

14.5 MB

Tek Connect Remote Controller

8/2/2010 Dane Trethowan

describes this controller that serves as a bridge between hearing aids and other audio equipment such as the iPhone or computer.

10.8 MB

Olympus DM4 And DM2

8/1/2010 Pat Ferguson

demonstrates these two new voice guided digital player/recorders from Olympus that include the ability to play text files using its own text-to-speech. The DM4 also plays Daisy files.. 46.8 MB

Smack Me

7/31/2010 Darren Duff

demonstrates this iPhone/iPod Touch app that is basically a Bopit game. There is a light version for free and a more fully featured version for $1.99.

23.1 MB

Accessible Android Email Client

7/30/2010 Chris Millsap

demonstrates installing and using this new accessible email client based on the powerful open source k9 email program.

20.1 MB

Windows 7 Libraries

7/27/2010 Terry Hadley

introduces libraries in Windows 7. Libraries are a list of related folders. Windows provides several default libraries. Most tasks you perform on libraries are accessed through the context menu.

12.3 MB

Virtual Servers Accessible

7/21/2010 Chris Nestrud

shows how to set up a remote Windows Server 2008 on Amazon’s Elastic Cloud 2 and use JAWS or even NVDA or System Access to access it.

39.9 MB

Let Your Voice Be Heard

7/15/2010 John Hess

explains how to podcast. He says it is the least expensive way to make your message available to the whole world and reviews the tools and techniques needed to start your own podcast. 73.6 MB

Accessible HD Radio

7/14/2010 Steve Bauer

interviews Chris Cook from Dice Electronics who normally manufacturers car audio connectivity products about how they have created an off-the-shelf HD radio that uses audible feedback to provide information about whatever you do on the radio, making it accessible to blind and low vision users.

25.1 MB

iPod Touch 3

6/30/2010 Mike Arrigo

looks at the new features with version 4 of the operating system for iPhone and iPod touch. 17.5 MB

Oratio Demo

6/11/2010 Carlos Palomino

describes his BlackBerry phone, discusses Oratio, and answers some common questions about this first screen reader for the BlackBerry smartphone.

34.0 MB

Mac Demo 13

6/8/2010 Mike Arrigo

describes the new Mac Book and demonstrates some of the jestures using the track pad. He also demonstrates iWorks’ and Open Office’s word processor and spreadsheet applications. 18.9 MB

ID Mate Summit

5/26/2010 Patrick Turnage

gives a tutorial on how bar codes are used and how, combined with the correct scanner and database like that found in this bar code scanner from Envision America, a blind person can use those codes to identify products or label objects for later identification. The ID Mate contains detailed product information like neutricional values, preparation instructions, and more. 13.5 MB

Dish Remote

5/18/2010 Matt Roberts

shows how to use Dish Network’s remote access feature to have an accessible way to program the DVR using either a browser on your Windows computer or an iPhone.

37.8 MB

iPod Stereo Mic

5/6/2010 Millisa Rowe

makes this recording on her iPod with the TuneTalk stereo mics. She explains that there are some limitations, but the iPod can be a fairly decent recorder. She tells how to use the mics, connects the NLS player, and goes out on her patio for an outdoor environment test.She concludes by connecting an in-line mic and letting you here the difference between the two. 53.9 MB

Quick NLS

5/5/2010 Antonio Gararas

demonstrates the power of the navigation features in the NLS Digital Talking Book player in less than seven minutes. 4.2 MB

iPad Overview Part 2

4/30/2010 Matt Vollbrecht

shows how to use replacements for two apps that are missing from iPad, Voice Memos and Calculator. He breezes through the various apps and comments on what he knows about them.

37.7 MB

Proporta USB Turbocharger

4/28/2010 Darren Duff

reviews this rediculously handy battery that provides a charge for iPods, phones, cameras, and just about any portable device. It packs an impressive 3400 milliampere hours worth of power, enough to charge a cell phone several times. Just charge this battery, then plug in your portable device to use the turbocharger to charge your phone’s battery. It is small enough to fit in your pocket. You won’t want to be without this one. 27.6 MB


4/23/2010 Patrick Turnage

outlines the differences among the various models of this DAISY Digital Talking Book player from He focuses on what they all have in common and shows how the device performs with various reading and recording tasks.

32.3 MB

Win 7 Start Menu And Explorer

4/22/2010 Terry Hadley

from the audio magazine Talking Computers explains some of the new features available in Windows 7’s Start menu and Explorer. There is no “classic” start menu any more, and when you press the Windows key to open the Start menu, you end up in a search box. He introduces the new “split button” which has two parts–one like the traditional button where Space or Enter activates it and another part activated by one of the Arrow keys. 23.8 MB

Windows 7 Part 3

4/21/2010 Rick Harmon

shows how to use XP mode and explains its purpose and benefits. 41.7 MB

iPod Touch Apps

4/8/2010 Aaron Linson

shows how accessible and easy to use many of the apps are with Voiceover including a TV Guide, FaceBook, and Twitter.

16.7 MB

iPad Intro

4/7/2010 Matt Vollbrecht

demonstrates using Voiceover screen reader on the iPad. He compares the iPad to the iPhone and points out differences and features only on the iPad. He uses the calendar, opens iTunes and watches a movie, manages email, and types using the on-screen keyboard. He discusses the accessibility of the iWorks suite of applications and demonstrates the accessible iBooks electronic book reader. This is a game changer.

71.7 MB

Book Port Plus

4/2/2010 Chase Crispin

compares and contrasts this new Digital Talking Book (DTB) player with others, explains its functionality, includes an unedited recording made on the device, and demonstrates the two text-to-speech voices that are included.

62.7 MB

Updating Talks On The N86

4/2/2010 Aaron Spears

updates to version 5 of the Talks screen reader on his Nokia N86. He demonstrates the installation process and discusses some of the new features.

27.6 MB

BrailleNote Apex

4/1/2010 Patrick Turnage

explains the features and benefits of this latest generation note taker from

4.4 MB

Cobolt Speechmaster Radio

3/31/2010 Tim Hindle

reviews this talking radio designed especially for blind users. It announces all functions and stations, and is available from

18.5 MB

Verizon HTC Ozone And Moble Speak 4

3/16/2010 Rick Harmon

demonstrates various features of the phone including home screen and start menu. He shows how to get on the internet, how to text, and demonstrates a twitter application called twikini on the phone.

72.9 MB

Android Accessibility

3/11/2010 Chris Millsap

gives an overview of actions that can be performed with the standard Android screen reader, TalkBack. He gives an idea of what someone can expect from the Droid without installing any third party AT products. Its not quite on a par with the iPhone yet, but the Droid and the Android OS are growing into a viable option for the blind that we should all be open to as improvements are made over the next few months. 20.0 MB

More On Model Talker

3/8/2010 Drew Weber

discusses the history of this software that lets you create a synthesized version of your voice, demonstrates the software to create and play voices, then plays a synthesized version of his own voice. 18.6 MB

St Michael Grandsire Triples

3/7/2010 Jay Williams

presents a particularly musical touch of change ringing recorded at the Ring Around Charlston festival.

16.5 MB

Vodafone Off Track

3/4/2010 Paul Hopkins

asks you to consider signing the petition at

, and has posted the audio version of the promo here in order for you to consider the importance of doing so.

Basically, Vodafone has purchased Wayfinder which includes Wayfinder access only to announce without any consultation that they are not developing the software. Wayfinder Access is an inportant GPS solution for blind users of Nokia phones.

He is gathering signatures and comments at the site to present to Vodafone with a view to meeting them and asking as to whether there are any options for the Visually Impaired community to further develop the product.

Paul says that signing up and leaving a comment is of the utmost importance, because allowing a company to make such arbitrary decisions without consultation of the VI community leaves the door open for them to further undermine their own services to us in the future.

Paul concludes with a final plea to seriously consider telling: Friends; colleagues; family; VI organisations and so on wherever you live in the world as Wayfinder Access is available globally and in some countries is the only accessible SatNav option available to blind people!

2.7 MB

BlueAnt V1 Headset

2/28/2010 Chris Grabowski

demonstrates this bluetooth headset with speech feedback and voice input to examine and change settings including pairing it with your phone. He explains that it was developed so drivers would not have to read a display, but it works out great for blind users.

8.9 MB

CareTec Talking Battery Charger

2/26/2010 Gary Pearse

describes the layout and demonstrates the talking interface to this battery charger from CareTec. He explains that it charges rechargeable NiCD (Nickel-Cadmium), NiMH (Nickel-Metal-Hydride) or RAM (Rechargeable-Alkaline-Managanese) Type AAA, AA, C D, and 9V batteries. The device monitors each channel separtely, so batteries can be charged in any combination of sizes and chemistry at the same time.

5.74 MB

RS Games Monopoly

2/24/2010 Harrison Tu

logs onto his free account and starts a new game of RS Games Monopoly and someone wanders in and joins the game. He shows the interactive and accessible aspects of game play and chatting.

21.0 MB

Fluent News

2/23/2010 Tony Hernandez

demonstrates this news aggregation program that runs on the iPhone and iTouch.

18.4 MB

Sony PS LX 300 USB Turntable

2/21/2010 Mary Emerson

says that by the time she noticed that some of the songs she had digitized had spots where the old turntable had sped up and distorted the music, it was too late to obtain a conventional turntable, because she no longer uses a conventional stereo system. Instead, she found this USB turntable that actually includes its own pre-amp and connected directly to the PC.

14.9 MB

Touch Screen With Mobile Speak

2/20/2010 Mark Taylor

explains that Mobile Speak now works with touch screen phones on both Windows and Symbian. He demonstrates a phone using Windows Mobile 6.1 with a slide touch and Qwerty keyboard.

30.0 MB

GMA Tank Commander

2/19/2010 Thomas Leonard

demonstrates this accessible game from GMA Games that puts you in the seat of a modern battle tank with full 5.1 surround sound effects.

25.3 MB


2/17/2010 Stavros Papastavrou

shows how this software from his company, VI Scientific, that runs on Nokia phones identifies U. S. paper currency.

5.8 MB

Physical Fitness For You

2/16/2010 Debee Armstrong

explains that 1950s fitness guru Bonnie Prudden was an accomplished mountain climber and licensed physical therapist. Long

before weight training and aerobics, she popularized a vigorous form of calisthenics to improve body strength and flexibility. Many of these practices are out of fashion today and some are downright dangerous for a body in poor physical condition. Unlike Prudden, it’s now considered that “no pain, no gain” is a myth, so listeners are cautioned to avoid any exercises here that cause excessive pain or seem unsafe.

After hiring a young, competent and very fit blind person as her administrative assistant, she began working with

blind children in an effort to combat their deplorable state of physical fitness. One result of her work is this

rare recording of TB528, withdrawn many years ago by NLS. Recorded in 1964 in the studios of AFB by Ms. Prudden

herself, it consisted of three talking book records which played at 16 RPM. Debee dubbed these records on to cassette

in 1974 and has now produced this MP3 excerpt from that recording.

The original talking-book contains an extended essay on why exercise is so beneficial, and why fitness is crucial

for the blind. After every 8 exercises or so, there is a musical interlude with Bonnie leading the exercises. That

music, due to its poor audio quality, was eliminated from this recording. However this excerpt contains the

majority of the exercises she describes in this rare talking book: “Physical Fitness For You”.

50.1 MB

Audio Described Tour Of Space Shuttle Middeck

2/15/2010 Troy Cline

of the Goddard Space Flight Center Sun-Earth Day team takes us on an audio-described tour of the space shuttle middeck. For more information about Sun-Earth Day and links to more podcasts, please go to <


21.8 MB

NLS Player

2/14/2010 Bryan Smart

tours the new NLS Digital Talking Book player, showing you some things you might not have considered and peeking under the hood to learn how it works and what you can do with it.

56.9 MB

WinRar Tutorial

2/5/2010 Scott Lawlor

shows how to use this archive compression utility that integrates nicely into the Windows user interface.

16.4 MB

Mobile Speak 4 Symbian Basics

2/5/2010 J.J. Meddaugh

outlines the features and benefits of version 4.0 of Code Factory’s screen reader that runs on both Symbian and Windows phones.

3.8 MB

NASA Radio Jove

2/3/2010 Ken Silverman

of the Goddard Space Flight Center Education Office interviews Dr James Thieman and Dr. Leonard Garcia about NASA’s Radio JOVE project and how blind people solder their own radio telescope kits.

The Radio JOVE project is a hands-on inquiry-based educational project that allows students, teachers, and the general public to learn about radio astronomy by building their own radio telescope from an inexpensive kit and/or using remote radio telescopes through the internet.

Participants also collaborate with each other through interactions and sharing of data on the network. Please go to for more information. 3.8 MB

Who Among Us Is Disabled

2/2/2010 Neal Ewers

theorizes that whether blind or sighted, there are some things we need from others and some things we do better than others, and we can offer our services in return.

6.8 MB

BRead For Symbian

2/2/2010 Brandt Steenkamp

reviews this accessible ebook reading software that runs on Symbian phones.

9.6 MB

Last FM

2/1/2010 Chris Gilland

discusses the various ways to use this free internet radio service that lets you customize play lists to your taste.

43.1 MB

Amadeus Pro Vinyl To CD

1/27/2010 Eric Karon

discusses advanced audio editing possibilities on the Mac and walks through the process of recording vinyl albums. He includes resources for more information about audio editing on the Mac.

85.7 MB

Podbean Podcast Service

1/22/2010 Sarah Alawami

takes an extensive look at this Podcast hosting service that makes it extremely easy to create a professional podcast. 52.1 MB

MP3 To iPod Audio Book Converter

1/21/2010 Tony Hernandez

explains that treating audio files as books prevents iPod from shuffling the files, permits bookmarks, and automatically remembers your place in the book, even through shutting off the iPod. He demonstrates this software that converts a series of mp3 files into one large m4b audio book file, adds it to the iTunes library, and syncs the iPod to transfer the book. 20.5 MB

NASA Internship Opportunities

1/20/2010 Ken Silverman

and Dave Rosage of the NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center Office of Education discuss internship opportunities for blind and other disabled faculty members, post docs, graduate students, college students, and high school students at Goddard in the Summer of 2010. There is more information at 8.4 MB

Ebbing Tide

1/19/2010 David Leslie Miles

presents an extremely relaxing recording of the ebbing tide.

49.9 MB

Voice Tweety

1/19/2010 Dane Trethowan

discusses perspective to consider with the Apple iPhone while he briefly comments on other accessible apps and reviews this app for making various kinds of tweets on Twitter using the iPhone. 12.2 MB

Windows 7 Part 2

1/18/2010 Rick Harmon

continues his Windows 7 tutorial with discussions of the Action Center, Ease of Access Center, differences between Computer and My Computer in XP, Sticky Notes, music with Media Player, and using the burning utility. 87.8 MB

Facebook Accessibility With Screen Readers

1/17/2010 Armando Maldonado

shows how easy it is to effectively use Facebook with screen readers like Jaws and Window-Eyes. 33.8 MB

King James Talking Bible

1/13/2010 Darren Duff

reviews this small, self contained electronic talking bible that is convenient and easy to use.

24.6 MB

Kaossilator Touch Pad Synthesizer

1/7/2010 Matthew Bullis

demonstrates this touch pad synthesizer that lets you create unique sounds with multiple layers without actually having to play any instrument whatsoever. 37.18 MB

Magic Jack Review

1/4/2010 Ernie Segura

reviews this inexpensive USB device that plugs into your computer, then for $20 a year, provides unlimited local and long distance calling in the U. S. 22.6 MB

Windows 7 Details

1/2/2010 Rick Harmon

provides a broad overview of using Windows 7 explaining the similarities and differences between XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and the differences between the 32 and 64 bit versions. He explains the more automated error correcting, improved performance, and stability, and gives a great overview of upgrading. 114.5 MB

Multi Language Time 2

1/1/2010 Clement Chou

loves learning languages. He compares and contrasts French and Spanish in this episode. 38.5 MB


Year End Technology Ramble

12/31/2009 Michael Feir

recommends several technology related products he has discovered through the year that work quite well for him. These include microphones, speaker systems, and more. 17.7 MB

VM Ware Player

12/30/2009 Adi Kushnir

reviews this software that lets you install multiple operating systems on a Windows machine and run them at the same time.

4.2 MB

Autoharp Review

12/29/2009 Drew Weber

attaches some good microphones to his new autoharp and describes the instrument while plucking the strings and making chords. 13.1 MB

Beyo CBS Reader

12/27/2009 Larry Skutchan

demonstrates this optical character recognition program that runs on Symbian (Nokia) cell phones from Beyo. 19.9 MB

Importance Of Braille

12/26/2009 Christie Gilson

inspires potential braille users to consider its study. She provides background information about braille and how it is used with technology, relates her own story, sites statistics correlating dramatically increased rates of employment and abilities among braille users, and interviews four successful blind people who embrace braille in their lives every day. 20.5 MB

Railroad Recordings 2

12/24/2009 Michael Hansen

makes recordings of trains. He presents the Canadian National Long West, freight trains, and Amtrak. 35.4 MB

Rockboxed Sansa MP3 Player

12/23/2009 Laz Mesa

demonstrates the accessible Rockbox firmware applied to a commercial mp3 player. His company, Accessible Electronics, sells these devices with the Rockbox firmware already installed. 17.7 MB

iPod Touch 2

12/22/2009 Mike Arrigo

demonstrates sending music to the iPhone or iPod touch, downloading apps, recording voice memos, checking the weather, and some third party apps all using VoiceOver. 20.3 MB

DC Intern

12/21/2009 James Dietz

relates his impressions and experiences serving as an intern for the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Accessible Systems and Technology during the summer as a member of a program composed of disabled students sponsored by the American Association of People with Disabilities and Microsoft. He appreciated the frank discussions of disability issues and came away with a stronger conviction that everyone has something to contribute to society and that it is all about getting around the circumstances. 4.5 MB

iBill Demo

12/20/2009 Ron Graham

proclaims that there is finally a low priced, accurate, small money identifier that is easy to use and flexible. The iBill from Orbit Research is full of features including speaking, tones, and vibrating, so it is possible to identify bills in a noisy environment, and it is small enough to easily carry with you. It costs only $99! 8.9 MB

Subsonic Santa Claus

12/20/2009 Drew Weber

tells a story about a young blind man becoming Santa Claus and all the cool modifications to the sleigh to make it accessible. 12.3 MB


12/19/2009 David Leslie Miles

reviews this device used to transfer tv clips of any length from your television, VCR or DVD to your computer via a memory stick, or anything that will plug into the USB port on the device. 42.3 MB

A Christmas Miracle

12/14/2009 Neal Ewers

recalls a very special Christmas in his young life. It is full of non-visual imagery, and it is his awareness of that imagery that caused him to realize that while he didn’t see in the same way as sighted friends did, he could see Christmas, and life, in his own way.

5.4 MB

Music Launcher Symbian

12/4/2009 Drew Weber

reviews this alternative media player for phones, such as his Nokia N95, that is even more accessible than the built-in player. 16.5 MB

Mobile Geo Demo

12/1/2009 Dave Write

from Handy Tech US, demonstrates the HTC S743 cell phone running Mobile Geo, an accessible GPS software package. He gives a good description of the phone and its features, then he creates a route with Mobile Geo and navigates to his destination with voice guidance. 32.2 MB

Mac Podcast 12

11/30/2009 Mike Arrigo

shares some news tidbits, more 3rd party applications for backup and maintanance, a media player, a bible program, and how to tether a Symbian phone to use the cell data plan for your Mac internet connection. 22.9 MB

iPod Touch

11/11/2009 Mike Arrigo

highlights the built-in accessibility features of the 3rd generation iPod Touch and explains the differences between it and the iPhone. 21.7 MB

Introduction To Railroad Recordings

11/6/2009 Michael Hansen

recordsg the sounds of trains. His fascination shows as he provides background and facts about each of these stunning recordings. 37.3 MB

Nokia N86

11/5/2009 Aaron Spears

discusses this new Nokia phone that runs optical character recognition (OCR) software like KNFB Reader and Text Scout.

54.6 MB

House Podcast

11/5/2009 Corien Bennink

narrates the Fox television series House and makes each episode available through her podcast. 64.0 MB

Solona Demo

11/4/2009 David Dubphy

and Hope Polus demonstrate this technique for solving the CAPTIA challanges that are so frustrating to blind users. See 31.9 MB

Variax 700 Acoustic Modeling Guitar

10/27/2009 Matthew Bullis

demonstrates this high end electronic guitar and shares tips on returning everything to factory settings. He points out that it allows custom digital retuning, specific guitar models, and a virtual capo. 16.6 MB


10/26/2009 Richard McKinley

demonstrates the Agenda Talking Calendar and discusses its benefits and drawbacks. 8.5 MB

What Is New In JAWS 11

10/24/2009 Eric Damery

and Dan Clark discuss various aspects of the new release of this industry leading screen reader from including the fact that it is available in time for the release of Windows 7, it ships with several high quality voices, and it includes a new feature called Research It. 17.9 MB

Braille Pumpkin Picture

10/23/2009 Mary Emerson

uses a standard braille writer to create a picture of a jack-o-lantern. Follow along as she takes you step by step through the process. 17.9 MB


10/21/2009 John Herzog

and Jessie Kirchner demonstrate NVDA’s improved support for internet explorer, including how it works

with flash content. They also show enhancements to microsoft office, including spell check support in word 2007. Finally, Jessie shows us how she uses NVDA with FineReader to perform OCR. 30.3 MB

Spain Trip

10/20/2009 Christie Gilson

travels to Spain over the summer and chronicals her adventures. 13.2 MB

Olympus DM520 And DM420

10/15/2009 Pat Ferguson

outlines the details of packing, buttons, and use of these two digital audio recorders from Olympus. 17.5 MB

Casio DG20 MIDI Guitar

10/13/2009 Matthew Bullis

takes a look at this vintage MIDI instrument that lets you get those keyboard sounds by playing it like a guitar. This works great for those who can’t play a keyboard, but know the guitar well. 17.3 MB

Registry Maintenance

10/12/2009 Ernie Segura

explains why it is important to pay attention to your registry and demonstrates some tools that help with the tasks. 13.5 MB

Read The Health Care Bill In Audio Format

10/11/2009 Steve Bauer

explains that it is understandable why our representatives sometimes don’t read a bill before voting on it when you consider the complexity and scope of such legislation. This unique project at features a colaberation of professional narrator talent from around the country to prepare an audio rendition of the currently proposed health care bill HR3200 and makes the files available to download as mp3s. This project can help simplify the complexity of such proposals by presenting it in a media that some can understand better. The project intends to keep the audio current as the bill evolves. 4.8 MB

iPhone Basics

10/10/2009 Matt Vollbrecht

shows how it is possible to perform most of the functions of the iPhone with its unique touch based screen reader, Voice Over. 35.8 MB


10/9/2009 Scott Lawlor

reviews this cell phone that comes out of the box pretty much accessible without adding a screen reader to it.

21.4 MB

NLS Players

10/8/2009 Robert Carter

demonstrates five Digital Talking Book players that have been authorized to play the content that one may now download from the National Library Service (NLS). 44.7 MB

SP BMC 20 Binaural Microphones

10/7/2009 Drew Weber

reviews these high quality microphones from Sound Professionals.

29.3 MB

Microsoft Security Essentials

10/6/2009 Mary Emerson

explains how she was able to replace several programs, some with difficult to use interfaces, with this free virus and spyware package from Microsoft that is very easy to install and use.

12.9 MB

Jargen Hansson Music

9/18/2009 Jargen Hansson

Continues his musical biography with some recordings from various performances.

26.4 MB

Daily Report Wizard

9/17/2009 Bill Cox

demonstrates a system he uses as a blind vending stand operator to independently create required reports.

47.9 MB

PenFriend Labeler

9/10/2009 David Miles

discovers this pen like device that lets you match labels with an audio recording, so you can economically identify items by affixing labels onto items for later identification and then playing back the recorded message with the pen.

24.1 MB

Remember 2XL Robot

9/8/2009 Duyahn Walker

remembers and demonstrates this toy robot from his happy childhood.

49.5 MB

Jargen Hansson Intro

9/8/2009 Jargen Hansson

introduces himself and shares some of his music.

26.7 MB

New Features In VoiceOver

9/6/2009 Mike Arrigo

discusses the new features in VoiceOver with the release of Snow Leopard.

21.7 MB

Vollbrecht Intro

9/5/2009 Matt Vollbrecht

introduces himself as an assistive technologist and begins this series of podcasts with an overview of Apple’s accessibility features in both the Mac and on the iPhone.

43.8 MB

Install Snow Leopard

9/1/2009 Mike Arrigo

indepentendly installs the Snow Leopard operating system using Voice Over, the Mac’s built-in screen reader and discusses some of its enhancements. 21.4 MB

African Steam Train Ride

8/31/2009 Carl de Campos

takes a trip on this refirvished steam train. 33.4 MB

Braille Sense Plus

8/18/2009 Seth Leblond

announces that this is the first episode of a series of podcasts that highlights some of the more technical products carried at He describes this new notetaker with a built-in braille display from HIMS and discusses the similarities and differences of using a notetaker verses a laptop.

19.2 MB

Ebook Reading

8/13/2009 Heiko Folkerts

discusses the applicability of the new epub ebook format and its advantages over pdf, especially in complex books with tables and charts. He demonstrates an online epub reading service that is accessible and provides resources for obtaining books in epub format.

16.2 MB

Six Recordable Talking Alarm Clock

8/12/2009 Gary Pearse

demonstrates this talking alarm clock that lets you attach a recorded message to each 24 hour alarm. This makes it especially useful to one who must take multiple medications per day.

7.3 MB

Swim With Dolphins

8/11/2009 Dave Uhlman

mixes an interview with Kitty Hevener with the audio from her trip to Discovery Cove in Florida to present a compelling piece on dolphins in this episode from his Hear and There Audio Magazine at 25.6 MB

Update Typewriters And Change Ringing

8/9/2009 Jay Williams

aquires two new typewriters and describes the unique features of them. He also demonstrates his “live ringer” capabilities. 25.7 MB


8/5/2009 Alberto Carreto

demonstrates this software that retrieves and plays digital audio books from”.

17.3 MB

Mac Demo 9

7/24/2009 Mike Arrigo

shows how Voice Over on the Mac interacts with three commercially available programs that were not written by Apple to emphasize the universal access to a wide variety of applications. 18.4 MB

iPhone Review

7/21/2009 Darragh High

answers the questions about using the touch screen, how the voice sounds, using the interface effectively, and more with Apple’s accessible iPhone.

16.3 MB

Plextalk Pocket PTP1

7/18/2009 Carl de Campos

describes the layout and features of this portable, accessible mp3 and Digital Talking Book player. 49.0 MB

NFB Newsline Online

7/16/2009 Scott White

and Bob Watson demonstrate the features and benefits of this online news service at that provide qualified blind users with unparellaled access to regional and local periodicals.

38.5 MB

Installing Talks

6/30/2009 Mike Arrigo

overviews the kinds of cell phones available and what options exist for a blind user. He then demonstrates installing the Talks screen reader onto a Symbian based phone without the use of sighted assistance. 8.2 MB

Mac Demo 8

6/16/2009 Mike Arrigo

offers another perspective than that presented in the June issue of The Monitor about the useability of the Macintosh with its built-in screen reading software, VoiceOver. 29.3 MB

Google Weather On Your Cell Phone

6/8/2009 Tim Johnson

demonstrates a technique where you send a text message to Google, (466453) and it returns the current weather and a forecast for your selected city. 10.3 MB


6/2/2009 Jay Pellis

demonstrates the responsiveness of this netbook from MSI with Mac OS X running Voice over and with Windows running JAWS.

11.4 MB

Nokia N95

5/31/2009 Drew Weber

reviews this Symbian based phone from Nokia that features some great multi-media options including a normal 1/8 inch ear phone jack, FM radio, and internet connectivity.

34.1 MB

Voxson Blood Pressure Monitor

5/29/2009 Gary Pearse

describes this inexpensive talking blood pressure monitor that seems to contain all the features of the more expensive products. It speaks in a clear female voice, comments about the measurements to alert you of slightly or more elivated levels than normal, and contains 66 memories.

7.1 MB

Happy 4th For The ROAR

5/28/2009 Jim Fidler

celibrates the fourth anniversary of Republic of Avilon Radio (ROAR) and performs a song from his upcoming new album Revolution Time.

8.8 MB

Amadeus Pro Batch Processor

5/28/2009 Dane Trethowan

explains the batch processing aspects of this audio editing software that converts files from one format to another.

16.1 MB

EyePal Demo

5/28/2009 Earl Harrison

Explains that digital cameras combined with more intelligent features have revolutionized optical character recognition for blind users. He demonstrates two examples of new products that make plowing threw a stack of mail a breeze with features like nearly instantanious reading, detecting when you turn the page, and hand gestures to control the reading.

59.1 MB

Endurance Horse Riding

5/25/2009 Carl de Campos

encourages other blind riders to consider endurance riding, one of the most enjoyable of the equestrian disciplins.

54.1 MB

Playstation 3

5/24/2009 Clement Chou

explains why he uses the Sony Playstation 3 video game console. He describes the controls and menus and provides tips for playing.

61.1 MB


5/24/2009 Bob Jutzi

shows how to use Quicken successfully with a screen reader. He explains that with a good knowledge of the review cursor, one can effectively use this personal finance software.

15.1 MB

Anyone Can Learn To Play The Strum Stick

5/23/2009 Matthew Bullis

shows how easy it is to play this instrument. He compares it with a guitar and shows the fretting differences. He also provides resources if you want one of your own.

6.7 MB

Twitter From A Blindness Perspective

5/21/2009 Erin Edgar

introduces Twitter including how to create an account, setting up your profile, and posting updates, then discusses conventions and accessibility, especially with the CAPTIA.

46.6 MB

My Synesthesia

5/20/2009 Thea Ramsay

explains this condition where two senses get combined. In her case, it is sound and texture. She provides additional sources of information and invites others who may be synesthesic to communicate.

7.7 MB

Loadstone GPS

5/16/2009 Josh Kenn

demonstrates this free GPS software that runs on Symbian smart phones.


5/6/2009 Rick Harmon

demonstrates this accessible Twitter client from

41.3 MB

Video On Demand

5/4/2009 Monty Icenogle

discusses aspects of blind consumers trying to use the on-screen menus on the video on demand services that most cable and satellite operators provide. 8.9 MB

Skype 3 Tutorials

5/2/2009 Sarah Alawami

guides you through installing scripts, installing the Skype software, setting it up, and making a call. She explains why version 3 is preferred over version 4. 94.1 MB

Model Talker

4/26/2009 Drew Weber

Provides information for a service that turns your voice into a synthesized voice. There is a training process, but when complete, you get a synthesized version of your own voice.

1.2 MB

Change Ringing

4/25/2009 Jay Williams

describes the changing of the ringing of the bells. He takes you through the process of learning to be a ringer, what is involved, and some tips and tricks.

22.5 MB

Braille Display Petition

4:24/2009 George McDermith

invites Braille display users, friends and family of Braille

display users, and teachers of the blind who:

*: Believe that accessibility to information for the blind on a par with their sighted piers is a right.

*: Believe that due to this right, and due to the cost of Braille displays, accessing Braille through the use of Braille displays should not be limited by the type of screen reading solution used by the blind.

*: Strongly request that all manufacturers of Braille displays sease basing the drivers of their Braille displays off of particular screen reader drivers, but rather base all Braille display drivers off of the Human User Interface Protocol, which can be found on all Windows computers.

to let braille display manufacturers know by signing such a petition at

1.4 MB

Malware Bytes

4/23/2009 Geovanni Bahena

introduces himself and demonstrates using this excellent anti spyware program with the JAWS cursor. 22.6 MB

Predictive Texting

4/22/2009 Rachel Keyte

explains she spent a lot of time writing text messages on her phone the old fashioned way. Since she discovered predictive texting and how fast it is and how well it works with the Talks screen reader, she uses it all the time. She explains how it works and how to add words to the library. 11.9 MB

Zoom H4N Overview

4/21/2009 Neal Ewers

discusses the very interesting features of this new digital recorder. If one is willing to put up with some inaccessibility and some difficulty to use, this recorder could be a consideration. Neal will keep information about the menus and other features in a folder on his web site at

72.5 MB

Super Duper

4/20/2009 Dane Trethowan

demonstrates this backup program for the Mac from that compliments Time Machine. Among the flexible setups, his is set so the Mac can boot from the external backup drive if necessary. 16.6 MB

Introducing The Therimin

4/17/2009 Bryan Peterson

provides background information and demonstrates one of the earliest electronic musical instruments and the only one that requires no physical contact.

40.1 MB

Life Is Precious

4/16/2009 Tony Pitchford

chronicals his mother’s final journey after being diagnosed with brain cancer through a compilation of audio diary entries in an attempt to convey the message that life is precious and that there is always a way to go on. He emphasises that there is always help, and that we have only one life to enjoy, and we should take advantage of it.

11.1 MB

Blind Parents Beware

4/15/2009 Reina Brown

warns blind parents to be aware of misunderstanding on the part of social services. She stresses the need for a prospective blind mother to find a competent doctor. She accounts cituations where hospital workers question the ability of a blind parent to care for the child.

22.3 MB


4/10/2009 Heiko Folkerts

reviews the Samson G-Track USB Microphone and the Alesis SR16 Drum computer.

Both devices are accessible for making music.

59.9 MB


4/7/2009 Liam’s Land

explains why he chose the Xbox over the Play Station, especially since he is a Sony fan. 42.6 MB

All In Play Demo

4/5/2009 Tim Keenan

demonstrates the five interactive online games from All in Play, including their newest, a guess the word game where you know the first letter and the number of letters. 32.6 MB

My Dream Baby

4/2/2009 joseli Walter

discusses this doll from MGA Entertainment that goes through four stages of development and learns to crawl, talk, and walk.. 31.4 MB

Social Security Economic Recovery

3/30/2009 Bil Boules

explains that nearly all SSI and SSDI beneficiaries will receive a check for $250 in May of 2009. 5.7 MB

Vinux VM

3/29/2009 Josh Kennedy

demonstrates using the GNOME desktop with the Orca screen reader with this version of Linux that is actually running under a virtual machine in Windows XP home edition. He encourages you to try multiple operating systems.

23.8 MB

Talk Box

3/24/2009 Duyahn Walker

reviews this effects device that has been made famous by musicians such as Peter Frampton, Joe Parry of Arrowsmith, Slash of Gunz ‘N’ Roses, Richie Samborah of Bon Jovi, Roger Troutman of Zapp, And Roger Troutman Jr.

32.7 MB

Mac Demo 7

3/17/2009 Mike Arrigo

looks at the software update feature on the mac, goes through most of the system preferences, and mentions things that blind users may want to change. He shows how to enable the option so you can see file extensions, shows how to change what programs are used to open different types of files, and demonstrates how to install programs on the mac.

24.5 MB


3/13/2009 Simon Eigeldinger

demonstrates this twitter client that runs on Symbian smartphones from

24.4 MB

Marantz PMD 671

3/10/2009 Benjamin Blatter

reviews this flash recorder that uses up to 8 gb Compactflash cards. 48.1 MB

GPS Comparison

3/9/2009 Mike Arrigo

compares the two accessible GPS products that run on smartphones. Sendero runs on Windows Mobile, and Way Finder Access runs under Symbian phones. 13.3 MB

Wii Intro

2/27/2009 Ken Downey

describes the basic features of the Wii and its remotes, and playes through

the five Wii sports games of tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing, giving tips on how to play each successfully as well as on finding the games channel from the main Wii menu. 19.2 MB

Independence Training Program

2/26/2009 Drew Weber

compiles testimonials from students and staff on how the Independence Training Program at the Colorado Center for the Blind empowers blind persons to lead independent lives as fully integrated, productive, and contributing members of society. Instructors explain philosophy, goals, and techniques in orientation and mobility, technology training, braille, and independent living. 10.0 MB

TTS Subtitles

2/25/2009 Aaron Hoffman

describes a way to make foreign media accessible via a media player

that reads external subtitles (softsubs) with TTS. 28.6 MB

Yamaha Mini Motif Review

2/24/2009 Daniel Romero

reviews this synthesizer. He describes the keyboard, provides background, and suggests the Motif may help a beginning artist define their style.

31.6 MB

NBX Audio Converter

2/23/2009 Reina Brown

reviews this audio file conversion program that is both easy to use and accessible. It converts WMA, WAV, OGG, VOX, and MP3. 8.8 MB

Mobile Geo Review

2/22/2009 Cory Martin

demonstrates this program available from Sendero Group and Code Factory that runs on a mobile device like a smart phone or PDA to provide maps, navigation, and more using the GPS. Global Positioning System (He explains how the software has helped him, shows trips he recorded, and examines points of interests and addresses.

61.2 MB

Grml Install

2/22/2009 Michael Whapples

demonstrates installing this version of Linux that comes with a software speech synthesizer, making it completely accessible to the blind user with no additional hardware (such as speech synthesizers or braille displays) even to make a complete install. 13.3 MB

Korean And Chinese

2/21/2009 David Chun

and Harrison Tu discuss languages and compare and contrast the Korean and Chinese languages. 24.3 MB


2/18/2009 Riz Khan

reviews this remote control like device from Cobolt Speech that plugs into the docking station connector on an existing iPod to make it talk and let the user control it. 37.7 MB


2/17/2009 Earle Zwicker

demonstrates these scripts for theJAWS screen reader that let the user participate with Twitter all with hot keys–without having to run a separate program. He also provides background on the Twitter micro-blogging environment. 44.4 MB

Digital TV Boxes

2/16/2009 Don Coco

describes how the new set-top digital TV boxes work and look, and explains the conversion process. 17.1 MB

Magic Jack

2/13/2009 Reina Brown

demonstrates Magic Jack, an accessible device that lets you have a house phone run from an internet connection, so you never have a phone bill again. They are also available at Radio Shack. 6.2 MB

Windows 7 First Looks Part 3

2/11/2009 Rick Harmon

describes a couple of personalization and performance tweaks and then shows differences in the network and sharing center in both Vista and Windows 7. Windows 7 is much more accessible in this area than Vista. 17.6 MB

Mac Demo 6

2/9/2009 Mike Arrigo

describes how to walk up to a Mac in the store and get it talking, so you can try it there. He also demonstrates using Voice Over on the numeric keypad and shows how to copy files. He copies a book to an SD card for use on the Victor Reader Stream. 18.1 MB

Travel Gear

1/25/2009 Michael Feir

describes the equipment he uses to travel effectively including a netbook, portable table, and packpack suitcase. 34.4 MB

Asus Netbook

1/25/2009 Aaron Spears

reviews the on the Asus EEE PC 904 ha netbook using the netbook itself to record. 45.1 MB

Windows 7 First Looks Part 2

1/22/2009 Rick Harmon

discusses the new user authorization control, the Action Center, and a feature called Sticky Notes in Windows 7. 16.8 MB

Yamaha YPT 413

1/21/2009 Jason Earls

reviews this impressive, realistic sounding keyboard. 32.4 MB

Letter Me Later

1/19/2009 Sarah Alawami

demonstrates this service which you may use both from the web site and an email client that lets you schedule email to be mailed later. 13.4 MB

Slot Machine

1/18/2009 Jason Smith

demonstrates a Japinese skill slot machine. He explains that, by law, such machines must offer an element of skill rather than relying on pure chance as most US machines do. 14.9 MB

Mac Demo 5

1/18/2009 Mike Arrigo

continues this series about built-in accessibility on the Mac by demonstrating running Windows on the Mac. He discusses the reasons why you would want to run Windows on a Mac, then talks about how it works, runs both the Mac operating system and Windows at the same time, and shows running Window-eyes, System Access, and Kurzweil 1000. 17.8 MB

Windows 7 First Look

1/15/2009 Rick Harmon

explores some of the differences in the new beta of Windows version 7. He shows the desktop, taskbar, and the control panel. 22.9 MB

CES 2009 Press

1/14/2009 Stevie Wonder

briefs the press about the need for manufacturers to design products for all at the Consumer Electronics Show. 22.5 MB

Sessions With Slau Podcast

1/5/2009 Jerry Hallatyn

invites you to check out his new podcast, Sessions with Slau, where he covers his experiences as a recording studio owner and engineer. 3.7 MB

Sound RTS

1/2/2009 Ivan Fegundez

and Kevin review this real time strategy audio game.

49.3 MB


BAVIS Free Podcast Hosting

12/31/2008 Richard Howarth

describes and demonstrates how to sign up to the BAVIS free podcast hosting service and what you get when you sign up. He urges you to sign up and get podcasting as it is free and extremely easy to set up and mannage. 21.2 MB


12/30/2008 J P Greer

demonstrates this software that levels the volume in audio files with uneven volume levels. 1.5 MB

Moshi Voice Activated Talking Alarm Clock

12/23/2008 Stephen Guerra

presents this sound byte podcast from Independent Living Aids about this previously reviewed alarm clock that responds to voice commands. 9.5 MB

GCast Intro

12/18/2008 John Moore

explains what this service offers for easily creating podcasts, demonstrates how it works, and encourages you to explore it on your own. 31.3 MB

Social Security Info

12/17/2008 Bill Boules

discusses the specifics of social security including the 2009 benefits. 21.0 MB

Mac Demo 4

12/16/2008 Mike Arrigo

continues this series by answering questions, showing the improved accessibility in iTunes 8, playing a DVD, and using the web with dynamic web pages. 22.8 MB

NoAdware Demo

12/11/2008 Joseph Machise

demonstrates the accessibility, features, and ease of use of this software that scans and removes spyware and adware from your PC. 16.6 MB

IE Info Bar

12/9/2008 Aaron Spears

expands upon the Internet Explorer Information Bar discussion with additional information about how to use and control it. 10.0 MB

Windows SteadyState

12/7/2008 Jose Tomayo

discusses this free product that preserves a computer’s state. This software is great for insuring a system in a public place remains in a known state. 65.3 MB

K Sonar Introduction

12/6/2008 Darragh High

introduces this electronic mobility aid that uses sound to detect objects in the environment. He explains that after one learns the device, he can even identify many such objects. See his other tutorials at 32.2 MB

Olympus DS71 Menus And Details

12/4/2008 Mary Emerson

covers additional details about the DS71 menu system, manual recording, and more. 39.5 MB

Installing Mobile Speak Smartphone

12/2/2008 Jes Smith

instructs on the process of obtaining and installing a 30 day demonstration of this screen reader software that runs on smartphones. 19.0 MB


11/30/2008 Gary Pierce

reviews this alarm clock and thermometer that features both the ability to talk and to listen and respond to your voice commands. 5.9 MB

Coal Train

11/27/2008 Buddy Liverman

presents an outstanding recording of a train with four engines in front and three in the rear hauling about 30 cars of coal from the mountains in North Carolina. 20.3 MB

Trekker Breeze

11/25/2008 Patrick Ternage

demonstrates taking a walk with this accessible GPS unit. This unit is simple and provides that extra level of confidence for the unsure traveler. The Breeze has only nine buttons. It lets you create landmarks and contains a “Go Back” feature that lets you turn around and return to the origin of the route. 3.3 MB

Internet Explorer 7 Tips

11/24/2008 Tim Johnson

clears up the confusion on how to download content without using a mouse when Internet Explorer 7 warns you that the file could be dangerous by saying, “Click for Options”.. 1.8 MB

Scanning Tutorial

11/22/2008 Samual Wilkins

and Chris Murphy describe the concept and how-to’s of scanning. They explain the need for blind college students to access textbooks, demonstrate the Kurzweil reading system, and discuss other optical character recognition systems. 40.9 MB

AK5370 USB Microphone

11/21/2008 Tim Johnson

reviews this USB microphone. 5.7 MB

Freedom Keychain GPS 2000

11/18/2008 Darren Duff

reviews this Bluetooth GPS receiver about the size of a match box. It is the world’s smallest and includes some of the most advanced features available today. It hangs from a keychain, it has a simple on/off switch, and it is ready to go within 20 seconds. It uses the MTK chipset which means that it does not have to be exposed to the sky to get a good signal. It can work in a pocket or purse. It can scan 51 channels to get good reception. 11.0 MB


11/14/2008 Jack Scrimshaw

explains what makes this program such a great voice chat client. He discusses the similarities and differences among the top three–Ventrilo, Team Talk, and Skype.

18.0 MB

Weather Watcher

11/6/2008 Tim Johnson

demonstrates this free weather monitoring program that lets you watch the weather as it happens in your neighborhood. 61.7 MB

Olympus DS 71 Professional Recorder

11/5/2008 Pat Ferguson

introduces this new professional quality digital recorder from Olympus. She discusses the unit’s capabilities, packaging, and pricing. 109.2 MB

Klango Player

11/4/2008 Don Coco

instructs in the use of this versitle music player that is quite accessible. 48.3 MB

Scared Silly

10/31/2008 Don Ball

takes a haunted hey ride. It would have been a normal haunted hey ride if it hadn’t been for one of the participants whom we will

refer to as Wendy. Some times it just pays to have your recorder on. You will laugh along with us as Wendy is scared silly, and believe me she did survive this and is still with us.

See this as fun because that is what it was. I laughed so Hard in this recording I couldn’t breath at times. 29.7 MB

Training My Doggy

10/30/2008 Monique Lannott

describes the techniques she uses, as a young blind woman, to train her dog, Cindy. Cindy is not a dog guide, but a well behaved pet. 30.4 MB

Creative Zen MP3 Player

10/23/2008 Richard Pipitone

compares this new addition to the Zen family with the Zen Stone and thanks David Leslie Miles for the excellent job he did describing it. Richard points out that the Creative Zen is a little larger, but it plays longer (about 20 hours) and, best of all, it includes a built-in speaker. 16.4 MB

Ten Pin Alley

10/22/2008 Harrison Tu

demonstrates this accessible bowling game of which he is quite fond from PCS Games, the company that makes games that tickle your ears. 15.9 MB

Erin Edgar Space

10/21/2008 Erin Edgar

tours her living space in a new house in a new neighborhood. 11.8 MB

Hope Paulo Intro

10/20/2008 Hope Paulo

introduces herself as a student majoring in Spanish and German who likes music, running, and technology, though she is not a computer geek. 4.7 MB

VIP Talking Thermostat

10/19/2008 Joseph Machise

demonstrates this talking thermostat that announces most functions including programming. With a push of a button, the unit announces day, time, room and set temperature. It contains separate programs for weekdays and weekends and can operate in manual mode, too. 17.3 MB

Dialog In The Dark Sound Seeing Tour

10/18/2008 Darren Duff

guides participants through this exhibit that has just opened in the United States after over a 20 year run in Europe. It takes its participantes through various settings in total darkness guided by a blind guide. It provides sighted people with awareness and sensativity. Darren is employed there, and encourages other blind people to apply for jobs when the exhibit comes to a city near them. 79.4 MB

I Mesh Part 2

10/17/2008 Tim Johnson

continues his description of this legal file sharing program with a demonstration of uploading a CD to the service from his computer and finding what you have uploaded. 33.3 MB

Tulsa Hail

10/16/2008 Paul Shelton

weathered this hail storm that dropped baseball sized hail on Tulsa in April 2008. 4.7 MB

Harry Brown Interview

10/15/2008 Michelle Dyer

interviews this totally blind gentleman who wants sound fiscal policy and strongly disagrees with the bailout. He is running for President of the United States and wants you to vote for him as a write in candidate.

35.2 MB

CCB And Master Drive

10/13/2008 Drew Weber

attends the Colorado Center for the Blind where he participates in a program to provide students with the education and experience of operating an automobile. 56.3 MB

Lunch With Chase

10/9/2008 Chase Crispin

and his mom, Dana, join Larry Skutchan and Ken Perry for lunch during Chase’s visit to Louisville as part of his winning an essay contest in conjunction with APH’s 150 year anniversary. 17.4 MB


10/8/2008 Chris Gilland

reviews iTunes 8 with Jaws 10. Note that while earlier versions of iTunes and Jaws required scripts, the new combination of these products runs great straight out of the box–no scripts required. 46.5 MB

Free Fishing And Hunting License

10/6/2008 Jose Tamayo

describes the process of obtaining a free fishing and hunting license in Florida available to blind and visually impaired people. 15.6 MB

Progress Quest

10/1/2008 Orin Anger

demonstrates this simple multi player role playing game. 7.2 MB


9/25/2008 Marco Steinebach

and Andi discuss this new media player designed to make common audio tasks easy. Marco shows inserting tracks into a playlist, changing the order of a playlist, and increasing the playback speed without distorting the pitch. These developers seek feedback. 7.7 MB

Jaws Tandem

9/24/2008 Jose Tamayo

introduces a new feature in Jaws that permits you to take control of a remote computer, usually for purposes of technical assistance. 19.3 MB

Cannon DR2580C

9/24/2008 Ed Summers

demonstrates this portable, high speed scannor and describes how he incorporates it into his arsonal of accessibility tools. Instead of spending hours scanning a book, buy used, cut the binding, and load the stacks of pages into the hopper. He discusses configuration, software, and processes he has perfected to make this tiresome job doable for the student or professional who must read a lot of material. 2.6 MB

I Mesh

9/23/2008 Tim Johnson

demonstrates this free file and music sharing program that is accessible and legal. 60.1 MB

Talks 305

9/19/2008 Mustapha

describes the new features in version 3.0.5 of this screen reader for Symbian based phones. He uses the Nokia 6630.

8.6 MB

Gmail Accessibility Suggestion

9/18/2008 Larry Skutchan

suggests that keyboard shortcuts to move from message to message would go a long way toward making Gmail more accessible. He also discusses the storm from the remnants of hurricane Ike that left around a half million people in the Louisville metro area without power. 18.4 MB

Up Close And InsideVolume 1

9/12/2008 Neal Ewers

combines his extraordinary knowledge, skill, and equipment to present some sounds in ways you’ve never heard before. He shares a collection of everyday sounds recorded in strange ways with contact mikes and parabolic reflectors. Some of the bird songs and other sounds are also played at slow speed to really hear the particulars of the sound. 17.4 MB

Down And Up With Google And Apple

9/11/2008 Larry Skutchan

describes an accessibility news roller coaster this week with Google’s introduction of the Chrome web browser which seems to have little or no accessibility then the unexpected news that Apple released an accessible version of iTunes and, even more surprising, an accessible iPod. 23.7 MB

Jaws 10 New Features

9/10/2008 Mary Emerson

demonstrates new features in version 10 of this very popular screen reader. She especially loves the ability to automatically go in and out of forms mode and the accompanying sound notification for its unobtrusive and informative tap on the shoulder to let her know exactly what is happening. 23 MB


9/7/2008 Jose Tamayo

provides an overview of this free software that encrypts files, folders, and volumes on the fly, then he demonstrates creating a container. 30.8 MB

Dell Latitude D360

9/5/2008 Chase Crispin

reviews this new laptop.

61.7 MB

Pocket Repeat

9/4/2008 Lachlan Thomas

recalls another electronic gadget from his childhood.

10.1 MB

Blink Nation

9/3/2008 Robert Kingett

reviews this social network that is written to be screen reader friendly. Some compare it to It has lots of features and no clutter! 51.0 MB

Sirius Stiletto 2 Demo

9/1/2008 Aaron Hoffman

assesses the features that make this portable satellite radio useable to blind or low vision users. He demonstrates the radio’s functions and especially compliments the manufacturer on the menu navigation feature that plays a sound at the top or bottom of the menu, an example of universal design that costs little to implement but goes a long way toward making an electronic or other appliance useable. 27.2 MB

DLink USB Phone Adapter Updated Review

9/1/2008 Brandon Heinrich

updates information from his previous review on this device that lets you use a regular phone with Skype and demonstrates the D-Link using several phones. 49.9 MB

Steam Rally

8/31/2008 David Leslie Miles

and Michael attend the 2008 Woolpit Steam Rally, where they see working steam engines, vintage vehicles, and much more. If you want to hear the sounds of some smooth historic engines running, this is for you. 45.6 MB

Jarte Demo

8/30/2008 Synthia Greenwell

demonstrates this free word processing program from 18.8 MB

Fireside Chat Part 3

8/29/2008 Michael Feir

concludes this series with a lecture about fun, games, and entertainment for blind computer users. 22.5 MB

Fireside Chat Part 2

8/29/2008 Michael Feir

explains what kinds of things are available on the internet in this second episode of a three part series. 25.9 MB

Fireside Chat Part 1

8/29/2008 Michael Feir

notes that in the sighted world, it would be very hard not to know what computers can do for you beyond work and education. The reason they know what benefits abound is because learning about these things is fun. It is not in the blind world. Michael wants to change that in this first episode of this three part series. 21.9 MB

Personal Power

8/29/2008 Michael Feir

explains how accessible computers can enhance personal power for blind people. This guide is in rich text format. It is designed to be accompanied by three audio lectures that Michael calls fireside chats.

Digital Ambassadors

8/28/2008 Michael Feir

invites you to share the fantastic knowledge you have about using your PC for personal enhancement with other blind people you know who may not know about all it can do for them. As in the situation where you are often an ambassador for all blind people when you meet a sighted person who may never meet another blind person, be a digital ambassador and put your best efforts forward to spread the liberating knowledge you have. Michael offers a free guide he produced called Personal Power which you may use for free to aid in this effort. It consists of the text which serves as a road map, and three audio fireside chats. 16.9 MB


8/28/2008 John gallagher

reviews this very simple to use internet radio. (It has only five buttons.) 4.9 MB

Vintage Games

8/26/2008 Missy Hopp

got it in her head to collect electronic games she remembers from her youth and, through the magic of Ebay, got lucky. She demonstrates Match Mate, Melody Magic, Milton, Name that Tune, and Wizard. 19.6 MB


8/25/2008 Larry Skutchan

and Liz tour Bodies, the Exhibition. This fascinating look at the human body shows our most treasured asset in all its glory, but the exhibit is quite controversial. 82.1 MB

TV And Courses Accessibility

8/23/2008 Michelle Dyer

educates with the hope of drumming up some positive action, on the subject of accessibility to TV for blind consumers and accessibility to online college courses as it relates to blind students. 4.9 MB

Bit By A Vampire

8/22/2008 Frank Lizarde

demonstrates the Behringer V-ampire LX112 guitar amp, an amp modeler. 22.9 MB

Magic Chef Talking Microwave Oven

8/21/2008 Tim Johnson

demonstrates this microwave oven that is accessible. 19.4 MB

Kay Dear Space

8/20/2008 Kay Dear

and Jack tour their living space. See also, The Jack’s World Podcast. 15.0 MB

Mike Huckabay Intro

8/17/2008 Mike Huckabay

introduces himself and discusses some considerations and observations about using a dog guide. 8.6 MB


8/13/2008 Marco Steinebach

wrote this trading simulation game that works well with both JAWS and Window-Eyes. There is a demo on their page. 7.5 MB

Mac Demo Part 3

8/12/2008 Mike Arrigo

answers questions from the first two episodes in this series about the Mac and Voice Over, its built in screen reader. He explains how to boot from the system DVD, shows a slick technique for moving through mail messages more quickly, and tours the Voice Over Control Panel to show the customizations you may make. He also demonstrates using the web browser on the internet and demonstrates how it works with Ebay. 22.0 MB

ADT Alarm

8/11/2008 Matt Roberts

explains that there are accessible alarm systems for nearly any living arrangement. He demonstrates the Safewatch Pro 300 EN with emphasis on operating it with spoken feedback. 24.3 MB

DNS Overview

8/9/2008 Jose Tamayo

explains domain name servers with an introduction, definition, history, evolution, and the process your internet software uses to resolve domain names on the internet. 21.4 MB

Annual Run

8/8/2008 David Leslie Miles

and John describe the annual historic vehicle run in Ipswitch. 31.6 MB

Insignia NS2908 USB Speakers

8/6/2008 Drew Weber

reviews this pair of portable stereo speakers that plug into your PC’s USB port. 1.74 MB

CQ100 Demo

8/1/2008 David Allen

demonstrates this software that turns a PC with an internet connection and sound card with mic and headphones into a HF transceiver for licensed ham radio operators. 12.1 MB

Free Book Share Accounts For US Students

7/31/2008 Jose Tamayo

received a free account as a blind U. S. student through a grant from the Department of Education, and he explains how to qualify, apply, and use this service that contains over 30,000 books in its collection. 23.0 MB

Marty Lanser Interview

7/30/2008 Don Coco

interviews this successful radio broadcaster who is blind. 35.3 MB

Barn Tour

7/29/2008 Eugene Shoebottom

introduces himself and tours his barn and its interesting contents. 59.9 MB

Prodigy Talking Glucose Meter Demo

7/26/2008 Joseph Machise

demonstrates this glucose meter that is accessible to all blind people. 24.2 MB

WebVisum Tutorial

7/25/2008 Ben Bloomgren

instructs in the use of this add on for Firefox that solves CAPTIA challenges by putting the solved CAPTIA on your clipboard ready to paste into the edit field. 39.1 MB

March For Independence 2008

7/23/2008 Mark Lee

and hundreds of others march about three miles through Dallas in the March for Independence for 2008. 96.3 MB

Drew Weber Intro

7/22/2008 Drew Weber

describes his recording studio and creation process and shares some examples from his new album, Normandy Saves the Day. 66.3 MB

LGVX9100 Demo

7/19/2008 Rick Harmon

demonstrates this new accessible cell phone that works on the Verizon network. 29.5 MB

Two Short Trains

7/19/2008 Neal Ewers

shares two short, quick Amtrak trains recorded to make you think you are there. 3.7 MB

Windows Live Messenger

7/18/2008 Erica Cole

and Nina explore advanced features and demonstrate improving accessibility in Windows Live Messenger. 11.8 MB

Dancing The Klango

7/11/2008 Lulu Keel

explores a new, very cool, totally self-voicing media-player, networking tool and much much more. 37.1 MB

FS2002 Takeoffs

7/7/2008 Aaron Hoffman

solves the problem of how the blind pilot takes off with Flight Simulater 2002 and FS Navigater. 15.4 MB

Firepod Review

6/28/2008 Drew Weber

reviews the PreSonus Audio Firepod, a 10-channel bidirectional FireWire audio interface for computers running Windows XP. 4.5 MB

Zmate MP3 Player

6/27/2008 Gerry Baze

describes and demonstrates this very simple, low cost mp3 player. It does not even have a screen. 20.7 MB

Word Press Tutorial 1

6/25/2008 Erin Edgar

teaches you to create a blog using the Word Press platform. She discusses both using and creating your own domain. 21.9 MB

Cobolt Speech Master Clock Radio

6/16/2008 Gary Pearse

describes this accessible clock radio and demonstrates its features. 8.5 MB

Storm That Made The Lake Disappear

6/13/2008 Neal Ewers

captures (with the Edirol R09-HR and DPA microphones) the storm that emptied Lake Delton on June 8, 2008. This is not a recording of the lake emptying, but about 5 minutes of the storm as it passed through Madison before it caused the damage. 8.6 MB

Mac Accessibility Demo Part 2

6/12/2008 Mike Arrigo

continues the tour of the accessibility of the Mac using the built-in screen reader, Voice Over. Mike demonstrates streaming audio and using the Voice Over web find feature. 23.9 MB

R09 Compared

6/11/2008 Rory Hoffman

compiles recordings of comprehensive tests between the original R09 recorder and the new HR version from Edirol. 45.8 MB

Edirol R09 HR Microphone Tests

6/10/2008 Neal Ewers

compares various recorder and microphone combinations. 33.0 MB

Edirol R09 HR Overview

6/8/2008 Neal Ewers

describes and demonstrates this new high quality digital recorder from Edirol. 26.9 MB

Allison Mervis Intro

6/7/2008 Allison Vervis

Introduces herself by describing her background and education, interests, and music. 8.3 MB

Guitars And What They Do Part 2

6/6/2008 Jack Scrimshaw

picks up from where he left off on part one and covers the steel lap guitar, the banjo, and where to find accessible learning material. 39.4 MB

Tour Of The Olympus LS10

6/5/2008 Mary Emerson

tours the controls and basic operation of this high quality digital recorder from Olympus. 17.8 MB

LG VX9900 Review

6/2/2008 Holly Anderson

demonstrates this accessible cell phone that is one in a series that includes advanced voice recognition. 19.2 MB

Price Of Accessibility

5/31/2008 Reina Brown

laments that the extra money required to make Windows accessible is excessive and suggests using the open source screen reader, Non Visual Desktop Access. She suggests using the product and donating $20 or $30 per month to foster future development. 8.2 MB

Battery Safety

5/30/2008 Kristian Whawell

explores the issue of the accessibility of rechargeable batteries. 38.6 MB

Configuring Orca

5/29/2008 Darragh High

configures the most used part of your Linux desktop, the Orca screen reader. 54.5 MB

Installing Ubuntu 804 With Orca

5/28/2008 Darragh High

Installs this version of Linux focusing on accessibility and the Orca screen reader. 46.5 MB

BBC Interview

5/27/2008 David Leslie Miles

talks with Jamila Noles on the BBC about podcasting and BlindCoolTech. 5.8 MB

Linux Accessibility Demo

5/25/2008 Darragh High

demonstrates the accessibility features of the graphical Linux desktop, GNOME, with the Orca screen reader. 35.9 MB

Mac Accessibility Demo

5/24/2008 Mike

overviews the accessibility features in the Mac and demonstrates web browsing, email, and word processing. 28.6 MB

Blind Care Giver

5/21/2008 Reina Brown

explains how a blind person can be an effective care giver. Visit her blog at 3.7 MB

House Audio Description Page Review

5/11/2008 Kurt Kingett

reviews a web site that provides described audio for the popular Fox series, House. 12.2 MB

Free Easy Study Guides

5/10/2008 Reina Brown

tells all blind computer enthusiasts about where there are free, comprehensive, well done, and, best of all, accessible study guides to several technical certifications. 1.6 MB

BG Cribbage

5/9/2008 Synthia Greenwell

demonstrates this accessible version of the game of cribbage from Spoonbill Software.

If you don’t already know the rules of the game, consult Cribbage instructions from future aids. 6.5 MB


5/8/2008 Tiffany Black

reviews this accessible multi user domain (MUDD) client from GMA Games. 20.6 MB

Morris Dancing Anniversary

5/6/2008 David Leslie Miles

and Jim interview Desmond Herring about the 100 years of Morris Dancing in Suffolk. 30.6 MB

Freeverb X Review

5/2/2008 Samual Wilkins

discusses this free plugin for GoldWave that provides professional quality reverb to your audio files. 13.9 MB

GoldWave Part 8

5/1/2008 Rick Harmon

continues this series on effectively using this digital audio editor with screen access software. In this episode, he demonstrates how to get the peak meter and describes the fix to a problem where you hear bells in the audio playback, then when you quit the program, JAWS stops talking. 6.2 MB

Typewriter Collection Continued

4/27/2008 Jay Williams

continues the tour of his manual typewriter collection including the sounds of a fine working machine built in 1888. 14.5 MB

USB Podcasting Kit

4/26/2008 Kristian Whawell

demonstrates the BEHRINGER USB Podcasting Kit. It comes with all the hardware and software required to create a good quality podcast.

24.1 MB


4/25/2008 Fred Otto

and Kathy visit a baseball memorabilia appraisal held at the Louisville Slugger Museum. Why’s that a bubbleback? How much for a Bob Feller? And what the heck is clotted cream? From the good folks at the Good Garbage podcast./9.1 MB

Active To Do List Demo

4/24/2008 Chris Grabowski

reviews this comprehensive and accessible task organizer from Beiley Software. 16.2 MB

Dspeech Sample

4/22/2008 Dspeech

This is a demonstration of some of the speech from Dimio. 0.3 MB


4/22/2008 Michael Michaelson

discusses this fast, high quality text-to-speech engine and associated programs. 40.8 MB

Bop It Download

4/21/2008 Lachlan Thomas

enthusiastically endorses and demonstrates the newest version of this popular electronic game. It lets you download sounds. It also contains an earphone jack for private practice or to connect to the stereo for parties.. 60.2 MB


4/20/2008 Jay Williams

tours his old manual typewriter collection. They are fun to work on and they are tactually interesting. 16.5 MB

GoldWave Part 7

4/18/2008 Rick Harmon

continues his series about this powerful recording application with a description of the new features in version 5.22 including new keyboard shortcuts that improve accessibility. 14.2 MB

Podcatcher Review

4/17/2008 Robin Christopherson

reviews this very accessible podcast client from 4.7 MB

Live Journal Overview

4/16/2008 Rachel Kayte

presents an overview of some of the hidden and powelful features of Live Journal. 37.1 MB

Napster Tutorial

4/15/2008 Samual Wilkins

explains and demonstrates an alternative to Amazon mp3 downloads for non-US residents. 17.5 MB

Install Mobile Speak

4/14/2008 Matt Roberts

Installs Mobile Speak Smartphone on a Symbian phone. 35.2 MB

Icon And Braille Plus Program Overview Part 1

4/12/2008 Chase Crispin

explains the programs with emphasis on what is new in version 1.10 of the Icon and Braille+ in this first of a multi-part series. 19.4 MB

KNFB Reader Mobile

4/11/2008 Chris Grabowski

takes a cab the Chili’s using Sendero GPS to confirm the location, then reads the menu and confirms the bill using the KNFB Reader Mobile which runs on a cell phone. 3.9 MB

Major League Baseball

4/5/2008 Liam irven

demonstrates how a blind person can play vidio games by example with his favorite–Major League Baseball. 47.8 MB

Outlook Appointments And Tasks

3/27/2008 Jason Custer

instructs in the use of Microsoft Outlook in the creation, management, and use of appointments and tasks. 11.8 MB

Getting Started With Icon And Braille Plus

3/24/2008 Chase Crispin

demonstrates unpacking, installing the battery, setting the time, and all the steps necessary to get started with the Icon or the Braille+ accessible mobile manager. 23.4 MB

DVD To Audio Extractor Demo

3/8/2008 Erin Edgar

demonstrates this accessible program from that rips the audio tracks from movie DVDs. 25.7 MB

Sony PCM D50 Recorder Review

3/7/2008 Neal Ewers

reviews this new high-end digital recorder from Sony.59.1 MB

Download Described Movies

3/6/2008 Matt Campbell

demonstrates downloading described movies from the System Access Mobile Network and playing them on a Victor Reader Stream. 7.2 MB

Grade 3 Braille

3/2/2008 Dmitriy Lazarev

teaches all the abbreviations and contractions for the grade 3 Braille code. A good knowledge of grade 2 Braille is strongly recommended. 26.9 MB

Duxbury 106

2/24/2008 Brandon Heinrich

teaches the basic concepts of the Duxbury Braille translation system then describes the new features of version 10.6. 16.1 MB

Winston Salem Industries Tour

2/23/2008 Buddy Liverman

tours the Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind in Ashville, NC. 73.2 MB

Japan Train Trip

2/21/2008 Harrison Tu

and his family take a train trip in yokohama japan. 48.4 MB

Fundimentals Of Music

2/12/2008 Eddie Salcido

explains the fundamentals of music giving demonstrations on his keyboard. He sstarts out explaining various aspects of rhythm and measures and covers scales and chord structure among other things. 34.9 MB

Cat Going To The Vet

2/11/2008 Randy Formennti

takes his cat to the vet. 43.2 MB

Erin Edgar Intro

2/5/2008 Erin Edgar

introduces herself and shares some tips on finding good podcasts. 9.5 MB

Teem Talk Revisited

1/28/2008 Darren Duff

updates his last cast about this extremely accessible, configurable chat software. 32.6 MB

Apple And MacBook

1/26/2008 Dane Trethowan

describes the evolution of access on the Apple series of computers with a powerful demonstration of the current acccess program, Voice Over, built into the OSX operating system for the Mac. 24.8 MB

Panasonic RXED50

1/13/2008 Dane Trethowan

reviews this portable stereo with CD and cassette that is unusual in that it has been on the market for several years. Dane explains why and demonstrates. 17.9 MB

Say What

1/12/2008 Darcy Burnard

and Holly demonstrate this new hand-held talking electronic game that is accessible and fun! 7.4 MB

You Tube To Ipod Converter

1/2/2008 Brandon Heinrich

shares his excitement about this program as he finds You Tube vidios, verifies them, copies the url to the vidio, and runs this free software that downloads and converts it to mp3. He confirms the results by playing the files in Winamp. 16.7 MB

Outside The Box

1/1/2008 Michael Fier

encourages blind users to try freeware and shareware software when you need a special tool. He provides three examples of very useful programs.

One is Calendar Magic, a self-voicing interactive fiction action game, and a terrific space exploration game called Smugglers 3. 37.4 MB


Zenstone Revisited

12/27/2007 David Miles

ties up some loose ends and answers more questions about this accessible mp3 player. 23.6 MB

Victor Reader Stream Detailed Review

12/23/2007 Neal Ewers

describes this new digital talking book reader as some of the best technology he has seen in quite a while. It does a lot of things, and it does them all well.” He demonstrates key features. For complete information and links to manuals and updates, see the HumanWare site at

. 46.4 MB

Windows Unattended Installation Demo

12/21/2007 Drew Weber

describes ways to completely automate the installation of Windows so a blind user may perform the task. Documents, examples, and links are provided at Drew’s web site. 23.1 MB


12/20/2007 Steve Bauer

demonstrates this free Google service that provides business contact information over the phone using remarkable voice recognition and great text-to-speech. Goog411 also connects the call or will text details to your cell phone. 3.7 MB

Eberhard Heinrich Space

12/18/2007 Eberhard Heinrich

tours his living space. 10.3 MB

Google Tips And Tricks

12/11/2007 Robin Christopherson

shares some accessibility tips about search, maps, and mail. 8.3 MB

Unzip Them All

12/7/2007 Sarah Alawami

reviews this archive management program that works well with multi part zip files. 9.3 MB

WHS Intro

11/15/2007 Kevin Suggs

introduces and demonstrates Windows Home Server. He shows features and accessibility including the remote console. 8.4 MB

NLS Books Final Steps

11/13/2007 Mary Emerson

concludes this series about the new download service from NLS using the Victor Reader Stream. 19.5 MB

Dlink USB Phone Adapter

11/5/2007 Brandon Heinrich

reviews this device that lets you connect a regular telephone to your PC for use with Skype internet calling. 28.2 MB

Flight Simulator 2

11/3/2007 Scott Shade

takes you through the menus of Flight Simulator 2002, handles some rough weather, explains FS Navigator, designs a flight plan, and demonstrates the sounds (in stereo) of three aircraft (crashing two of them in the process.) 75.3 MB

Blind Leopard Install

11/2/2007 Kevin Reeves

installs the new Mac OS 10.5, Leopard, cold–no rehersing, no screen using Voice Over with several new features. 34.1 MB

Eberhard Heinrich Intro

11/1/2007 Eberhard Heinrich

introduces himself with a little background. 3.6 MB

Rain Water Tank

10/30/2007 Lachlan Thomas

observes a team of men and a crane install a huge rain water tank in his mom’s backyard. 15.0 MB

Zen Stone

10/28/2007 David Miles

demonstrates this mp3 player that is accessible, because it lets you tag your folders with recordings, and there is no visual interface on the device. You control it with simple dedicated buttons. 17.4 MB

Hypersonic Tutorial

10/24/2007 Ken Downy

instructs in the use of this multi purpose music workstation from Steinberg. The files for this tutorial are from 13.7 MB

Vi Player

10/21/2007 Sean Randall

interviews Allen Shaw of Saks Electronics about this mp3 player with full voice guidence in all menus, software on the PC to convert text to audio, a common user-replaceable battery, 4 GB internal storage, and a SD slot for expansion storage. 10.4 MB

Flight Simulator

10/19/2007 Scott Shade

demonstrates filing a flight plan and flying from St. Louis to Chicago using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, FS Navigator, FS UI PC Control, and adaptive technology. 26.5 MB

Melodyne Tutorial

10/17/2007 Ken Downy

shows how to use this software from that lets you edit midi by editing audio. The shortcut file is here. 12.3 MB

Gateway Clipper

10/16/2007 Jerry Barrier

takes a ride on the Liberty Bell, one of the ships in the Gateway Clipper fleet in Pittsburg, PA. 17.2 MB

Robin Christopherson Intro

10/13/2007 Robin Christopherson

introduces himself, shares a tip for getting past those annoying paynes at the top of pages with Internet Explorer 7, and recommends software that includes a mini GPS application that tracks your position by cell tower coverage. He also notes that he sees little difference between Way Finder and Way Finder Access, especially given the fact that you can label graphics in the former to provide turn information. 4.8 MB

RCA Recorder Review

10/12/2007 Chris Lockwood

reviews this digital recorder. 12.25 MB

Monitor Mode Makes The Zoom H2 More Accessible

10/10/2007 Neal Ewers

describes how using monitor mode on this recorder can make many of the menu options easier to navigate and use, because the effect of the menu option (if it is sound related) can be heard through the earphones. 7.2 MB

Slug Race

10/8/2007 Riz Khan

calls a race of a different kind. 1.5 MB

Send Space Overview

10/4/2007 Jose Tamayo

introduces this large file transfer service that is an alternative to 38.3 MB

Victor Reader Stream

10/2/2007 Mary Emerson

provides impressions of this new Digital Talking Book reader, explains the key layout, and demonstrates the process of applying for a digital unlock key to enable the device to play downloadable NLS books. 11.7 MB


10/1/2007 David Miles

and Jim attend a local auction in the UK. David provides tips and techniques. 25.9 MB

SSDI Consideration

9/26/2007 Neal Ewers

cautions listeners with some facts about insurance and Social Security Disability Insurance. 11.9 MB

Cooking Is Not Boring

9/24/2007 Krister Ekstrom

and his friend Helena have some fun cooking. 24.7 MB

Total Recorder And Skype

9/20/2007 Simon Cowan

and his fiance, Lisa Hudson, demonstrate recording a Skype call using Total Recorder and discuss other aspects of this combination. 33.2 MB

Talking Alarm Clocks

9/19/2007 Lachlan Thomas

discusses a few talking alarm clocks and takes one apart. 5.2 MB

R09 Firmware 130

9/18/2007 Riz Khan

explains where to find this update for the firmware on the Edirol R09, what features it contains, and how to install it. 16.4 MB

Downloading NLS Digital Talking Books

9/15/2007 Mary Emerson

outlines the process for signing up with the National Library Service (NLS) to participate in an expanded pilot program to download digital talking books. 7.1 MB

Plantronics Audio 910 Headset

9/11/2007 Marrisa Manzino

reviews this bluetooth/USB wireless headset. 28.2 MB

Text File Converters

9/6/2007 Mary Emerson

demonstrates software from that converts from one file type to another. 6.9 MB

Simon Space

9/5/2007 Simon Cowan

introduces himself and tours his living space. 19.1 MB

RCA Lyra Wireless Transmitter

9/4/2007 Mary Emerson

reviews this wireless headphone transmitter pair that lets you listen to your PC without being close to it. 3.0 MB

Zoom H2 Recorder Review

9/1/2007 Neal Ewers

compares the H4 with the H2, notes the abscense of the annoying whistle, and suggests that while the accessibility is aweful, the recorder is so good it is worth using anyway. 53.0 MB

Do Not Crack

8/31/2007 Samual Wilkins

explains why you should not participate in software piracy. 4.3 MB

Rhapsody Tutorial Info

8/30/2007 Jamie Pauls

announces the availibility of a tutorial on using this legal music service to download and listen to a wide variety of music. 15.8 MB

Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS

8/28/2007 Mary Emerson

reviews this sound card that fits into the PCMCIA slot an a notebook. 22.2 MB

Friendship Bell Tour

8/24/2007 Jerry Berrier

and his family visit the friendship bell in Oakridge Tennessee. 4.5 MB

Thoughts On Dual Core Processors

8/22/2007 Joseph Lee

presents background information and opinion on single vs dual core processors in your PC. 6.6 MB

Guide To Vista 7

8/21/2007 Joseph Lee

continues this series about using Vista effectively with topics like the backup and restore center and others. 26.0 MB

Sheep Walk

8/20/2007 David Miles

interviews some sheep and their owner. 16.3 MB

Guide To Vista 6

8/18/2007 Joseph Lee

continues his discussion of Vista with a look at its media features including a newly redesigned Media Center, Media Player 11, and Volume Control. 49.8 MB

New Tutorials Released

8/16/2007 Chris Judd

announces new tutorials, including one for Skype, and reviews the entire list of 23 that are now available. 21.9 MB

My IP Relay

8/15/2007 Chris Gilland

reviews this relay service that lets a deaf user receive phone calls on a computer or handheld device. 35.1 MB

SkRead Demo

8/11/2007 Jim Fidler

demonstrates this free program that announces Skype events and lets you adjust the voice independently of the screen reader voice. 13.7 MB

Music In The Park

8/10/2007 David Miles

attends this event, jointly hosted by local radio and local council. 33.2 MB

Call Burner

8/8/2007 Rick Harmon

reviews this software from that records Skype calls. He also provides a sample recording from Call Burner. 12.0 MB

Vista Speech Recognition With System Access

8/6/2007 Matt Campbell

demonstrates how easy it is to set up Windows Vista’s Speech

Recognition, give voice commands, dictate text, and train Speech

Recognition for improved accuracy, using System Access from Serotek. 12.0 MB

World Of Coke

8/5/2007 Larry Skutchan

is joined by Rodger and Liz as they tour World of Coke, a museum in Atlanta devoted to the world’s most popular soft drink. 75.3 MB

More On Symbian

8/4/2007 Fi Dunn

continues her discussion of the Symbian operating system for cell phones.

Send Large Files

8/1/2007 Jose

demonstrates the use of as a way to send large files.

Action Tec Vo Sky Call Center

7/28/2007 Rick Harmon

describes and demonstrates this device that lets you plug an anolog phone into it, then make Skype calls using voice over IP (VOIP) technology. The device also records Skype phone calls. 24.7 MB

Guide Dog Retirement

7/27/2007 Larry Skutchan

explores some of the issues and considerations when it is that time for your dog to retire. 30.1 MB

Tribal Warrior Tour

7/26/2007 Adam Morris

tours Sydney harbour and an island within the harbour on a

boat run by an Aboriginal company. (Aborigines are indigenous people of Australia.)

They talk about their customs and what the island was used for by their people. 18.8 MB

Hollywood Poker

7/25/2007 David Chun

reviews this accessible poker game that lets you play up to a thousand tournaments per day. 29.9 MB

Identity Theft Protection

7/23/2007 Mary Emerson

discusses this criticle topic and recommends as a possible solution. She also shares two personal experiences as examples of how easy this can occur and how she discovered the problem. 3.7 MB


7/21/2007 Fred Leung

reviews this RFID scanning system from that contains many other features including mp3 player and FM radio. This hand-held device records audio information that you provide onto a tag which is then afixed to an object for which you will later want identified. You then use the scanner to read the tag. Tags could go on clothes, CDs, and food products. Gai Shan means “to improve” in Chinese. 29.6 MB

Sarah And The Castle Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

7/20/2007 Kelly Sapergia

reviews this accessible game from 30.1 MB

Wind Controller

7/19/2007 Jay Pellis

describes these devices that record wind instruments. He demonstrates the Yamaha WX5. 20.7 MB

Braille Flag Picture

7/18/2007 Mary Emerson

uses a braillewriter to make a picture of the flag. 3.6 MB

Sendero GPS Version 4

7/17/2007 Chris Grabowski

describes and demonstrates the new features in this release of this GPS software from Sendero Group. 8.9 MB

SPBMC12 Microphone

7/15/2007 Graham Hardy

introduces himself and reviews this quality microphone. 34.4 MB

Eye Rock 500

7/14/2007 Jason Rufo

describes and interviews participants of this stock car race that teams visually impaired drivers with sighted co-pilots. 39.5 MB

Convert Books To Audio

7/13/2007 Harun

demonstrates one method of converting text into audio to play on an mp3 player. 5.0 MB

Performing Arts

7/5/2007 David Dumfy

showcases performers from National Federation of the Blind. 91.6 MB

Putting On Makeup

6/30/2007 Marla Wertman

shares more techniques for putting on makeup. 6.0 MB

Christopher Bartlett Intro

6/29/2007 Christopher Bartlett

introduces himself. 21.7 MB

Rail Racer

6/28/2007 Che Martin

teaches how to play this new game from 18.9 MB

Logic Answer

6/27/2007 Don Barrett

reveals the solution to the logic problem he introduced. 8.1 MB

Introduction To LaTeX

6/26/2007 Justin Harper

demonstrates and describes the advantages of the LaTeX markup language for blind students and professionals who need to read and write advanced math formulas. 28.3 MB

EZ Chord Guitar Attachment

6/25/2007 Mathew Bullis

discusses this device from that attaches to a standard guitar and lets the novice user play four chords. 7.3 MB

Voice Sense

6/24/2007 Chris Grabowski

demonstrates this new portible, braille input note taking device with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity from 20.1 MB

System Access On The Internet

6/23/2007 Jamie Pauls

expands on Rick Harmon’s presentation by comparing internet access on a screen reader and System Access to Go. 12.2 MB

Way Finder Access

6/19/2007 Earl Harrison

demonstrates this new global positioning system (GPS) software written especially for accessibility that runs on phones running Symbian. 23.7 MB


6/18/2007 Rory Hoffman

introduces soundfont technology,

a low-cost, and often free, way for musicians, (keyboard players in particular,)

to increase the quality and quantity of sounds. He explains what soundfonts are, how to use them, and provides several examples of the variety available. 84.7 MB

Applying Makeup

6/17/2007 Atty

provides tips and tricks for looking your absolute best. 14.2 MB

Verizon LG 5300

6/16/2007 Marla Wertman

reviews this cell phone that is accessible without the addition of a screen reader. 9.0 MB


6/15/2007 Andre Louis

demonstrates this software from that uses the internet to let musicians jam together, no matter where they are. 29.8 MB

System Access To Go

6/14/2007 Rick Harmon

discusses this innovative tool from Serotek that can make any Windows PC that is connected to the web accessible.

C Cleaner

6/13/2007 Sarah Alawami

reviews this software that helps keep your computer clean of junk. 6.9 MB

Paper Planes

6/12/2007 Riz Khan

describes the art of constructing planes from paper. 9.5 MB

Drive Snapshot

6/10/2007 Darrin Duff

reviews this powerful drive imaging software that is also particularly accessible. 25.7 MB

Chime Clocks

6/9/2007 Kristian Whawell

discusses the history and background of chime clocks with audio demonstrations. 50.7 MB

Screamer Radio

6/8/2007 James Scholes

discusses this software that lets you listen to online radio from around the world. 40.4 MB

Guide To Vista 5

6/7/2007 Joseph Lee

continues this series with a look at security and account control. 30.5 MB

Samsung A640 Demo

6/6/2007 Judy Mathews

describes and demonstrates this phone from Sprint that contains partial built-in accessibility. 30.5 MB

Braille In JAWS

6/5/2007 Mary Emerson

describes how to use the braille features in JAWS. 8.9 MB

Untitled String Piece

6/4/2007 Ben Green

shares a composition that needs a name. 7.6 MB

Guide To Vista 4

6/2/2007 Joseph Lee

discusses the new and changed internet features in Vista. 29.8 MB

Vista With Jaws

5/31/2007 Rick Harmon

comprehensively outlines the use of Vista with Jaws in this presentation that first appeared on Main Menu.. 84.2 MB

James Scholes Intro

5/30/2007 James Scholes

introduces himself. 28.5 MB

Symbian Demo

5/28/2007 Fi Dunn

demonstrates a cell phone running 3rd generation Symbian operating system with both Talks and Mobile Speak for accessibility. 35.2 MB

Sprin tLG Fusic LX 550

5/28/2007 Eric Foreman

demonstrates this self voicing accessible cell phone. 32.9 MB

Cell Seminar

5/25/2007 Jessie Lorenz

conducts a seminar on accessible cell phone technology. 70.0 MB


5/24/2007 Don Barrett

challenges you to solve a whopper of a logic problem. 4.9 MB

Transmit Demo

5/23/2007 Sam Britton

demonstrates this FTP client software. 27.5 MB

Flight Suit

5/22/2007 Joseli Walter

describes this suit for your bird that tethers it to you and includes a diaper. 34.3 MB

A Guide To Vista Part 3

5/21/2007 Joseph Lee

continues this in-depth look at Windows Vista by examining the Control Panel and explaining ways to customize the interface. 31.6 MB

Vista First Look

5/20/2007 Kathryn Jedynak

shows how Windows Vista, business edition, works with both JAWS and Window-Eyes. 60.0 MB

Startup Manager

5/19/2007 James Scholes

introduces himself and demonstrates this program that lets you control what Windows starts when it loads. 6.3 MB

Niro Start Smart

5/18/2007 James Malone

demonstrates how to use this seemingly inaccessible yet powerful DVD burning program. 15.3 MB

Adobe 7

5/17/2007 Marrisa Manzino

demonstrates the auto read feature in this version of the popular software to read PDF documents. 43.4 MB


5/16/2007 Angie Matney

discusses this high speed scanner and the off-the-shelf optical character recognition (OCR) software she uses to scan the large amounts of material necessary for law school. 2.5 MB

Carl Space

5/15/2007 Carl de Campos,

tours his living space, talks about recording equipment, and tours his horse farm in South Africa. 11.7 MB

A Guide To Vista Part 2

5/3/2007 Joseph Lee

continues this discussion on the use and accessibility of Vista. 28.1 MB

Solar Talking Bible

4/23/2007 Steve Bauer

demonstrates this talking bible that is solar powered. 4.6 MB

Three ways To Shine-em-up

4/23/2007 Riz Khan

discusses the universal fact about CDs- they get dirty and what to do about it. 11.2 MB

A Guide To Windows Vista Part 1

4/11/2007 Joseph Lee

begins this series about the new and expected to be most widely used operating system on earth. He covers new features, accessibility, upgrade paths, security, and more. 26.4 MB

Mailing List Changes

4/11/2007 Rick Harmon

explains the blindcooltech mailing list history and intent and invites you to help manage the traffic on the list by using these guidelines as a way to focus discussion. 4.0 MB

HD Radio Demo

4/10/2007 Steve Bauer

answers questions about accessibility and quality, and demonstrates high definition radio. (Originally airing on 21.6 MB

Voice Box Script Demo

4/9/2007 Rich Cavallaro

demonstrates using the voice box script with Rockbox on an

iAudio x5 to make this mp3 player accessible. 11.2 MB

Atty Space

4/8/2007 Atty Rose

tours her living space. 8.9 MB

IAudio X5L Review

4/6/2007 Clement Chou

discusses this amazing, accessible mp3 player. 28.4 MB

Debbie G Intro

4/4/2007 Debbie G

introduces herself. 6.7 MB

CSUN 07 Wrap Up

4/3/2007 Larry Skutchan

summarizes the highlights of the 2007 CSUN assistive technology conference, talks about the new generation of robotic floor vacs, and outlines some new guidelines about podcast submissions. 25.3 MB

FS Commander

4/2/2007 Desmond Jackson

demonstrates this utility that runs on the Freedom Scientific Pacmate PDA. It lets you set up an accessible remote control for your TV and other devices. 4.4 MB

Play Audition

4/1/2007 Sarah Alawami

has some real fun auditioning for a play. 9.3 MB

MSN Accessibility

3/30/2007 Marissa Manzino

seeks your opinion about a delimna she has with MSN accessibility. 21.8 MB

Multi Language Time 1

3/29/2007 Clement Chou

Begins this series with the Asian “ethnic” languages. 23.3 MB

Fighting Fantasy

3/28/2007 Luke Hewitt

reviews this accessible game. 36.2 MB

Joseph Lee Intro

3/23/2007 Joseph Lee

introduces himself. 3.9 MB

Pioneer Inno XM Radio

3/19/2007 Shawn Terry

reviews this XM radio that also records. 18.3 MB


3/19/2007 Rick Harmon

demonstrates this free screen reader for Windows. 14.2 MB

Patty Day Tech Tip

3/17/2007 Jim Fidler

(of Republic of Avalon Radio) shares some great music and a wee tip about DNS. 14.3 MB

Itunes Accessibility Demo

3/16/2007 Darcy Bernard

and Holly Anderson explain that Apple has been working hard on accessibility, and the new release of Itunes shows it. They share this excerpt from their podcast, The Screenless Switchers, demonstrating Itunes and Voice Over, the screen reader that comes with the Mac, working together. 13.6 MB

Horse Riding From South Africa

3/15/2007 Carl de Campos,

says, “Hi there from South Africa!

My name is Carl de Campos, I stay just south of Johannesburg, on a 600 hectar horse and game farm.

I’m totally blind and own my own horse and ride regularly.

A local national radio station, SAFM, on a programme called “LifeStyle” came to the farm on the 30th of December, 2006, and interviewed me about myself, blindness in general, horse riding as a blind rider, and a bit about what the farm, stirrup Glen, offers.

I got full permision from the radio programme manager to use this recording on your web site, as I wanted to share this audio recording of the interview with our BlindCoolTech listeners, and hope to start recording my own podcasts soon from the farm, giving the listeners some South African flavour, nature and horse and other animal sounds, and just anything I can contribute to the enjoyable podcasts I’ve been listening to from

I’ve purchased myself an Iaudio X5 mp3/media player and loaded the latest Rockbox

firmware, and extremely happy with the unit, especially sound quality, and I’ve just ordered the Sound Professionals SP-Pasm-2 from, and hope to thus make fairly acceptable podcast recordings from South Africa.

I’m also going to try and make some future train and railway recordings from SA,

as I’m a train fanatic, and we do also still have steam enthusiast clubs as well

and I sometimes go on steam train trips.

Can anybody maybe from that side tell me where I can get some more good train podcasts,

I especially like Neil’s podcast of that slow train to nowhere, those big American Diesel locos with heavy freight cars really sound so realistic when played back on a deacent sound system with sub-woofer, I’m looking for more such quality material.

Many thanks for a great site, and will try my best to contribute where I can, open

to any suggestions for South African sight seeing sounds.

“May the Horse be with You”” 7.3 MB

Nexxtech Talking Multimeter

3/14/2007 Mike Justice

describes and demonstrates the Nexxtech Talking Digital Multimeter. This is

a very “blind friendly” electronic testing tool that costs under $50!

Source: KMS Tools And Equipment Ltd (British Columbia, Canada)

toll free 800 567 8979 10.3 MB

Non Visual Desktop Access

3/13/2007 Rick Harmon

describes the advantages and disadvantages of this screen reader, talks about cababilities, and demonstrates the free, open source screen reader called Non Visual Desktop Access. 61.6 MB

Nick G Space

3/12/2007 Nick G

tours his living space. 50.0 MB

Sky Taylor Space

3/11/2007 Sky Taylor

tours his living space. 29.7 MB

Linksys CIT 200 Skype Phone

3/11/2007 Quyen Le

reviews this cordless phone that uses your Skype account to communicate. She describes the software and installation, phone use, tips and tricks, and concludes with her likes and dislikes. Also, check out her new web page. 36.7 MB


3/10/2007 Jose Tamayo

notes that this product from makes a great way to convert text to audio (like mp3,) but it does a lot more. Jose reviews it. 22.5 MB

Stacey Robinson Intro

3/9/2007 Stacey Robinson

introduces herself. 4.4 MB

Pioneer Airware XM Radio

3/8/2007 Liam Erven

discusses this XM radio receiver, Talks about XM radio itself, provides examples of how the radio works, and shows how a blind person may access most of its functions. 19.8 MB

Andy Farm Intro

3/7/2007 Andy Logue

introduces himself and his family of pets from his farm on the

West Coast of Scotland. 44.9 MB

Cuisinart Grind And Brew

3/6/2007 Marissa Manzino

reviews the Cuisinart Grind and brew coffee pot. She describes the

unit, compares it to previous models, and ends the podcast by preparing coffee using the grind function. 33.1 MB

Wireless Networking

3/5/2007 Rick Harmon

discusses getting a wireless network set up for his home network. 48.2 MB

Hong Kong Episode

3/4/2007 Fred Leung

talks about some aspects of life in Hong Kong, including recording bird songs, Electronic Audible Traffic Signals and the good old tram. 12.8 MB

Terminal Services

3/3/2007 Andrew Hodgson

accesses a terminal services session with WindowEyes on a remote server. 21.6 MB

Sonic My DVD

3/2/2007 Ben Green

describes this software for making DVDs. 41.1 MB

Caribbean Calipso Jazz

2/27/2007 Andre Louis

explains, “I was recently asked by my father to join him on stage playing keyboards for a gig he was doing. I hadn’t playd live that many times before and despite being nervous I did.

This is a recording of said gig. Unfortunately because I didn’t know I

would even consider submitting it because I thought it might be imbarrassing but it isn’t on reflection, it has no intro, none of that, but you’re usual summary both in the mp3 tag and on the website is always very informative and everyone will know what it is if they just take the time to look at it.

I think this sort of thing will have been quite unheard of before, at least to 98 percent of people, as my father is quite unique.

He plays steel drums, but not in the traditional Caribbean style of calipso music, but using Jazz as the basis, so you get to hear awesome solo’s that will make you stop and think.

This gig consists of a 7-piece set.

steel drums, Keys, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Percussion and saxophone.

It was recorded with my Iriver H140 from the collar of my sweatshirt, using microphones made by Will and Zoe from Australia. You might remember their BCT podcasts on cooking Boritos and other such fine things.

Here’s hoping that you and your listeners enjoy this 72 minutes of music.

It was recorded last Thursday, the 22nd of February.”

Mike Evers Intro

2/26/2007 Mike Evers

introduces himself. 9.8 MB

Setting The DS50 Clock

2/25/2007 Edward Alonzo

demonstrates how to independently set the clock directly from the recorder. 34.2 MB

Going Wireless

2/19/2007 Mary Emerson

discusses some new gear she purchased to access the internet wirelessly. She shares that networks may become quite elaborate and provides places to get more information. 51.9 MB

Matthew Dyer Intro

2/18/2007 Matthew Dyer

introduces himself and discusses some other things. 10.1 MB

Vonage Demo

2/16/2007 Kristian Whawell

signed up for the service and demonstrates its use and the hardware that comes with it. 95.3 MB

In Transition

2/15/2007 Ray Foret Jr.

experiments, observes, asks a question about the built-in microphone, and tells a horrifying story about the line-in in the Zoom hd4 digital recorder. 28.8 MB

MSS Demo

2/14/2007 Earl Harrison

demonstrates the world’s first screen reader, Mobile Speak Smartphone, running on Windows Mobile 5 on the T-mobile Dash smartphone. 27.5 MB

Notepad Tip

2/13/2007 Muhammad Islah Busakorn

shows how to automatically insert the date into a text file using Notepad. 7.5 MB

Audio DVD Extractor

2/12/2007 Jose Tamayo

gives details about this software from that extracts the audio from your DVDs. 11.4 MB

Icon Follow Up

2/8/2007 Jenny Axler

answers questions people have asked since her last cast and gets to a few other things she did not cover in her last presentation. 10.5 MB

Olympus DS50 Addendum

2/7/2007 Neal Ewers

answers the question from his previous cast: What do I mean by the fact that Olympus has extended the boundary of the dictation recorder. I talk about the kind of non-dictation recordings one might expect to get from this recorder. 2.9 MB

Olympus DS50 Recorder Review

2/5/2007 Neal Ewers

describes this new digital recorder, demonstrates the talking menus, uses it with different external microphones, covers some odds and ends, and shares his list of things he wish it had or didn’t have. 74.1 MB

Converting Braille To Print

2/5/2007 Muhammad Islah Busakorn

demonstrates converting a Braille document back to print using the Duxbury translator. 11.7 MB

Guide Dogs And Bubble Wrap

2/5/2007Darren Duff

and his guide dog play with bubble wrap just for fun! 9.7 MB

Unidend BCD396

2/4/2007 Don Coco

reviews this digital police scanner. 37.6 MB

Windows Unattended Installation 2

1/31/2007 Rick Harmon

continues this description of installing Windows in various ways so that a blind person can perform the task. 31.7 MB

Trance Induction To Relaxation

1/30/2007 Jorge Mojica

induces a hypnotic trance for physical and mental relaxation with a trigger to reinduce the state when you want.

The first eight minutes or so is the intro and the remaining nine or so minutes is the hypnotic process. 12.1 MB

DS50 Part 2

1/29/2007 Mary Emerson

continues her exploration of this new digital recorder. 21.7 MB

Olympus DS50

1/29/2007 Mary Emerson

reviews this new digital recorder that contains spoken menus. 19.3 MB

Humanware Interview

1/29/2007 Larry Skutchan

talks with Humanware about their sleek new braile displays. 4.0 MB

Using Windows Live Messenger

1/28/2007 Dan

demonstrates the use of this chat client. 9.45 MB

Toss And Go Ball

1/28/2007 Jose Tamayo

describes this laundery product. 7.1 MB

Ski Trip

1/28/2007 Don Ball

attends a ski clinic at beach mountain NC with the

Raleigh Parks and rec Vip program. He learns the basics of skiing from

instructors who volunteer to help the disabled ski. This file covers that


Comprehensive Icon Tour

1/28/2007 Jenny Axler

guides you through the features and functions of the Icon. 58.1 MB

Disney Downtown

1/27/2007 Larry Skutchan,

Rodger, Tony, Maria, and Armondo relax with a visit to these shops, theaters, and restaurants. 73.5 MB


1/26/2007 Rebecca Skiffer

introduces herself and discusses a place to obtain online college textbooks that are accessible. 7.6 MB

Karen McCall Interview

1/25/2007 Larry Skutchan

interviews Karen about er work with accessible PDF and transforming documents from one format to another maintaining accessibility. 2.1 MB

Icon At ATIA

1/25/2007 Larry Skutchan

interviews Marc Mulkahy at the 2007 ATIA conference. 10.8 MB

Guide Dog Adventures List

1/24/2007 Sarah Alawami

describes a new list she created about adventures of guide dogs and their users. 6.5 MB

Hot Spot Clicker

1/24/2007 Jim Snowbarger

describes new scripts for JAWS that let you mark a spot on the screen then use a hotkey to return to that spot. 14.7 MB

GoldWave 6

1/23/2007 Rick Harmon

continues this informative series on this powerful audio editing software. 29.9 MB

Mac OS X Hints

1/17/2007 Sam Britton

discusses some interesting experiences with the Mac.

Approaches To Life

1/16/2007 Robert Antunez

introduces himself and discusses communication and approaches to life. 28.2 MB

OE Groups

1/14/2007 Lynnette Tatum

and Hope Pavenmire teach the task of creating a group for email contacts in Outlook Express. 40.0 MB

The Hanging

1/13/2007 Pete Mikochik

Tales From Abacus Maze, The Hanging

The truth is what the children see, hanging from a gnarly tree.

this is the first in a series of audio short fiction from Abacus Maze. 5.2 MB

Icon In Use

1/11/2007 Marc Mulcahy

demonstrates using the Icon to grab the morning’s newspaper, RSS feeds, podcasts, and email with coffee and reading the content on the bus to work. 17.1 MB

Goldwave Tutorial

1/10/2007 Ivan Fegundez

presents another tutorial for this audio editing software. 29.5 MB

Two Wire Gate Way Demo 2

1/9/2007 Sam Britton

continues the demonstration of the 2WIRE Home PortalGateway, 2700HG-B. You can learn more about the 2WIRE gateways

Also near the end of this podcast, Sam does a follow up on the Sipura 2100 voice over IP adapter that he discussed late last summer. To learn more about the Sipura

2100 voice over IP adapter, go to 23.6 MB

New Olympus Recorders

1/8/2007 Mary Emerson

describes the announcement, in a press release from Olympus, about some high quality, exciting recorders. These units include direct support for downloading podcasts,, high-quality recording (at 44.1KHz), and talking menus. They should be available sometime in January 2007. 9.7 MB

Zoom Recorder 3

1/7/2007 Neal Ewers

shows off the recorder’s flexibility with some interesting sounds including a couple model trains. 40.1 MB

New Tech Toys

1/6/2007 Mary Emerson

describes three new tech items she purchased and is very happy about. 26.7 MB

Windows Unattended Installation

1/5/2007 Rick Harmon

demonstrates techniques that make it possible for a blind person to install Windows XP.

Wheelchair Repair

1/4/2007 Fred Otto

conducts a little impromptu wheelchair repair as he fixes a problem with open and close functionality. 8.5 MB

Unclean Review

1/3/2007 Sarah Alawami

reviews this extremely accessible utility that replaces the Add/Remove option in your control panel with one that is faster and easier. 7.4 MB

Two Wire Gateway Demo

1/2/2007 Sam Britton

demonstrates this combination DSL modem, router, and firewall device. 31.7 MB

Concise Oxford Dictionary And Thesaurus

1/1/2007 Chris Grabowski

reviews this powelful tool that lets you access the dictionary or thesaurus from within any application in the KeySoft software suite that runs on Braille Note devices from Humanware. 4.7 MB


Zoom Recorder Part 2

12/30/2006 Neal Ewers

discusses using different external mikes with the recorder, how to save your presets even though when you format the card they are lost, and a somewhat limited but hopefully informative discussion of the menus. 46.0 MB

Zoom Recorder Review

12/29/2006 Neal Ewers

demonstrates this high end digital recorder and comments about performance and accessibility. 70.5 MB

Laundry Duty

12/28/2006 Chela Robles

intruduces herself and has her time with coin operated laundry duty. 87.9 MB

International Christmas Concert

12/21/2006 Paul Hopkins

listens to music and readings from places as diverse as China, Korea, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Holland and this recording from his church, CLC. 54.1 MB

Accessible Dr Who DVD

12/21/2006 Tim Noonan

reviews the Australian RoadShow Entertainment release of BBC’s

DVD box set of Doctor Who Series 2, a cooly accessible DVD Christmas present. 11.6 MB

Coffee Maker Review

12/21/2006 Eric Davis

reviews the Quisinart Grind and Brew coffee maker. 5.8 MB

X Hour Review

12/21/2006 Luke Hewitt

reviews this audio war game from VIP Game Zone. 40.5 MB

Zoe Burritos

12/20/2006 William Taylor

and Zoe continue their cooking series with burritos. 55.5 MB

Learning The Pac Mate Part 1

12/19/2006 Millisa Rowe

tutors in the use of this personal data assistant from Freedom Scientific. 31.2 MB

Lone Wolf Mission 2

12/18/2006 Ivan Fegundez

reviews this game from 30.0 MB

Shower Gel

12/12/2006 Tiffany Black

instructs and demonstrates the art of making shower gel from scratch. 8.3 MB

Icon Intro

12/11/2006 Larry Skutchan

recalls what he forgot in the last cast about google, discusses the list guidelines, and introduces a new, very powerful mobile manager from levelstar called the Icon. 43.6 MB

Sounds Of Summer In The UK Part 2

12/10/2006 Paul Hopkins

concludes this warming tour of the summer sounds in the United Kingdom. 35.7 MB

Gramophone Demo

12/9/2006 Sky Taylor

describes and demonstrates a 1904 gramophone. 2.3 MB

Benotti Review

12/8/2006 Mike Calvo

reviews this espresso maker that you can get for free when you buy the coffee from 11.8 MB

Sounds Of Summer In The UK Part 1

12/7/2006 Paul Hopkins

and his wife, Sally, create a bit of warmpth as they remember their Sounds of the Summer in the UK. They visit the Malvern Hills and St Annes Well; hear small tropical Birds in Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens and experience the bustle of London as well as being surrounded by the wonderful sounds of the sea. 40.0 MB

Speech Master Talking Watch

12/6/2006 Chris Grabowski

reviews this talking watch. 1.8 MB

Storm In A Fire Truck

12/5/2006 Stan Hendrix

responds to a call dduring violent spring storms in a firetruck, and you get to ride along. 20.5 MB

Guitars Part 1

12/4/2006 Jack Strenshaw

explains what guitars are and what they can do. 16.4 MB

Bg Hearts

12/3/2006 Luke Hewitt

introduces himself and reviews Bg hearts by Spoonbill software. 27.8 MB

Police Scanners Compared

12/2/2006 Don Coco

compares and contrasts four police scanners and provides valuable tips and background for getting started using a scanner. 18.9 MB

Cha Cha

12/1/2006 Larry Skutchan

gripes about traffic, realizes the need to look at this year’s commercial portable media players as possible Christmas gifts, and shares the discovery of a pretty cool search engine that uses experts to look up answers at He also marvels over the great presentations at 32.6 MB

Bank And Chippy

11/30/2006 Maria Louis

and her fiancee, Andre Louis, walk to their local chip shop and to the bank in London. She doesn’t think chip shops exist in the States, but they’re sort of a blend between a convenience store and a fast food restaurant. There is lots of traffic, both motorized and pedestrian, and they explore Portobello Road, the site of one of London’s most famous street markets. 41.3 MB

GDB Reunion

11/29/2006 Chris Peterson

attends the first reunion of graduates for Guide Dogs of the Blind held in San Fransisco. 46.6 MB

Cooking Grains

11/28/2006 Mary Emerson

discusses the diverse topic of whole grains. 41.6 MB

Trip To The Donut Shop

11/27/2006 Robert Antunez

and his daughter take a walk to the donut shop. 16.3 MB

Nokia 6260

11/23/2006 Clement Chou

demonstrates the use of this phone along with the Talks software to make it accessible. 30.2 MB

Using AVG

11/22/2006 Darren Duff

instructs on the use of this free anti virus software. 22.8 MB

Saw Wood

11/21/2006 Pete Mikochik

gets back to the basics. When Pete says he built his recording studio himself, he means he actually built the building. here he gives a simple

lesson on how a blind guy cuts wood. contact pete at . 2.1 MB

Lip Balm

11/20/2006 Tiffany Black

describes making your own lip balm from scratch. 13.8 MB

NLS 75

11/19/2006 Larry Skutchan

attends a celebration of the anniversary of the beginning of the National Library Service (NLS) held in the museum at American Printing House for the Blind (APH). 42 narrators reread the first book recorded at APH for NLS in a marathon session from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Mike Hudson, the director, explains the celebration and provides some fascinating history about APH and NLS. 6.1 MB


11/18/2006 Petro Giannakopoulos

demonstrates the use of ATI’s Multi-media center to play and record TV. 13.2 MB

Installing the Think Outside Keyboard

11/17/2006 Url Harrison

installs Dell’s version of this popular Bluetooth wireless keyboard for mobile devices. 16.1 MB

Mac And VO 2

11/16/2006 John Gunn

continues this informative series about the Mac and its built-in accessibility, Voice Over. 36.6 MB

Internet Relay Chat

11/15/2006 Ace

explains what IRC does, demonstrates its functionality, and provides examples of recent accessibility advancements with IRC clients. 13.9 MB

Ken Reed Space

11/14/2006 Ken Reed

tours his living space. 9.4 MB

Catch Up

11/14/2006 Larry Skutchan

catches up with what has been going on with him, describes a problem with the mic jack on the R-09, his trip to Nebraska, and the pedestrian safety index. 11.6 MB

Global Culture Awareness

11/13/2006 Mary Emerson

empasises the importance of accomadating individual cultural differences among people both in our business and personal lives. 8.3 MB

Mark Space

11/13/2006 Mark Lee

tours his living space. 14.4 MB

Sling Box Demo

11/6/2006 Eric Foreman

demonstrates this device that lets you broadcast your cable signal over your home network and access your TV via the net. 73.6 MB

Goldwave 5

11/5/2006 Rick Harmon

continues his informative series on this inexpensive, powerful audio editer. 23.1 MB

Only The Tree Can Say

10/31/2006 Neal Ewers

tells A childhood story about how he dealt with the death of his grand father. 13.4 MB

Digestive Health

10/30/2006 Mary Emerson

talks, in basic terms, about digestion. She promises not to get gross. 20.7 MB

Mobile Speak Smart

10/29/2006 Jamie Pauls

demonstrates this Tmobile smart phone running Mobile Speak Smart Phone Edition for accessibility. 13.5 MB

FileZilla Update

10/27/2006 Rick Harmon

provides additional information about this FTP client. 6.9 MB

WGBH AndDescriptive Video Service

10/24/2006 Jason Rufo

interviews the people at Boston station WGBH who pioneered and mastered the art and science of unobtrusively interjecting description into movies and shows so blind people can participate in the action and enjoy the nuances of a film. 48.1 MB

Winrar Review

10/23/2006 Chris Gilland

reviews and teaches the use of this archiving software that is quite accessible. 32.6 MB

Raajan Intro

10/22/2006 Raajan

introduces himself as a 40-year-old from India. 12.6 MB

FileZilla Demo

10/21/2006 Rick Harmon

demonstrates this ftp client. 28.7 MB

Tranzport Demo

10/20/2006 Gordon Kent

demonstrates this wireless remote controller for audio software running on your PC. 13.9 MB

Will Kitto Intro

10/19/2006 Will Kitto

introduces himself. 15.7 MB

Tutorial Update

10/19/2006 Chris Judd

provides additional information about his tutorials. 7.5 MB

Silicone Bakeware

10/18/2006 Mary Emerson

describes her experiences with this new cookware. 21.9 MB

Online College Experience

10/10/2006 Lisa Sullivan

attends college online and shares her experience as a blind student. 14.6 MB

Mac And VO 1

10/9/2006 John Gunn

introduces Voice Over, the built-in screen reader on the Mac, and demonstrates its use and some commands in part 1 of this series. 19.8 MB

More On The Talking Microwave

10/7/2006 Larry Skutchan

talks more about the talking microwave oven from Hamilton Beach that Rick reviewed a couple of weeks back. 36.2 MB

Hans Space

10/6/2006 Hans Last

tours his living space. 31.3 MB

Trip To Poland

10/5/2006 Kathryn Jedynak

travels from Toronto to Poland. 21.3 MB

Goldwave 4

9/21/2006 Rick Harmon

is back with part 4 of the goldwave series. He goes over batch file conversion, file merging and useing cue points in files. 55.8 MB

Poor Man Media Center

9/19/2006 Rick Harmon

demonstrates his media center using a ATI all in wonder video card and ATI multimedia center to record a tv show and then uses MyDVD to demonstrated recording a DVD from the captured video. 33.0 MB

Setup XP With Narrator

9/19/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Bill Freeman go through the process of setting up Windows XP with Narrator, but they end up needing a little sighted help from Mike McDonald. 16.2 MB

Talking Microwave

9/18/2006 Rick Harmon

demonstrates this Hamilton Beach talking microwave available from Walmart. 16.9 MB

Reflections On 911

9/18/2006 Monty Icenogle

reflects on 911 and thanks BCT for the unique community podcast. 14.6 MB

In Memory Of Richard

9/15/2006 Neal Ewers

movingly remembers his friend, Richard, and the victums of 911. 8.0 MB

Dallas NIMAS

9/14/2006 Larry Skutchan

discusses the National Instructional Materials Access Center and the meeting in Dallas. 34.7 MB

Edyrol Belt Case Description

9/12/2006 Lisette Wesseling

describes the Ed opr09c belt case and microphone stand accessory for the Edyrol R09. 17.9 MB

Upper Endoscopy

9/11/2006 Joseph Machise

gets prepped for this procedure and receives a biopsy to help find the cause of his throat irritation. 60.0 MB


9/10/2006 Earl Harrison

demonstrates this off-the-shelf PDA cell phone combo with Mobile Speak Pocket screen reader. 42.8 MB

Dragon Burn Demo

9/9/2006 Sam Brittan

demonstrates this CD ROM burning software that runs on the Mac and is quite accessible and powerful. 31.64 MB

Falkirk Wheel

9/6/2006 Caroline Ford

rides this rotating boat lift, a one of a kind designed to join two main canals, in the small town of Falkirk in the center of Scotland. 33.7 MB

FTP Uploads

9/4/2006 Rick Harmon

demonstrates the process of sending a file to blindcooltech via the FTP site. 15.7 MB

Sweet Tea

9/4/2006 Darren Duff

makes a real southern tradition, sweet tea. 42.2 MB

Kids At The Playground

8/28/2006 Raul Gallegos

and his kids have some fun at the playground. 8.7 MB

Thank You BCT

8/28/2006 Rick Harmon

expresses his appreciation for all the valuable knowledge each of you shares and explains how he was inspired. 18.2 MB


8/26/2006 Larry Skutchan

explains why you haven’t heard from him in over a month, catches you up on what’s going on in his life, visits the farmer’s market, and waxes on the virtues of vinegar. 50.6 MB

Thunder Screen Reader

8/25/2006 Paul Hopkins

interviews Roger Wilson-Hinds about his company, and the screen reader that is free to any blind person in the world. They also discuss the low vision and web access products. 32.8 MB


8/24/2006 Hap Holly

interviews Avery Finn, Education Coordinator, for this organization that places used HAM radio gear into the hands of handicapped users. See 5.1 MB

John Calloway Interview

8/23/2006 Buddy Liverman

interviews the former principal of the Governer Moorehead School for the Blind in North Carolina. Mr. Calaway was the principal from 1964 to 1983 and discusses the history and formation of the school for the blind. 13.5 MB

Kathryn Jedynak Intro

8/22/2006 Kathryn Jedynak

introduces herself. 5.1 MB

Vienna Linz

8/15/2006 Mike Busboom

rides the train back from a research conference to Vienna. 30.5 MB

Pro Tools Accessibility Petition

8/11/2006 Jerry Hallatyn

explains why you should be concerned with recent developments in the accessibility of the popular sound editing software Pro Tools and urges you to sign a petition at 9.5 MB

Sipura Demo

8/10/2006 Sam Brittan

demonstrates this phone hardware from that lets you use voice over IP without a provider. 39.3 MB

Changing Diapers

8/8/2006 Tim Kilgore

demonstrates the fine art of changing diapers. 5.1 MB

Darren Duff Update

8/8/2006 Darren Duff

updates us about his situation and his digital recorder. 36.9 MB

Ray Piggott Interview

7/26/2006 Paul Hopkins

interviews Ray Piggott at the 2006 Site Village. 22.8 MB

Dolphin Access

7/23/2006 Shane Jackson

interviews Dave Williams of Dolphin Access about their line of screen readers and access technology. 14.9 MB

Fostex FR2 Review

7/22/2006 David Hindmarch

reviews this flash recorder and highlights its accessible features. 13.6 MB

Top Speed Review

7/22/2006 Samual Wilkins

reviews this racing game from 14.8 MB

Rory Hoffman Space

7/20/2006 Rory Hoffman

tours his living space. 65.2 MB

Reincarnation 2

7/20/2006 Paul Nugent

continues his discussion on reincarnation. 23.0 MB

Monsoon in India

7/18/2006 Jean Parker

captures the essence of the oncoming and celabration of the monsoon as the 2006 season begins in Pune, India. It is finally cool, and everyone is glad. 15.7 MB

Greensboro Cruise In

7/17/2006 Patrick Perdue

welcomes you to the south personified at this twice-monthly car and bike show in Greensboro. 92.1 MB

Accessible DVDs

7/15/2006 Larry Skutchan

discusses how some DVDs can have talking menus, captioning, and descriptions including the pioneering work done by WGBH in Boston. There is also a guest appearance from Fred Otto on his way home from the library. 41.1 MB

Duluth Trip

7/14/2006 Jeff Armstrong

cruises lake Superior for dinner. 42.6 MB

Backing Up Outlook Express Email Box Files

7/14/2006 Kristian Whawell

demonstrates a technique for backing up your email messages in Outlook Express. 9.1 MB

Sony Minidisk MZRH1 Review 1

7/13/2006 Neal Ewers

reviews this newly released minidisk recorder from Sony. 52.9 MB

Shampoo And Conditioner

7/13/2006 Tiffany Black

makes a new kind of shampoo and some conditioner in this episode from her Blind Crafts podcast. 30.7 MB

Selling Tutorials

7/13/2006 Chris Judd

introduces several tutorials that he sells. There are tutorials for Ebay, Pay Pal, Accessible Games, and Accessible web sites. 4.6 MB


7/13/2006 Riz Khan

describes and gives instructions on accessing a new forum. 20.1 MB

Goldwave Tip 2

7/13/2006 Tim Cumings

explains how to use markers to help while selecting and deleting in this audio editing software. 2.5 MB

Cube Man Talking Clock

7/12/2006 Samual Wilkins

reviews this talking clock. 5.2 MB

Star Trek Chat

7/12/2006 Mary Emerson

leads this discussion of all things trekky. 33.5 MB

Omlets In The Microwave

7/12/2006 Marissa Manzino

demonstrates a simple way to make omlets in the microwave. 24.8 MB

PC Setup Part 3

7/12/2006 Mary Emerson

continues this series on setting up a PC for optimal use with assistive technology. 34.3 MB

Water Taxi

7/12/2006 Shane and Abby Jackson

ride a water taxi in Jacksonville. 28.2 MB

Zap Ball And Harness

7/12/2006 Lisa Salinger

describes a dog toy that makes noise and a different kind of harness for guide dogs. 3.8 MB

Fifth Avenue Foray

7/11/2006 Lynnette Tatum

and Maria take a walk down famous Fifth Avenue in Manhatten. 48.7 MB


7/11/2006 Buddy Liverman

goes tubing in Lake Norman at Camp Dogwood behind a 375 HP speed boat. 12.7 MB

Best Of The Bangs Vol 1

7/11/2006 William Tayler

pops firecrackers, overloads electrical components until they pop, and makes a variety of other objects pop in this recording that spans over 20 years of capturing popping sounds. Some strong language. 90.1 MB

Home Networking

7/11/2006 Quyen Le

sets up a home wireless network. 28.3 MB

Goldwave Chat

7/11/2006 Tim Cumings

moderates a chat about this digital audio editing software. 43.5 MB

Calming Cap And Nail Trimming

7/11/2006 Lisa Salinger

describes a cap that restricts a dog’s vision and helps calm him in high stress situations. She also describes a technique for trimming nails. 3.5 MB

Trek 2000

7/10/2006 Samual Wilkins

reviews this accessible game from GMA Games. 14.2 MB

Cassino Cruise

7/10/2006 Will and Denise James

gamble on this cruise from Jacksonville. 110.1 MB

Pirate Memory Game

7/10/2006 John Schucker

Reviews the Pirate Memory Game from Klango Games. The other site he mentions for a list of accessible games is at: 19.7 MB

Vender Showcase

7/10/2006 Mika Pyyhkala

attends the assistive technology vender showcase at the ACB convention where 18 experts inform you about what is new with their product line in this recording from an episode of the DC Night Out podcast. 63.0 MB

Vosky Review

7/10/2006 Jesse Hernnandez

reviews this Skype call center device from Action Tech. 6.3 MB

Gizmo Project Updated Review

7/10/2006 Jared Rimer

updates us on what is new since he last reviewed this voice over internet call program. 8.8 MB


7/10/2006 Michelle Prior

participates in a parade on this small island off the coast of Washington. 19.9 MB

Augusta Mall Tour

7/9/2006 Will and Denise James

take their guide dogs for a trip to the mall in Augusta. 83.9 MB

Tim Kilgore Intro

7/9/2006 Tim Kilgore

introduces himself as a 31 year old going to school for networking. 13.8 MB

Miniguide Review

7/9/2006 Heiko Folkerts

Reviews and demonstrates this ultra small mobility aid from GDP Research. 11.0 MB

PC Setup Part 2

7/9/2006 Mary Emerson

continues this informative series about setting up a PC for optimal performance with access technology. 48.0 MB


7/8/2006 Paul Nugent

introduces himself and describes the experiences he had that made him begin thinking about reincarnation. 16.6 MB

Amy Morrison Intro

7/8/2006 Amy Morrison

introduces herself and her animals. 19.5 MB

Day 1 At ACB

7/8/2006 Will and Denise James

tour the hotel in Jacksonville on their first day at the annual convention of the American Council of the Blind. 90.7 MB

Henderson Fireworks

7/7/2006 Alan Paganelli

This recording was made at Morrell Park in Henderson Nevada about 90 feet from where they were being shot off. Truly an in your face fireworks show. 14.1 MB

Las Vegas Fireworks

7/7/2006 Alan Paganelli

This fireworks show was across the street from the Las Vegas 51s base ball stadium on July 3 2006. We were less than 300 feet from where they were shooting them. It is the first track of 2 recordings in an album I called fireworks in your face. 8.7 MB

The Scoop On Yahoo

7/7/2006 Grant Hardy

calls customer assistance to setup

an account. If a blind person calls this customer service number, they can bypass the Captcha image. 1-866-458-8701. 13.3 MB

Vancouver Trip

7/6/2006 Quyen Le

takes a tram to the top of Grousse mountain while on a trip to Vancouver with her family, rides a sky train, and more in these clips from that vacation. 47.5 MB

Monticello Fireworks

7/6/2006 Pam Quinn

and her son, John, join Mark and Annette to enjoy these fireworks in Montecello, Iowa. 15.2 MB

Goldwave Tip 1

7/6/2006 Tim Cumings

shows you how to preview an edit in this popular sound editing software from 4.1 MB

Buffalo Fireworks

7/5/2006 Chris Grabowski

and his wife Marla enjoy the fireworks from their house. 23.5 MB

Miami Fireworks

7/5/2006 Tim Garfield

enjoys the fireworks in Miami. 36.4 MB

Home Fireworks

7/5/2006 Larry Skutchan

sets off some fireworks at home with Joe and Shelly. 22.5 MB

Dennis Intro

7/5/2006 Dennis Yakovlev

introduces himself and tours his living space in Moscow, Russia. 23.8 MB

Kearney Fireworks

7/5/2006 Jim Fettgather

enjoys the fireworks display in this community just north of Kansas City. 3.5 MB

Ferry Ride

7/4/2006 Quyen Li

rides the ferry across Vancouver bay. 14.0 MB

Lynne On Podcasting

7/4/2006 Lynnette Tatum

takes you step by step through the process of creating an episode of the Malynne’s Slice of Life podcast. 36.0 MB

Microphone Comparison

7/4/2006 Tim Cumings

demonstrates three very good yet very different microphones for less than $100. 5.6 MB

Grill Assembly

7/3/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Joe Adams assemble a new barbecue grill. 34.3 MB

Independence Day

7/3/2006 Kai Xiong

glimpses into the future where independence applies to accessibility and pays tribute to our nation’s birthday. Allie sings a beautiful version of the Star Spangled Banner. 12.3 MB

Digital Talking Book Update

7/3/2006 Larry Skutchan

responds to a question about the status of NLS’s Digital Talking Book program. 21.9 MB

Star Trek Chat Time

7/3/2006 Mary Emerson

announces that the Star Trek chat will be on July 9. 1.5 MB

Free World Dialup

7/3/2006 Sam Britton

discusses this alternative to Skype that lets you make phone calls via your PC. 65.3 MB

Using Rhapsody

7/3/2006 Jamie Pauls

demonstrates this music service. 9.6 MB

Omelets The Easy Way

7/2/2006 Marvin Rush

demonstrates a simple an unique technique for making an omlet. 13.6 MB

Thoughts On The Prius

7/2/2006 Sarah Alawami

responds to Neal’s podcast on the dangers of the silent operation of the Toyota Prius to pedestrians. 3.7 MB

Edirol First Impression

7/2/2006 Eric Troup

discusses his first impressions of the Edirol R09. 26.4 MB

Canada Day Fireworks

7/1/2006 Quyen Le

celabrates Canada Day with fireworks and a chat about her new guide dog and other topics. 12.8 MB

Food Store Trip

7/1/2006 Krister Ekstrom

goes to the local food store in Malmar Sweden using the small Church-Audio mics and the Edirol R09 in this stunning recording. Get a real feel for a slice of Swedish culture. Krister asks your opinion about translations of the Swedish spoken in this and future sound seeing tours. 21.8 MB

Studio Recorder 35

6/30/2006 Rob Meredith

discusses the features, enhancements, and bug fixes in version 3.5 of this accessible audio editing software from American Printing House for the Blind. 16.3 MB


6/30/2006 Shane Christenson

can’t sleep, so he grabs breakfast at IHOP. 17.5 MB

CSUSB Choir Concert

6/30/2006 Carrie Shaefer

and her college choir perform their final concert. 41.5 MB

Paralympics 2004

6/30/2006 Jessie Lorenz

attends the 2004 Paralympics as part of the U. S. woman’s goalball team.

Listen to this year’s goalball finals from Spartenburg SC at 23.1 MB

Disneyland Fireworks

6/30/2006 Eric Troup

listens to the fireworks from Disney Land which is about ten minutes from his house. 26.0 MB

Accessible Podcatcher

6/29/2006 Hamish Mackenzie

demonstrates this alternative to Juice and Winamp from that lets you preview episodes of podcasts before deciding to download them. 11.3 MB

Hope Megan APH Tour

6/29/2006 Hope Pavenmire

and Megan Kelly tour American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville and learn about the history of education for blind people. 71.1 MB

Edinburgh Sound Seeing Tour

6/28/2006 Caroline Ford

and her mom and sister tour Edinburgh in an open top bus. 55.4 MB


6/28/2006 Harrison Tu

demonstrates this spelling test program he wrote for the Braille Light 20. 5.8 MB

Denis Holston Interview

6/28/2006 David Dunphy

interviews this political talk show host who revived the Performing Arts Division of the National Federation Of The Blind. Their web site is

On this interview, Dennis talks about how the division got started, talks about how people can become involved and possibly meet the members at the up coming convention in Dallas Texas, and he concludes by talking about some of his own personal projects.

This is episode 6 in David’s Anything Goes podcast. 28.1 MB

Skype Phone

6/27/2006 Larry Skutchan

describes the Linksys CIT 200 cordless phone for Skype. Listener comments conclude this episode. 53.2 MB

Getting A Feel For The Optacon

6/27/2006 Lynnette Tatum

describes this unique device that employs a camera and an array of vibrating pins to create a tactile image of printed text. 25.6 MB

Michael Lang Interview 2

6/27/2006 Tim Cumings

interviews Michael Lang in another great conversation about all things digital audio. 27.1 MB

Subway Trip

6/27/2006 Alex

takes the Los Angeles bus and subway system to a friend’s house. 46.8 MB

Amanda Interview

6/27/2006 Jessie Lorenz

interviews her retiring guide dog, Amanda in this episode from the Too Sexy for Your Ignorance podcast. 1.7 MB

Shades Of Doom

6/26/2006 Sky Taylor

reviews this action game. 9.8 MB

Star Trek Chat

6/26/2006 Mary Emerson

wonders if anyone would be interested in a Star Trek Chat. 7.4 MB

7/12/2006 Mary Emerson

leads this discussion of all thinks trekky. 7.4 MB

Spontaneous Piano Piece

6/26/2006 Eric Troup

performs a spontaneous piece that he wants to preserve. He is also looking for a name for this piece. 5.6 MB

Piano Tuning

6/26/2006 Barbara Henning

describes the process and business of piano tuning. 72.2 MB

Grilling Burgers

6/26/2006 Will James

and his wife, Denise, spice up some hamburger meat and grill on the backyard grill. 43.8 MB

Akron Fireworks

6/25/2006 Rick Harmon

demonstrates the fireworks in Akron and encourages others to record. 7.3 MB


6/25/2006 Ricky Enger

and her three year old son, Kyle, make brownies. 25.0 MB

Cigarette Run

6/25/2006 Alex

travels through some pretty intense traffic in Los Angeles to grab a pack of smokes at the corner liquor store. 14.8 MB

Reizen Atomic Talking Alarm Clock

6/25/2006 Marrisa Manzino

reviews this atomic clock with a natural human sounding voice. She says, “I purchased it a while back, and thought I’d introduce people to it, it’s so great. What’s more, the voice is lifelike, and doesn’t sound like a machine. I forgot to mention it in the podcast, but this clock also has a snooze button. Just so you know it also says the date, time, and has three alarm sounds beep, coocoo and rooster.” 17.4 MB

John OFallen Interview

6/25/2006 Sam Britton

interviews this developer who writes software for the Macintosh. 33.0 MB

Tough Admission

6/25/2006 Ray Foret

makes some uncomfortable realizations about himself and his situation. 38.6 MB

Raul Gallegos Space

6/25/2006 Raul Gallegos

and his children, Tristan and Eponine, tour their living space. 11.0 MB

My New Babies

6/25/2006 Krister Ekstrom

compares the Church-audio BM99M stealth size binaurals with the older OKM mics on the Edirol R09. While the comparison is totally non-scientific, Krister does have a couple of questions. 21.7 MB

Alex Space

6/24/2006 Alex

tours his living space.

Service At Holy Spirit

6/24/2006 Barbara Henning

plays the violin in this outstanding recording of Sunday evening service at Holy Spirit Catholic church in Louisville. 74.8 MB

Prodegy Talking Glucometer

6/23/2006 Arlene Hebert

reviews and demonstrates this accessible convenient device to measure one’s blood sugar. 5.6 MB

VoiLa Review

6/23/2006 Megan Kelly

reviews this bar code scanner that lets you assign recorded voice tags to items you wish to identify. 7.2 MB

Rory Hoffman Career

6/23/2006 Rory Hoffman

describes his life and career as a musician. He includes musical recordings, including one of him playing the drums and singing at age 5 and a selection from his 2003 album, Nashville Nights. 60.8 MB

Barber Adventure

6/22/2006 Larry Skutchan

gets a haircut in a place where the wait is usually not too long or too boring. Josh Miller’s barber shop is a different kind of place, but the cuts are good. Some strong language. 64.1 MB

Sarah Intro And Challange

6/22/2006 Sarah Alawami

introduces herself and asks for some ideas about techniques for matching colors and tagging clothes. 2.4 MB

Mud Gaming

6/22/2006 Sky Tayler

explains and demonstrates these multi user dungeon type games. 11.2 MB

More On Skype

6/22/2006 Larry Skutchan

tries to contain his excitement over Skype but is having trouble.

Leasure Path

6/22/2006 Darren Duff

strolls around the leasure path at the Seeing Eye for a little exersize and relaxation. 17.2 MB

Setting Up A Home Network

6/22/2006 Rick Harmon

configures a home network and discusses file and printer sharing. 44.8 MB

The Advantages Of Going Barefooted

6/22/2006 Ray Foret

explains the mental and physical reasons for ditching those aweful leather encasements and traveling the natural way, barefooted, where practical. 24.8 MB

Sarah Space Take 2

6/21/2006 Sarah Alawami

tours her space with better equipment. 5.9 MB

Swimming Tape Recorder

6/21/2006 Riz Khan

turns on his tape recorder to play a pre-recorded message, drops the recorder into a tub of water, and observes how long it takes for the unit to stop playing. 4.4 MB

Street Talk Part 2

6/21/2006 Darren Duff

uses this global positioning system running on his Pacmate while at a training at The Seeing Eye in Morristown, NJ. 94.1 MB

Logitech Studio 350 Review

6/20/2006 Kristian Whawell

reviews this USB headset. 14.3 MB

Audio Clip Collage

6/20/2006 Lynnette Tatum

and Maria present a snapshot that really represents the slice of life from this episode of their MaLynne’s Slice of Life podcast. 32.0 MB

R09 Technical Summary

6/20/2006 Rob Meredith

summarizes the technical aspects of the Edirol R09 and compares it with the R1. He concludes with a wish list for the next recorder from Edirol. 40.1 MB

NYC Part 3

6/20/2006 Hope Povenmire

recounts her train trip to New York in this episode from her Audio Mirror podcast. 50.3 MB

National Hollerin Contest

6/20/2006 Don Ball

captures the grandure of this event that pays tribute to a lost art held in Spivey Corners, NC on this excellent recording. You will be amazed, but we think Don should have grabbed the pink sun glasses for his mic mounting! 144.0 MB

DSP Oddcast Tutorial

6/19/2006 David Dunphy

teaches you how to install and use this free DSP plugin for Winamp from that lets you stream and archive your own internet show in aac+ format. 18.2 MB

Olympus 8 Day Test

6/19/2006 Sarah Alawami

experiments with the new Olympus ws320M. 18.1 MB

Dawn Chorus

6/19/2006 Kristian Whawell

got up early and caught the chirping birds as they began their dawn chorus. 43.5 MB

Color Teller Review

6/17/2006 Quyen Le

reviews and demonstrates this color identifier and light probe from She compares and contrasts it with the Colorino and tests it on a variety of items including clothes, her hair, and her skin. 19.1 MB

American Idle Experience

6/17/2006 David Dunphy

interviews Jessica Silva as she recounts going to Hollywood in competition for American Idle. She also sings the first verse of a new song on which she is currently working and would appreciate feedback. This is episode 5 in David’s Anything Goes podcast. 21.2 MB

Coumber 6031

6/16/2006 Kristian Whawell

demonstrates the coomber 6031 real time CD and cassette recorder system. This is a great way to be able to record cds for making reasonable sounding pod casts, to restore aging cassette tapes to a more stable medium, that being CDs. the machine offers several recording choices that suit different situations, such as long conserts where an 80 minute cd is not long enough, in this case it allows you to have 2 cds in the drives to allow for seamless constant recording, when one cd is through, the machine switches drives and continues on with no break in the recording. The other drive that was previously used can then be ejected and the disk changed if required for when the other one runs out. connection

options include 2 microphone inputs, offering recording choices of mono with one

mic in, dual mono when 2 are connected, or stereo operation. It also offers automatic level control as well as manualy settable levels, as well as twin CD recorders and tape recorder facilities, other connection ports include line in on phono plugs, line out on phono plugs, 6 head phone jacks on quarter inch jacks as well as the 2 microphone inputs on quarter inch jacks. recording options include cd to tape, tape to cd, cd copying, recording of microphone and line in sources at the same time for pod casting, plus features to manage large recordings or create 2 copies of a recording at the same time. 54.7 MB

More Podcasting Thoughts

6/16/2006 Sarah Alawami

thinks more about podcasts and requests suggestions and help for a project. 4.7 MB

Speaking Of Skype

6/16/2006 Larry Skutchan

congratulates Jonathan Mosen on his new Speaking Of Skype tutorial and the presentation he gave at Talking Communities on Monday the 12th. 47.5 MB

Panasonic Chordless Talking Phone

6/16/2006 Mario Eiland

demonstrates this phone that uses text-to-speech to announce caller ID information like the caller’s name. 11.4 MB

Sky Career

6/16/2006 Sky Taylor

revises his career profile and lets us know he his a 15 year-old student in BC who likes to do the normal things–swimming, computers, etc. 8.2 MB

Slow Train To Somewhere

6/15/2006 Neal Ewers

shares this stunning recording of all the squeaks, groans, and other noises made by a very heavy train going rather slowly. 20.8 MB

Sam Studio Tour

6/15/2006 Sam Britton

tours his broadcast studio. 76.5 MB


6/15/2006 Larry Skutchan

discusses the responsibilities one must accept before considering the use of a guide dog.

This episode includes special listener comments with a guest appearance from Kai Xiong and a train from Neal Ewers.. 63.0 MB

Retiring A Seeing Eye Dog

6/15/2006 Jessie Lorenz

pays tribute to Amanda, a little black lab, for her years of service and bossyness. Jessie goes to Seeing Eye in October 2006 for a new dog, and she and her boyfriend decided to try to keep Amanda. 12.0 MB

Replay Converter

6/14/2006 Petro T. Giannakopoulos

demonstrates this software that converts audio. 31.0 MB

Andre On ChurchAudio Mics

6/14/2006 Andre Louis

checks out the Church-Audio mics with the Church-Audio preamp on his Sony minidisc recorder. Andre says stay away from the Sony’s built-in preamp. 12.9 MB

Catching Podcasts With Winamp

6/14/2006 Jeff Armstrong

demonstrates using this popular media player software to catch and consume podcasts. 18.6 MB

Trellix Web Builder

6/13/2006 Tiffany Black

demonstrates this accessible software used to create your own web page without having to know html. 80.1 MB

Sarah Storm

6/13/2006 Sarah Alawami

records a rain and thunder storm. 34.0 MB


6/13/2006 Lynnette Tatum

presents a variety of interesting soundscapes from several sources. 20.3 MB

Easynews Tutorial

6/12/2006 Barry Scheur

shows you how to use this file aggregation service at 59.8 MB

Word Whammer Review

6/12/2006 Shannon Reece

and her daughter, Eilish, demonstrate this educational, accessible, game of Fridge Phonics from 6.4 MB

One More Square

6/12/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Marley swing on the monkey swing, mix concrete for another square on the sidewalk, and grill some killer Cajun sausage. 98.9 MB

DecTalk Scripter Review

6/11/2006 Damien sadler]

reviews DecTalk Demo Maker, a program he made from, which saves the user the job of writing complicated DecTalk sequences out manually in Notepad, especially when it comes to slides, tones and commands. 17.3 MB


6/11/2006 Stuart Lawler

reviews this versatile keyboard and recommends it for a number of uses. See Stuart’s page at 12.1 MB

Mer Ziindigi Mera Dash Ma

6/11/2006 Paul Hopkins

interviews Mohit Gupta, an 18 year old lad who

is spending two months with Paul in the UK. Mohit is from Delhi in India. Meri zindigi Mera Dash Ma is the title Mohit chose for this Podcast and translates from Hindi to English as My Life in my Country. Mohit talks about his life; Food; languages; his visual impairment and shares some of his favourite music. 48.7 MB

Small Steam and Diesle Trains

6/10/2006 Donna Slater

and her family visit the small village of Stavely in the UK where they ride on small trains from a private collection. These run on tracks with a 7.5 inch width. 62.8 MB

Making Coffee

6/10/2006 Paul Hopkins

and Sally make a cup of tea; talk about a fantastic company called

Whittard of Chelsea and then make a mug of coffee using a cafetier.

Paul couldn’t find any suitable music in his huge collection so, decided to compose his own especially for this Podcast.

Whittard can be found at:

Zoe Nachos

6/10/2006 William Taylor

and Zoe prepare roast chicken nachos in this second of what we hope will be a long continuing series. 33.9 MB

Smoking Brisket

6/10/2006 Jim Gatteys

smokes a brisket and describes the process. Unfortunately, he can’t share the resulting meat with us, because it sounds so wonderful, you can almost taste it. 10.7 MB

Edirol R09 Menus

6/9/2006 Adelle LeJeune

walks you through all the menus in the Edirol R09 digital recorder. 16.7 MB

Talking To Grandma About Bygone Days

6/9/2006 Donna Slater

and her daughter, Bethany, talk with Bethany’s grandma, 93, about the days of yesteryear. 41.3 MB

Bop It

6/9/2006 Timathy Wynn

demonstrates this accessible game of Bopit that runs on your PC. 2.3 MB

Web Site Design

6/9/2006 Larry Skutchan

tries to remember to provide credit to all those that have helped with Blind Cool Tech, considers the R09 to be very easy to use, and wonders about the best possible design for the Blind Cool Tech web site. 38.4 MB

Fun Youth Orchestra Piece

6/8/2006 sarah Alawami

shares a fun piece from her high school’s youth orchestra’s last performance from a few years back. 6.2 MB

Super Liam

6/8/2006 Brian Peterson

demonstrates this accessible side scroller game. 40.6 MB

Access Committee

6/8/2006 David Law

attends an Access Committee meeting in Denver which focuses upon audible traffic signals and their overall need to become standard implementations of present and a future standard for all American cities. 12.3 MB

Caroline Ford Career

6/8/2006 Caroline Ford

describes various aspects of her career including braille proof reader and software application developer. 22.4 MB

R09 AGC Tests

6/7/2006 Larry Skutchan

has some fun with the Edirol R09’s automatic gain control with some loud dog barks and some wind chimes. 12.1 MB

Podcast Publishing

6/7/2006 Larry Skutchan

describes the steps you need to publish your own podcast. He begins with the content and the media and finishes up the discussion with a description of many of the popular methods for getting that content syndicated. This is the 2nd part of a presentation for Talking Communities on June 19, 2006 at 8:00 PM EDT. 35.3 MB

Visual Aspects Of Modern Programming

6/7/2006 Larry Skutchan

along with Keith Creasy and Michael McDonald, discuss techniques for dealing with the visual aspects of modern application development. They also discuss various programming environments. 18.8 MB

Finding And Listening To Podcasts

6/7/2006 Larry Skutchan

discusses what makes a podcast a podcast, different types of podcasts, where to find them, and how to try them out before installing any software. He then takes you through the process of installing a podcatching program and describes the process of finding feeds, subscribing to feeds, deleting feeds, and setting the schedule. This is part of a presentation for on June 19, 2006 at 8:00 PM EDT. 31.4 MB

PC Setup Part 1

6/7/2006 Mary Emerson

goes through the process of setting up a PC from start to finish. Sometimes, configuration for proper operation with the screen reader can take days. 22.8 MB

Shure SM 58 Microphone Review

6/7/2006 Michael C

reviews and demonstrates this legendary microphone. 9.0 MB

Juice Tutorial

6/6/2006 sarah Alawami

teaches you how to use this software that catches podcasts. 7.4 MB

The A List

6/6/2006 Lynette Tatum

and Maria and Hope discuss AVG anti virus software, autoFill in Excel, and ABC, a program to convert Outlook Express messages to other formats like text or html. 47.1 MB


6/5/2006 Harrison Tu

reviews and demonstrates Jim’s Minature Golf accessible game. 9.5 MB

Sam Britton Intro

6/5/2006 Sam Britton

introduces himself, describes his studio, and provides a suggestion for correcting the humm in the JK Audio phone patch. 41.3 MB

Omni Bar Code Reader

6/5/2006 Antonio Gararas

demonstrates this talking bar code reader. 15.1 MB

Skype Tutorials Updated

6/5/2006 sarah Alawami

updates her tutorials on scripting Skype. 74.9 MB

Zoe Curry

6/3/2006 William Taylor

and his girlfriend, Zoe, (mainly Zoe) cooks a beef curry and takes you step by step through the process. This is fun, and we hope to hear more cooking casts from Will and Zoe. 51.1 MB

Edirol R09 In Depth Review

6/3/2006 Neal Ewers

takes this recorder through its paces with various microphones, with and without the automatic gain control and bass rolloff, and compares recordings to those of the M-Audio Microtrack and the Edirol R01. 82.7 MB

How To Listen To A Podcast

6/2/2006 Larry Skutchan

recounts the great time in New York City, has a little trouble with a cab, meets Jerry, Lynnette, Marie, Megan, Hope, and Dave at a Delly on 55th street. He then discusses a presentation on June 19 at Talking Communities about podcasting. The first portion is How to Listen to a Podcast. Listener feedback rounds out this issue. 56.0 MB

LGVX4650 Ring Tones

6/2/2006 Rick Harmon

demonstrates the process of putting ring tones on this phone. 25.8 MB

Doug Space

6/2/2006 Doug Strobel

tours his living space in Maryland. 34.8 MB

Cup Of Tea

6/2/2006 Riz Khan

demonstrates, in true British style, the commoners way to brew and enjoy a good cup of tea. Who needs flavors with tea like this? 8.3 MB

R09 Part 2

6/1/2006 Jim Fidler

provides additional information about the Edirol R09, the exciting new quality digital recorder. The menus do not wrap, and they remember their place within each menu. Roland US may have gotten accessibility right on this machine. 17.8 MB

Tony Broome Career

6/1/2006 Tony Broome

discusses his calling for a career in the ministry, Christian radio, and finally to his current position as pastor of senior ministries.

28.5 MB


6/1/2006 Kristian Whawell

gets a new puppy. 47.9 MB

TSO Microphone Demo

6/1/2006 Doug Oliver

demonstrates this $12 microphone from Radio Shack. It sounds quite good. 1.3 MB


5/31/2006 Jim Fidler

demonstrates the new Edirol R09 digital recorder with its built-in mics.

Doug Career

5/31/2006 Doug Strobel

introduces himself as a 17-year old student with interests in computers, ham radio, and theater. He discusses a play he wrote and hopes to podcast its performance. 5.1 MB

Braille Lite

5/31/2006 Harrison Tu

reviews the Braille Lite M20, a portable note taker from 24.7 MB

File Organization

5/31/2006 Monica Willyard

presents a system she uses that allows her to access almost every file she needs in a matter of seconds, even if she doesn’t remember the exact file name.

Swimming Computer

5/30/2006 Chris Grabowski

and Marla demolish a computer. 7.9 MB

Coast Guard

5/30/2006 Cindy Greenwell

tours the U. S. Coast Guard Station at Fort Pierce, FL. 4.3 MB

Life Review

5/30/2006 Chris Judd

and Chasity review another accessible game from Kitchens Inc, the game of Life. 11.0 MB

Bird Bath and Kitty Litter

5/28/2006 Randy Formennti

cleans the bird bath, takes a refreshing drink, then demonstrates cleaning the litter box. You’ll feel the spray from the hose, taste refreshment in the cool drink, and then, there’s the litter–its like digging for gold! This is an outstanding recording from the Kitty Litter Studios. 8.5 MB

Arovox Antispyware

5/23/2006 Tony Broome

updates his antispyware comments with information about this new accessible antispyware program that is currently free from 19.7 MB

Keith Watson Career

5/23/2006 Keith Watson

describes his career as a circuit designer, his eye condition, and his intention to record some sound seeing tours of roller coaster rides. 19.4 MB

Inline Phone Patch

5/23/2006 Ray Foret

checks out his new inline phone patch and demonstrates its capabilities. 39.7 MB

Braille Fronted Washing Machine

5/22/2006 Claire Bland

describes and demonstrates this washing machine that has braille on the front panel. 19.8 MB

Rockbox On The Ipod Video

5/21/2006 Scott Howell

discusses the fact that he is successfully running the daily build of the Rockbox firmware on the iPod Video (30 gb model.) Rockbox, of course, contains a speech output interface component, so the installation of this firmware makes the iPod accessible to blind users. Rockbox works with several generations of the iPod including the Nano and Video, but it will not work on the Shuffle. 17.9 MB

Copying DVDs With Nero 6 OEM

5/21/2006 Petro Giannakopoulos

demonstrates copying a DVD with this software. 16.9 MB

Scott Space

5/21/2006 Scott Howell

tours his living space in Maryland. 64.7 MB

Mall Trip

5/20/2006 Quyen Le

and her boyfriend, Stephen, walk to the mall. Quyen uses the Trekker GPS while Stephen observes and comments. 47.3 MB

VLC Media Player Part 2

5/20/2006 Petro Giannakopoulos

shows how to play mp3s and streaming audio with this media player software. 7.3 MB

Buying A Phone In London

5/20/2006 Andre Louis

and his friends ride several trains on the London “underground” on their way to purchase a new phone. 95.6 MB

Body Mist

5/20/2006 Tiffany Black

makes a couple of bottles of body mist. She uses ingredients and containers from and 9.4 MB

SAM Encoders Tutorial

5/20/2006 sarah Alawami

teaches the installation and configuration of this DSP encoder for WinAmp that lets you publish several streams of audio from 4.4 MB

KNFB Reader

5/20/2006 Angie Matney

demonstrates this portible scanning system that lets you read a variety of material with a device you can carry with you at all times. Based on a digital camera and a PDA, the Kurzweil/National Federation of the Blind Reader employs optical character recognition and intelligence to “straighten” images that may be flawed by, for example, the curve in the open pages of a book. 18.7 MB

Camera Phones

5/19/2006 Larry Skutchan

discusses some of the interesting uses one can put to a cell phone with a camera. In addition to light and color detection, optical character recognition, bar code scanning, and seeing with sound all come immediately to mind. 38.1 MB

DSP Encoders Tutorial

5/19/2006 David

Since there has been quite a lot of talk about setting up a shoutcast server for broadcasting, I thought it might be appropriate to do a tutorial on how to use a broadcasting plugin for Winamp that allows for one to connect to a shoutcast server. So I did a tutorial on how to set up and configure the DSP Encoders Plugin For Winamp, available from

I did the tutorial for my podcast, but figured BCT listeners would benefit as well. 36.7 MB

Podcasting Interpretation

5/19/2006 sarah Alawami

reflects about the fact that podcasting-‘s audio nature is more appealing to blind people than web blogs are. 7.0 MB

Reading Traffic

5/18/2006 Larry Skutchan

demonstrates techniques for safely and effectivly crossing various intersections while using his guide dog, answers the question about bluetooth radios, discusses the value of hyperthreading technology for speech users, and outlines the steps necessary to submit a podcast to Blind Cool Tech. 41.8 MB

Popping Popcorn On The Stove

5/18/2006 Jason Castonguay

demonstrates popping popcorn–not in the microwave–but the good old fashioned way, on the stove. 13.4 MB

Night Beach Walk

5/18/2006 Chris Grabowski

and his wife Marla, along with her dad, walk along the beach at night while on vacation at Myrtle Beach. 20.8 MB

VLC Media Player 1

5/18/2006 Petro Giannakopoulos

demonstrates this media player from that lets you play DVDs on your computer. 3.2 MB

Harbor Freight

5/18/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Joe tour the “man’s store” where you can get any kind of tool imaginable. Unfortunately, the giant store was closing, so the tour is brief. They then eat pizza in a 1962 Lincoln Continental. 68.8 MB


5/17/2006 Larry Skutchan

begins a discussion on settings you need to change in the default configuration of Windows XP to make it function better with a screen reader. 36.7 MB

Pacmate And Other Things

5/17/2006 Jay Pellis

discusses his move to a new dorm near the music school, orientation and mobility, musical instruments and studeo gear, and the Pacmate. 33.8 MB

Shoutcast Tutorial

5/17/2006 Sarah Alawami

teaches installation, configuration, and use of Shoutcast, a program that lets you run an internet radio station. Part 1 in a multi-part series. 23.7 MB

Using Nero Express

5/16/2006 Petro Giannakopoulos

shows how to use the OEM version of Nero Express 6.6 with JAWS 7 to burn a CD. 6.4 MB

Spontaneous Reboot


5/16/2006 Rick Harmon

describes a strange problem he has where his computer spontaneously reboots and hopes someone has some direction he may go. He also demonstrates how using a PC without the hyperthreading technology slows down JAWS when the system is under a significant load. 18.5 MB

Memory Lane

5/16/2006 Lynnette Tatum

and Maria recound the most comical experiences they shared since becoming roommates. 36.0 MB

R21 Redbird Experimentation

5/15/2006 Nick G

demonstrates this model train of the R21 Redbird, a New York City subway train. 30.7 MB


5/15/2006 Mary Emerson

describes this reading device for blind users that employs a camera to present an image of individual letters on a vibrating array of pins that one reads with the finger. Mary presents background, perspective, and information about how to get these devices, which are no longer manufactured, repaired. 33.1 MB


5/15/2006 Petro Giannakopoulos

demonstrates this free audio recording software that also records Skype calls from 8.2 MB

Concrete Cast

5/14/2006 Larry Skutchan

demonstrates how a blind person works with concrete while pouring a sidewalk. 61.2 MB

Police Scanners

5/14/2006 Lino Moralis

describes how police scanners work in general and demonstrates the kinds of things to which you may listen. 33.4 MB

Anapod Explorer

5/14/2006 Chris Gilland

demonstrates Anapod Explorer from

Anapod is a utility that allows a user to transfer data to an IPod much like you would with the standard windows explorer with only very suttle differences. 30.4 MB

Severn Valley And Steam Trains

5/13/2006 Paul Hopkins

and his dad and wife, Sally, go on a day out to the Severn Valley Country Park. They walk about four miles and make some fantastic recordings along the way including steam trains going along the Severn Valley Railway. Links to information on the River Severn and the Severn Valley Railway can be found at Paul’s website: 46.6 MB

Patrick Space

5/13/2006 Patrick Perdue

tours his living space. 70.7 MB

Shelly Space

5/13/2006 Michelle Prior

tours her living space. 14.3 MB


5/12/2006 Larry Skutchan

asks everyone interested in participating in the list to move back to the list, discusses talking to one’s guide dog, wonders what is going on with Web Braille, updates you on the neighbor, and plays listener comments. 86.9 MB

Marvelous March Weekend

5/12/2006 Megan Kelly

and Hope travel to New York City for a marvelous weekend. 18.2 MB

Megan Space

5/12/2006 Megan Kelly

tours her space. 21.9 MB

Brown Rice

5/12/2006 Mary Emerson

cooks a simple meal of brown rice and vegetables. 24.3 MB

Victor Reader Classic 3 1

5/11/2006 Carrie Schaffer

discusses the new features in this version of the firmware for this Digital Talking Book player from Humanware. 11.5 MB

Ocean And Rain

5/11/2006 Chris Grabowski

records the rain over the ocean from the balcony of his hotel. 3.0 MB

Jay Pellis Intro

5/11/2006 Jay Pellis

introduces himself, discusses his interest in music, and talks about some reviews he has planned. 8.4 MB

Walking Tour Of Oxford

5/11/2006 Caroline Ford

takes a walking tour through the heart of Oxford, England, the home of the famous university. 38.9 MB

Magnatune Classical

5/11/2006 Mary Emerson

plays about a dozen selections from albums she downloaded from

She had so much fun hearing this wonderful music that she had to share it. If you prefer something more modern, you can skip this podcast; it includes ancient and medieval music, some baroque, some Renaissance, and one by Rachmaninov, sung by a fantastic

choir. Lots of eastern European music. 57.2 MB

Carrie Space

5/11/2006 Carrie Schaffer.

tours her space. 6.3 MB

Talks Software For Nokia

5/11/2006 Shane Jackson

demonstrates this software that makes the Nokia cell phone accessible. 51.6 MB

Weston Super Mare

5/11/2006 Paul Hopkins

goes on a day out to Weston-Super-Mare, one of the many stranger sounding place names in the UK. Starting with a brief history of Weston read by Charles, one of ATTs Naturally

Sounding Voices; a chat and a mooch by the sea; a ride on an open top bus and finishing up in Weston town itself with its cafes; gift shops and much more.

Mrs Lighty Interview

5/10/2006 Jalen Howsare

interviews her teacher. 5.0 MB

Mrs Krum Interview

5/10/2006 Dallas Winters

and Kendra Gaskill, two 2nd grade students, interview their teacher. 1.6 MB

North Carolina Thunder

5/10/2006 Patrick Perdue

loves noise and shares these examples of two thunder storms. 11.9 MB

Sindy Space

5/10/2006 Cindy Greenwell

tours her space. 3.9 MB

Electronic Bagpipes

5/10/2006 Mathew Bullis

demonstrates these electronic bagpipes. 13.6 MB

Ocean Sounds

5/10/2006 Chris Grabowski

and Marla visit the ocean. 5.5 MB

Soup And Chat

5/10/2006 Haroon Probst

and his friend, Marina, make soup and chat. 23.0 MB

Show Down

5/10/2006 Krister Ekstrom

reviews this free, accessible version of tabletop tennis. 16.2 MB

Olympus Recorder Comparisons

5/9/2006 Neal Ewers

compares recordings made with the internal mics on several Olympus digital recorders. 10.3 MB

Deep Frying

5/9/2006 Ray Foret

demonstrates the art of deep frying with hot dogs and french fries. 36.6 MB

Putting A Stereo Mic Under Water

5/9/2006 Patrick Perdue

gets bored and decides to see what happens if you put a normal stereo micorphone under water. 8.8 MB


5/9/2006 Richard Wells

describes and plays bagpipes. 12.7 MB

Antispyware Inaccessibility

5/9/2006 Tony Broome

discusses the fact that most antispyware is inaccessible. 19.1 MB

Monkey Term

5/9/2006 Joshua Tubbs

demonstrates this online role-playing game. 3.9 MB

Toyota Prius

5/8/2006 Neal Ewers

and his friend, Mary, demonstrate the sounds a hybrid car makes both from within and without. 64.1 MB

Phoenix Rising

5/8/2006 Lynnette Tatum

and Maria discuss the events of September 11 and then move on to their interaction with children from two schools.

55.3 MB

Joni Colver Career

5/8/2006 Joni Colver

describes her career as a medical transcriber. 35.3 MB

Kentucky Derby 132

5/7/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Joe go to the infield at Churchhill Downs for the 132 running of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, but they didn’t get to see much of the race. 81.0 MB

Mowat Sensor

5/7/2006 Mary Emerson

demonstrates this mobility aid that provides its feedback with vibrations. 31.2 MB

Clement Chou Intro

5/7/2006 Clement Chou

introduces himself as a 13-year old student in Van Couver, BC with interests in languages, music, and instruments. 14.8 MB


5/7/2006 Brian Peterson

demonstrates this online role playing game. 88.1 MB

Krister Space

5/7/2006 Krister Ekstrom

tours his space in Sweden. 19.8 MB

Jean Space

5/7/2006 Jean Parker

tours her space and focuses on what is different in India. 27.4 MB

Dick Space 2

5/7/2006 Dick Wamser

continues the tour of his space in the community area. 15.0 MB

Jessie Space

5/7/2006 Jessie Lorenz

tours her space in Berkeley, CA. She says, “We are a blind couple living in California. We share our

space with two dog guides, a cat and a 1975 Spider.” 10.7 MB

Dick Space

5/7/2006 Dick Wamser

tours his space. 19.7 MB

Orion TI36XTalking Scientific Calculator

5/7/2006 Graham Hardy

demonstrates this accessible scientific calculator based on the TI-36. 14.4 MB

Michael Carrino Interview

5/7/2006 Stephen Guerra

interviews the host of the Digital Media Cast Experiment podcast in this episode from the Beep Baseball podcast. 36.2 MB


5/7/2006 Angie Matney

comments on the guide dog discussion and shares a moving essay she wrote. 5.1 MB

OE Backup Demo

5/6/2006 Juan Sosa

demonstrates the recently released version (1.7) of this software that backs up information from Outlook Express. See 22.0 MB

Quorg Metranome And Tuner

5/6/2006 Sean Terry

demonstrates this device that is both a metronome and an instrument tuner.

25.1 MB


5/6/2006 Tiffany Black

has a really cool day and makes hand lotion after ordering from 9.0 MB

NYC Part 2

5/5/2006 Hope Povenmire

continues her trip to New York.

Steam Train

5/5/2006 Jim Gammon

shares this great recording of steam trains. 13.9 MB

Piggott Storm

5/5/2006 Edward Alonzo

captures this storm at his home in Piggott Arkansas. 16.5 MB

Rick Space

5/5/2006 Rick Harmon

tours his space. 13.8 MB

Lynn Space

5/5/2006 Lynn Reaper

tours her space. 36.0 MB

Ray Space

5/5/2006 Ray Foret

tours his space. 52.3 MB

Private Email 3

5/5/2006 Krister Ekstrom

concludes this informative series on protecting your identity and securing email. 44.3 MB

K Sonar Walk

5/5/2006 Larry Skutchan

demonstrates the K Sonar, an ultra-sonic travel aid. 39.3 MB

Guide Dog Thoughts

5/5/2006 Chasity Judd

shares her thoughts about several guide dog issues. 12.3 MB

Burnless Scented Candles

5/4/2006 Rick Harmon

describes how to make these candles. 24.3 MB


5/3/2006 Chris Judd

reviews this portable note-taker. 17.4 MB

Wayfinder and Talks

5/2/2006 Gary O’Donoghue

goes on a walk with the wayfinder gps software running on a talks enabled phone. 24.7 MB

Quick Cook

5/2/2006 Maria Rios

demonstrates cooking a quick, tastey meal. 19.1 MB


5/2/2006 Chasity Judd

discusses epilepsy and describes how the and her husband educated themselves. 14.3 MB

Church Audio Mic Experimentation

5/1/2006 Ray Foret

puts the Church-Audio mics through their paces. 45.9 MB

Bear Share

5/1/2006 Clement Chou

describes and demonstrates this file sharing software. 12.6 MB

Music Boxes

4/30/2006 Tiffany Black

gets in a crazy mood and takes a look at the inside of a music box. She also announces her new podcast, Blind Crafts. 7.3 MB


4/30/2006 Chris Judd

demonstrates this accessible game of baseball. 13.3 MB


4/30/2006 Chasity Judd

and her husband, Chris, demonstrate the accessible game of Concentration. 8.6 MB


4/30/2006 Robert Riddle

demonstrates this internet relay chat program. 17.4 MB


4/30/2006 Chasity Judd

introduces herself, then she and her husband demonstrate another accessible game. 10.4 MB


4/30/2006 Tony Broome

introduces himself and reviews this scanning option for Freedom Box. 24.4 MB


4/30/2006 Chris Judd

and his wife, Chasity, demonstrate and play accessible Monopoly. 9.4 MB

Sarah Space

4/30/2006 Sarah Alawami

tours her space. 8.0 MB

Jo Space

4/30/2006 Joseli Walter

and her boyfriend tour their space. 14.3 MB

Gardeners Weekend At Kings Heath Park

4/30/2006 Paul Hopkins

and his wife, two people who know practically nothing about gardening, take a relaxing Summer afternoon (2005) at The Gardeners Weekend in Kings Heath Park in Birmingham UK. Brass Bands; a French Market; craft stalls; donkey rides and even a few tips from experts about gardening, make for a great Soundseeing Tour.

Paul Hopkins Career

4/30/2006 Paul Hopkins

describes his life and career in this gripping story. See Paul’s podcast at 58.0 MB

Small Talk Ultra

4/30/2006 Robert Carter

reviews this tablet PC, the smallest in the world, from and describes accessibility, convenience, connections, and more. 43.8 MB

Sony PS 2

4/30/2006 Riz Khan

realizes there are a lot of blind people playing with or interested in playing with the Play Station 2 gaming system. 15.8 MB

Trip To Toyota

4/29/2006 Kenneth Reed

and his wife look at a hybrid car at the Toyota dealership. 21.6 MB

Goldwave Part 3

4/29/2006 Rick Harmon

continues with part 3 of this series on using this inexpensive, powerful audio editor. 33.5 MB

Pam Space

4/29/2006 Pam Quinn

tours her space. 19.6 MB

Chime Clock

4/28/2006 Mary Emerson

shows us her Howard Miller chime clock and describes chime software from 19.7 MB

Jeff And Mary Space

4/28/2006 Jeff Armstrong

tours his space. 39.3 MB

Barbara Henning Guest

4/28/2006 Barbara Henning

joins Larry for a guide dog walk through Crescent Hill with Laurna and Jake. She treats us to a song, too. 92.2 MB

Hybrid Cars

4/28/2006 Larry Skutchan

discusses the problems with hearing the new hybrid cars, the death of traditional radio, and the list. 35.9 MB

Reading Edge

4/27/2006 Kristian Whawell

demonstrates this scanning/reading system from the early 90’s. 29.1 MB

Temperance Hail Storm

4/27/2006 phil vlasak

captured this hail storm in Temperance, MI on April 22, 2006 with the Olympus DM20. 7.3 MB

Chillicothe Hail Storm

4/27/2006 Jamie Pauls

and his wife, Stacey, weather this hail storm with some prayer and hope. The tornado sirans are blowing in this great recording with the built-in mics on the Olympus DS-2. 22.5 MB

Tiffany Space

4/26/2006 Tiffany Black

tours her space. 17.3 MB

Andre And Maria Space

4/26/2006 Andre Louis

and his girlfriend, Maria, tour their space. (Derrick is there, too.) 16.9 MB


4/26/2006 Larry Skutchan

responds to the comment line on petting guide dogs. 41.0 MB

Future Of The List

4/26/2006 Neal Ewers

asks for suggestions about lists that can withstand some of the annoyances experienced by the previous lists and explains what he and Larry think about the future of the list. 6.4 MB

Chris And Marla Space

4/25/2006 Chris Grabowski

and his wife, Marla, tour their space. 14.9 MB

Missy Space

4/25/2006 Missy Hoppe

tours her space. 38.9 MB

Kristian Space

4/25/2006 Kristian Whawell

tours his space. 58.6 MB

Darren And Kim Space

4/25/2006 Darren Duff

and his wife, Kim, tour their space. 32.4 MB

Hole In The Wall

4/24/2006 Riz Khan

walks to the ATM, grabs some cash, and heads home. 10.5 MB

Powdered Bubble Bath

4/24/2006 Tiffany Black

demonstrates the process of making powdered bubble bath from scratch. 9.8 MB

Albany Train Ride

4/24/2006 Chris Grabowski

takes a business trip on a train. 33.0 MB

Trains Trains And More Trains

4/24/2006 Neal Ewers

captures some beautiful recordings of real trains to hold us over for the model train cast. 17.3 MB


4/20/2006 Pam Quinn

records this Iowa thunder storm. 12.3 MB

I Love My Job

4/20/2006 Larry Skutchan

describes himself as one of the luckiest people on earth, because he has a cool job that he looks forward to going to every day. 29.1 MB

Configure Gmail

4/20/2006 Brandon Armstrong

explains how to configure your gmail account so you may use Outlook to retreive your mail. 0.8 MB

Wind And Rain

4/20/2006 sarah Alawami

grabs the mail in a wind storm and records rain on New Year’s day. 5.8 MB

Binaural Mics 1

4/19/2006 Nick G

discusses various binaural microphones. 9.2 MB


4/19/2006 Richard Wells

describes the harmonica and demonstrates techniques. 31.8 MB

Quyen Le Journey

4/19/2006 Quyen Le

introduces herself and describes her background. 22.8 MB

Ripping CDs

4/18/2006 Doug Oliver

shows how to rip a CD using WinAmp. 8.9 MB


4/18/2006 Larry Skutchan

explains how most guide dogs never need a correction. 37.6 MB

Mary Space

4/18/2006 Mary Emerson

tours her living space. 42.2 MB

Spirit Carries

4/18/2006 Marissa Manzino

sings this original song and plays the guitar. 6.5 MB

Easter Storm

4/17/2006 Larry Skutchan

records this thunder storm on Easter night in Louisville. 135.5 MB

Larry Space

4/17/2006 Larry Skutchan

tours his living space. 20.6 MB

Riz Space

4/17/2006 Riz Khan

tours his living space. 25.8 MB

Lynnette Space

4/17/2006 Lynnette Tatum

and Maria tour their living space. 13.9 MB

Olympus WS320m Music Player

4/17/2006 Shane Christianson

reviews this popular digital recorder as a music player. 9.2 MB

Sendero GPS 35

4/17/2006 Chris Grabowski

demonstrates version 3.5 of this Global Positioning System (GPS) software from 16.1 MB

Easter Bunny

4/16/2006 Mary Emerson

continues this popular series of creating pictures with a braille writer with this picture of the Easter Bunny holding an Easter egg. 16.4 MB

Spring Time Hail Storm

4/16/2006 Neal Ewers

was recording an ordinary thunder storm and captured this incredible hail storm. 7.0 MB

Freedom Box

4/16/2006 Lynnette Tatum

rambles about technology, and Merna Votta demonstrates Freedom Box. 44.2 MB

What Day Is This

4/16/2006 Don Barrett

describes a handy function in Excel to let you know on which day of the week a date falls. 1.6 MB

Milestone 311 Promo

4/15/2006 Stephen Guerra

promotes this accessible digital audio player/recorder from 15.3 MB


4/15/2006 Lynnette Tatum

and Maria recount the evolution of media on which audio was distributed and marvel that now, with the Playaway from, you get the player with the media. 16.9 MB

That Easter Morn

4/14/2006 sarah Alawami

sings this beautiful Easter piece. 1.3 MB


4/14/2006 Larry Skutchan

describes the different kinds of Personal Data Assistants (PDA) available to blind users. 34.6 MB

Boat Trip On Loch Ness

4/14/2006 Paul Hopkins

and his brothers take their dad on a boat trip up Loch Ness in search of the Loch Ness Monster. Are the claims of sightings of the monster

fact or fiction? Does the monster really exist? I don’t know! Bu

The captain of the boat has some pretty expensive Sonar equipment and some compelling and interesting explanations and personal experiences to share wit Us. Listen carefully and hear the convictions of some on the boat that ‘there must be something out there’ and the scepticism of others (mainly my brothers

That there certainly is not! 43.6 MB

Phoenix Talking Scale

4/14/2006 Quyen Le

demonstrates this inexpensive, accurate, accessible talking scale from 12.9 MB


4/13/2006 Quyen Le

demonstrates this completely accessible global positioning system (GPS) commercial hardware with specialized software to make a very portable setup. 50.8 MB

Hello NYC

4/13/2006 Hope Povenmire

makes the weekend of her life with a surprise visit to friends in New York. 38.4 MB

Singe 2

4/12/2006 Rick Harmon

adds more to his cast about this CD-ROM burning software from 4.9 MB

Band Rehursal

4/12/2006 Brandon Armstrong

and his college band practice. 17.2 MB

Google Accessibility

4/11/2006 Larry Skutchan

aplauds Google’s efforts to address accessibility with the visual verification and future technologies by announcing a job opening for an engineer to address these issues and promote accessibility within the company. See . 35.5 MB

Excel 101

4/11/2006 Lynette Tatum

provides a brief overview of some of the things you can do in Microsoft Excell 2002. 36.9 MB

Private Email 2

4/11/2006 Krister Ekstrom

continues this series about protecting your privacy in email. 53.2 MB

Jfw Scripting 01

4/10/2006 Frank Ibarra

demonstrates that scripting is easy and powerful for JAWS. 32.5 MB

Civil War 2

4/10/2006 Brandon Armstrong

presents the second part of this civil war reenactment. 4.1 MB

More Visual Verification

4/9/2006 Larry Skutchan

emphasizes the need to make companies aware that the visual verification process is locking out blind people. Larry shows how the web site set up as a result of the FACT act is a case in point. User feedback and a promo for the chat room round out this issue. 27.1 MB

Mobile Speak Demo

4/9/2006 Missy Hoppe

discusses and demonstrates this creen reader application that runs on Nokia cell phones running the Symbian operating system. 29.9 MB

Bath Fizzies

4/8/2006 Tiffany Black

demonstrates the process of and provides tips for making bath fissies from scratch. 20.1 MB

Skype Tutorial

4/8/2006 Sarah Alawami

provides 11 lessons on using Skype 2.0 with JAWS. 44.1 MB

Goldwave Part 2

4/7/2006 Rick Harmon

continues this informative series about this inexpensive, powerful audio editing software. 12.3 MB

MSN Messenger And AIM Instant Messenger

4/7/2006 Doug Oliver

demonstrates these instant messenger programs with speech. 4.6 MB

Getting Started Podcasting

4/6/2006 Larry Skutchan

tries out the new Church-Audio mics while discussing the steps to make a podcast and plays User feedback from the comment line. 58.5 MB

Sharp Reader

4/6/2006 Jamie Pauls

describes this free or low cost and very accessible aggregator software used to read RSS feeds. See for a download. This is the kind of software you need if you keep up with a lot of different web pages. Most companies will update their rss feed with content that is new, that way, you don’t have to go visit each web site to be able to keep up with what is going on. 6.6 MB

Streettalk Part 1

4/5/2006 Darren Duff

demonstrates and discusses this global positioning system (GPS) software and hardware. 50.6 MB

Talking Atomic Clock

4/5/2006 Chris Grabowski

desscribes and demonstrates this portible clock from 2.9 MB

Yamaha DGX500 And Studio Recorder

4/5/2006 Jim Fettgather

demonstrates this fairly inexpensive keyboard, talks about its accessibility, and shows how Studio Recorder helps with the mix. 3.8 MB

Trip To Lichfield

4/4/2006 Paul Hopkins

and his wife visit the city of Lichfield,

about 20 miles north of Birmingham England. They walk through the medieval city as well as hear the choir rehearsing in the cathedral (parts of the cathedral have stood for 800 years). This audio gives you an idea of the majisty and Ambience of this remarkable place. More information about Lichfield Cathedral can be found at: 45.8 MB

Back Yard

4/4/2006 Larry Skutchan

takes the opportunity to try out the new Church-audio microphones to respond to a suggestion to make a sound seeing tour of the house, unfortunately, he only got to the back yard. 19.4 MB

Gizmo Project

4/4/2006 Jared Rimer

demonstrates this voice over internet protocol (VOIP) software that is an alternative to Skype. 45.9 MB


4/4/2006 Kenneth Reed

discusses making a portible drive from on old hard disk and an enclosure. 4.3 MB

Making Singe Accessible With Windoweyes

4/4/2006 Chris Grabowski

shows how this CD-ROM burning software can work with Window-eyes. 3.7 MB

Duo B20 Demo

4/3/2006 Larry Skutchan

gets a demonstration at the Soneil booth (from Lynnette) of this small pocket-sized computer with a braille keyboard and 20 cell display from 5.5 MB

Exhibit Hall CSUN 2006

4/3/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Rodger take a quick cruise through the exhibit halls at both hotels during the CSUN 2006 conference. 65.1 MB

Juice Software

4/3/2006 Mary Emerson

demonstrates the tricky process of working with the Juice podcatcher scheduler. 25.3 MB

Missy Hoppe Intro

4/3/2006 Missy Hoppe

introduces herself, describes her education and jobs at Prime Star, and mentions some of her current activities. 29.3 MB

Finding Dinner

4/3/2006 Chris Grabowski

and his wife, Marla, use a GPS system to find a new restaurant. 23.4 MB

Walk To Work

4/2/2006 larry

invites you to join him for a different kind of walk to work. This time he has booth duty at the 2006 CSUN conference and chats with Sue Martin. 14.6 MB

Talking Toolbox

4/2/2006 Chris Grabowski

demonstrates this self-voicing, beginners software for word processing, address book, CD player, and schedular from 33.0 MB

Alive WMA MP3 Recorder

4/2/2006 Michael Hanson

reviews this software that lets you record in WMA, MP3, and many other formats from 12.2 MB

Copier Addendum

4/2/2006 Mary Emerson

answers additional questions about the DVD copier podcast. 2.0 MB


4/2/2006 Kenneth Reed

describes the Behrenger UBB1002 mixer. 2.3 MB

Civil War

4/2/2006 Brandon Armstrong

attends a civil war reenactment. 7.6 MB

New List

4/1/2006 Larry Skutchan

discusses the need to create a new list and explains why the old one will remain open. 33.4 MB

Kenneth Reed Career

4/1/2006 Kenneth Reed

describes his education, early jobs, and work at NASA (including some cool projects in which he was involved) along with musical interests. 16.1 MB

Philips Sa178

4/1/2006 Chetan Bakhru

reviews this flexible, usable mp3 player from Philips. 54.3 MB

Kevin Reeves Career

3/31/2006 Kevin Reeves

describes his career as a creative professional, talks about his new album, demonstrates some of his current projects, and talks about the vocational rehab process and careers in general. Unfortunately, he doesn’t treat us to any of his music, but he promises you can buy the album as a digital download. See his site at 38.0 MB

Kelvin Voice Activated Talking Thermostat

3/31/2006 Curtis Delzer

and his wife, Karen, discuss this completely accessible thermostat that accepts spoken word commands and responds with speech feedback. 21.9 MB


3/31/2006 Rick Harmon

reviews this CD-ROM burning software that a friend, Donald Gicker, wrote for him. The program requires no installaition. 16.1 MB

College Questions

3/31/2006 Michael Babcock

prepares for his transition from high school to college and has questions and comments. 3.5 MB

Holiday In Devon The West Country Of England

3/30/2006 Paul Hopkins

and his wife relax with a recent holiday to Devon on the SouthWest coast of England. Hear the

roaring sea as they experience some bad weather, contrasted with the calm and sunshine. Enjoy the accents and the atmosphere of this lovely part of the UK. Music from Soundoctrine at

GoBack Review

3/30/2006 Chetan Bakhru

reviews this comprehensive hard disk monitoring and recovery program. 79.4 MB

CSUN Wrapup

3/29/2006 Larry Skutchan

asks about clicker training and mentle communication, reveals a new moderated list, and attempts to sum up the CSUN conference as a whole. 37.8 MB

Touch Graphics

3/29/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Steve Landau of Touch Graphics check out the Talking Tactile Tablet at the CSUN conference. 25.3 MB

MZRH10 Minidisk Recorder Review Part 1

3/29/2006 Neal Ewers

reviews and demonstrates this high quality recorder in this first episode in a three part series. 37.4 MB

Aigo A208 Review

3/28/2006 Riz Khan

reviews this inexpensive, usable mp3 player. 34.2 MB

Soap And Bath Salts

3/28/2006 Tiffany Black

explains making soap and bath solts as a blind person. 12.9 MB

Icon Demo

3/28/2006 Larry Skutchan

gets the audio-enabled tour of the Icon at Level Star’s booth. 17.2 MB

Breakfast With Marc

3/28/2006 Larry Skutchan

is joined by Marc, Mike, and Matt (they left Mom at home) from Level Star to discuss the Icon, a new Linux based PDA introduced at CSUN. 29.3 MB

Hollistic Chat

3/27/2006 Mary Emerson

is joined in the chat room for a discussion on Hollistic methods. 33.5 MB

Accessible Math

3/27/2006 John Gardner

of ViewPlus Technologies is joined by Neal Soiffer of Design Science and Masakazu Suzuki of Kyushu University in this panel discussion entitled Emerging Computer Technologies for Accessible Math. This panel presents technologies and software that make mathematical documents accessible to people with print disabilities and explores The state-of-the-are for reading, writing, and manipulating math on a computer. 42.2 MB

Breakfast With Janina

3/27/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Janina Sajka of discuss the Owasys 22 C talking cell phone, Janina’s career, and chat over breakfast at the CSUN conference. 53.2 MB

Tech Ramblings

3/27/2006 Jeramiah Rogers

discusses how technology effects our lives. 12.7 MB

Three In One

3/27/2006 Robert Carter

discusses the new chat room, background and practicle uses of Blue Tooth technology, and strategies for speeding up audio content such as podcasts. 16.6 MB

Interactive Localization

3/27/2006 Andreas Hub

from the University of Stuttgart presents an improved prototype for the interactive localization and recorgnition of objects for the blind by matching stereo images, orientation, and 3-d model information in this session from CSUN 2006. 32.6 MB

Clicker Training Chat

3/27/2006 Debee Norling

and others discuss clicker training in this recorded session on the chat. 23.2 MB

OQO And WindowEyes

3/25/2006 Sam Bushman

introduces himself and explains the benefits of the GW Micro OQO partnership to provide the Small-Talk in this special edition of his radio show Tech Watch at 7.8 MB

Breakfast With Clarence

3/24/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Clarence Whaley from GW Micro talk about Small Talk Ultra, a new palm-sized PC running XP and Window-eyes, touch on traveling independentally, talk about Clarences carreer, and generally chat at breakfast at CSUN 2006. 40.8 MB

First Impressions

3/24/2006 Larry Skutchan

explores topics about a blind person traveling, comments on the stress on guide dogs as Jake acts doofy, and evaluates what small part of the activities he could observe the first day at the massive assistive technology conference, CSUN 2006. 20.5 MB

Java And GNOME

3/23/2006 Larry Skutchan

provides some sound seeing of the area where presentations are made and attends a session on the accessibility of the GNOME desktop and Java presented by Peter Korn. 79.1 MB

PGP And Email

3/23/2006 Krister Ekstrom

explains what privacy and protection in email means and shows some software to help. 18.2 MB


3/23/2006 Larry Skutchan

explores new areas of the hotel that he hadn’t seen in previous years. 23.9 MB

Inexpensive Phantom Powered Microphones

3/23/2006 Neal Ewers

compares three low-cost microphones with phantom power. 20.3 MB

Playback March 2006

3/23/2006 Ed Potter

interviews Michael Moody of the National Library Service (NLS). 51.5 MB

CSUN Keynote

3/22/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Rodger go to the Hilton where Larry Meets Kim Sharph and listens to Harry Murphy’s keynote.

49.5 MB

Lindie Martin Interview

3/22/2006 Paul Hopkins

interviews the chief of the Cherrokee nation in this trip he made to the US as part of a Rotery exchange from Birmingham England to Birmingham Alabama back in 1996.


3/22/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Jake attempt to independently navigate the airport and get seated on a very crowded plane. 62.0 MB

Errands In London

3/21/2006 Andre Louis

and his dad drive through London and do errands. They get canned air at a computer shop, buy tea from a nice Chinese lady, and pickup some food. Check out how you can hear the ceiling as the escalator rises. Also, check out Andre’s music at 73.2 MB

Degunking Windows Part 1

3/21/2006 Debee Norling

Begins this new series with a demonstration of cleaning up all the gunk on three of the computers in her office. This gives you a flavor for how screwed up they can get if you do not perform maintainance regularly. 59.9 MB

Note Teller 2

3/21/2006 Matt Roberts

demonstrates this money identifier from 9.4 MB


3/20/2006 Larry Skutchan

discusses security, identity, and other traps you must be aware of when using the internet. 49.0 MB

Book Port 22

3/20/2006 Larry Skutchan

walks you through the new features in version 2.2. 19.1 MB

Light Locater

3/20/2006 Chris Skarstad

reviews this game from 17.7 MB

Clifton Walking Tour

3/19/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Liz join Joann Weeter from the Louisville Metro Historic Preservation Society for a walking tour of the Clifton neighborhood in which American Printing House for the Blind and the Kentucky School for the Blind are located. Sponsored by the Callahan Museum at APH. 136.4 MB

Zenith Portable DVD Player

3/19/2006 Merrill Louise

reviews and demonstrates this portable DVD player. 21.1 MB

Yamaha Tyros Keyboard Tour

3/19/2006 Kristian Whawell

describes and demonstrates this versital keyboard from Yamaha. 80 MB

Baby Archive

3/18/2006 Andre Louis

and his stepdad visit his Mom and brand new baby sister in hospital in England. Check out the driver on the right side of the car. 58.1 MB

Thanks But No Thanks

3/18/2006 Larry Skutchan

explains a little more about what he knows about the ftp “attack,” plays voice mail from Tracy Sun on accessible sound editing software, and talks about old cars. 39.3 MB

Olympus WS320m Operation

3/18/2006 Matt Roberts

explains the operation of this versital digital audio recorder. 15.7 MB

Milestone Unprocessed File

3/17/2006 Neal Ewers

provides this recording straight from the Milestone 311 as a demonstration of the discussion in his technical review of this product. 0.6 MB

Milestone Recorder Technical Review 1

3/17/2006 Neal Ewers

explains and demonstrates various technical aspects of this digital recorder designed for the blind. 23.8 MB

CD DVD Copier

3/17/2006 Mary Emerson

reviews and demonstrates this stand-alone copier that can also be connected to your PC. 21.5 MB

The Dark Side

3/17/2006 Larry Skutchan

laments that there has to be bad on the Internet and explains what he thinks is happening with the ftp site, advises about effective means of selecting passwords, and pleads for more career profiles. 35.3 MB

Mortal Kombat Part 2

3/17/2006 Riz Khan

continues this series about mainstreaming gaming by blind users with Mortal Kombat Desception. 21.5 MB

Clicker Review

3/16/2006 Rox’E Homstad

continues her discussion and answers questions about this posative training technique. 4.7 MB

Shamrock Braille Picture

3/16/2006 Mary Emerson

continues her braille writer picture series with a large shamrock with four smaller shamrocks in the corners of the page. 12.5 MB

Plantronics Audio 90

3/16/2006 Michael Cappelle

reviews and demonstrates this traditional headset.

Skype Unites

3/16/2006 Larry Skutchan

describes finding what he thinks is a relative in the Czech Republic via Skype, asks for anyone else going to CSUN to drop him a line, shares a clip from the Real People podcast at, and discusses the new chat room.

Milestone Recorder

3/15/2006 Matt Roberts

reviews and demonstrates this digital recorder designed especially for blind users. It is available from 13.7 MB

Mortal Kombat Part 1

3/15/2006 Clement Chou

Starts this mainstream gaming as a blind user series with background and demonstration of Mortal Kombat 1. 54.9 MB

Gold Wave Basics

3/15/2006 Rick Harmon

describes this inexpensive sound editing program. 45.5 MB

Moving Forward

3/15/2006 Larry Skutchan

describes the changes underway to the technical aspects of the podcast, discusses the new spam that appears to come from the IRS, sniping on Ebay, clicker training and guide dogs, and wonders about antique clocks.

Church Audio Mic Demo

3/15/2006 Debee Norling

demonstrates the capabilities of the Church Audio binaural microphones. 21.4 MB

Owner Trainer

3/14/2006 Rox’E Homstad

describes the process of training one’s own guide and service dog. She answers questions and provides information on equipment. 14.6 MB

Kyolic And EFT

3/14/2006 Mary Emerson

continues her informative discussion of whole food supplements. 26.9 MB

Storage Crypt Review

3/14/2006 Chetan Bakhru,

introduces himself and reviews this software from that encrypts removable storage drives. 19.5 MB

Chinese In Sweden

3/14/2006 Krister Ekstrom

and his friend, Helaina, go for a walk to a Chinese restaurant in his home town of Malmar Sweden. 24.1 MB

Identify Caller ID

3/14/2006 Chris Grabowski

demonstrates this comprehensive caller ID software from . 8.0 MB

Crocs And Thanks

3/13/2006 Larry Skutchan

marvels over the Crocs and really thanks some folks who stepped up to the plate. 30.8 MB


3/13/2006 Hope Povenmire

and friends from the list chat about some interesting topics. 7.4 MB

Installing A DVD RW Drive

3/13/2006 Kristian Whawell

shows how a blind person can change computer components. 34.2 MB

Nero 7 With Window-Eyes

3/13/2006 Rick Harmon

installs Nero Burning ROM 7 using Window-eyes 5.5 and finds it more accessible than JAWS was with the same task. 13.2 MB


3/12/2006 Cylene Lasdell

recites this poem by Bruce Sullivan about the festivities in Trinidad. 1.7 MB

Olympus DM1 Review

3/12/2006 Kristian Whawell

describes this speech quality digital recorder. 16.4 MB


3/12/2006 Larry Skutchan

shows some hidden accessibility features in Media Center 2005. 19.2 MB

Mac 2

3/12/2006 Scott Howell

continues this informative series about accessibility on the Mac with a deeper look at Voice Over, the built-in accessibility tool. 30.7 MB

Plantronics DSP 400 USB Headset

3/12/2006 Kristian Whawell

reviews this mic/headphone combination and concludes it is great to use with Skype. 15.5 MB

Publish Cast

3/11/2006 Larry Skutchan

demonstrates the system he uses to publish the cast and create the web site. 14.1 MB

Nero 7 Accessibility

3/11/2006 Rick Harmon

compares Nero Burning ROM 7 to 6.6 in terms of accessibility with JAWS. 28.7 MB

Team Talk

3/11/2006 Darren Duff

demonstrates this chat software. 27.5 MB

Mom And Dad

3/11/2006 Larry Skutchan

thanks his parents and congratulates them on their 50 wedding anniversary. 39.4 MB

Owner Trained Dog

3/11/2006 Jerry Gilbert

takes his labradoodle, Charlie, which Jerry is training himself, for a walk through a few obsticles.. 19.7 MB

Canon Scanner Installation

3/10/2006 Ray Foret

describes the process of installing this unique very thin scanner that gets its power from the USB. 23.6 MB

Microphone Preamp

3/10/2006 Debee Norling

discusses this quality microphone preamp from 13.2 MB

Piano Festival

3/10/2006 Pam Quinn

Uses the Olympus DS-2 to record her son John (15) in competition at this event. 6.7 MB


3/9/2006 Haroon Probst

crushes a glass in the garbage dispose all. 3.3 MB


3/9/2006 Pam Quinn

takes dog Joseph gambling. 36.7 MB


3/9/2006 Haroon Probst

places a light bulb into a jar of water and microwaves. Do not try this at home. 2.5 MB


3/8/2006 Larry Skutchan

demonstrates the quality of a Skype call (which reveals the mystery guest on the talent show,) discusses organizing the web site, enjoys his crocs, asks about a bag, and starts to discuss blind dating services. 47.1 MB

Libsyn Podcast

3/8/2006 Merrill Louise

explains how she posts her podcasts using 6.4 MB


3/8/2006 Mathew Bullis

explains and instructs on playing the jews harp and mouthbow. 19.8 MB

Jack Fox Interview

3/8/2006 Jack Fox

talks about his career as a narrator for the National Library Service and as a local media personality. 41.6 MB

Dell Tech 2

3/7/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Joe continue the sad tale of the new laptop. 15.6 MB

Clicker Training 3

3/7/2006 Debee Norling

continues her series about this new dog training technique by attending a lecture on the subject. 73.7 MB

More On Olympus

3/7/2006 Larry Skutchan

talks more about this digital recorder. 18.5 MB

Live Journal Intro

3/6/2006 Megan Kelly

demonstrates the process of setting up and adding entries to an accessible blog account at 31.2 MB

Owner Training

3/6/2006 Lisa Salinger

describes some of the consideration that needs to go into the decision to train your own guide dog and explains some of the techniques she uses. 18.5 MB

Kurzweil Additions

3/6/2006 Neal Ewers

adds to his last cast on the Kurzweil keyboard. 5.8 MB

Making Music with the Kurzweil Keyboard

3/5/2006 Neal Ewers

continues his exploration of the Kurzweil keyboard. 59.7 MB


3/5/2006 Scott Howell

introduces the talking Mac and demonstrates some of the built-in functionality. 60.8 MB

Netgem Iplayer

3/5/2006 Kristian Whawell

demonstrates this free view box

with audio description features and voice feedback on channels that you switch to. 26.8 MB

Sonus Female

3/5/2006 Caroline Ford

demonstrates the sound of the female voice that comes with the Sonus 1XT digital radio.Kristian Whawell did a

review of this radio in January, but he had already changed the voice on his, so this provides a comparison.

radio to the male alternative. 3.4 MB

Nero 4

3/4/2006 Rick Harmon

concludes this series on Nero Burning ROM software with a discussion of the advanced features. 21.7 MB

Waterproof MP3 Player

3/4/2006 Debee Norling

describes this mp3 player that actually works under water. 14.2 MB


3/4/2006 Larry Skutchan

complains about, laments the complications of strictly ffollowing the copyright laws, pleads you to sign the visual word verification google petition at, talks about podcasting and blogging, and continues to wish for rss feeds with real content. 26.8 MB

Poodles As Guides

3/4/2006 Pam Quinn

describes using a poodle as a guide dog. 21.8 MB

Talent Show 1

3/3/2006 Neal Ewers

presents the long awaited BlindCoolTech talent show . 89.3 MB

Nero 3

3/2/2006 Rick Harmon

Continues the series describing Nero Burning ROM 6.6 software with JAWS. In episode three, he demonstrates copying CDs and ripping CDs. 17.0 MB

Lamp Shopping

3/2/2006 Synthia Greenwell

and her grandma shop for various items for Synthia’s new apartment. They start by looking for a lamp at Target. 7.0 MB

Tissot Watch

3/1/2006 Robert Carter

demonstrates this unique method of obtaining the time quietly with a watch that actually vibrates the hour and minute as your finger touches that part of the dial. 6.5 MB

Clicker Training 2

3/1/2006 Debee Norling

Continues this dog training series with a live recording of her and Boston demonstrating the techniques. 17.8 MB

More Audio Games

3/1/2006 Kristian Whawell

reviews two more games from 13.1 MB

Nero 2

3/1/2006 Rick Harmon

walks you through creating a data CD, an audio CD, and an mp3 CD with Nero Burning ROM 6.6 and JAWS. 32.4 MB

Talent Update

2/28/2006 Neal Ewers

requests those of you who have submitted pieces for the talent show without background information, to contact him. 4.4 MB

How to Put Protected WMA Content onto Your MP3 Player

2/28/2006 Larry Skutchan

shows how to copy protected files that you download from your library onto a supported mp3 player.

Online Food Shopping

2/27/2006 Mary Emerson

demonstrates using Internet Explorer and JAWS to shop at Safeway online and have the order delivered.

Tips on Creating Message Rules

2/27/2006 Lynnette Tatum

explains techniques for handeling large volumes of email, especially moving a lists messages to its own folder in Outlook.

Nero 1

2/27/2006 Rick Harmon

demonstrates Nero Burning ROM 6.6 in this first episode in a four part series. 24.7 MB

Nagra Ares

2/25/2006 Gary ODonoghue

reviews and demonstrates the Nagra Ares P II high-end digital recorder. 21.1 MB

Clicker Training 1

2/25/2006 Debee Norling

discusses this new method of dog training in part 1 of this series. 18.7 MB

Make Tracks

2/24/2006 Merrill Louise

discusses how music is packaged. 16.3 MB


2/24/2006 Shane Jackson

plays some beautiful music with this instrument. 49.9 MB

Sound Forge

2/23/2006 Neal Ewers

introduces Sound Forge 8.0 with Jaws. 36.1 MB

Guidedog Training

2/23/2006 Larry Skutchan

discusses the idea of training your own guide dog and concludes that it is not embarked upon without careful consideration. 33.4 MB

DVD Audio Extractor

2/23/2006 Rich Cavallaro

reviews this software that extracts the audio content from a DVD. 11.1 MB

Job Loss

2/22/2006 Darrell Shandrow

laments how inaccessibility to software cost him his job. This is serious. 5.8 MB

Synthesizer Advances

2/22/2006 Jamie Pauls

marvels at the advances in speech synthesizer technology over the past few decades. 6.3 MB

Sony Mic Review

2/22/2006 Mary Emerson

describes and demonstrates the Sony ECM-DS70P t-microphone. 5.1 MB

Linux OSM

2/21/2006 Larry Skutchan

wonders why noone has written an off-screen model for the Linux GUI. 32.1 MB

Motorola Ringtones

2/21/2006 Joseli Walter

transfers ringtones to the Motorola I-205. 23.0 MB


2/20/2006 Larry Skutchan

shows how heat can make a difference. 16.9 mb.

Stair Lift

2/19/2006 Randy Formennti

demonstrates this system for lifting a disabled person up or down a flight of stairs. 5.8 MB

Dell Tech Support

2/18/2006 Larry Skutchan

and Joe call Dell about a laptop that arrived defective. 33.3 MB


2/17/2006 Larry Skutchan

Talks about the Frequently Asked Questions section of the web site and begins a talk about Linux. 39.2 MB

Casino Game

2/17/2006 Chris Judd

reviews another accessible game from”>. 11.8 MB


2/17/2006 Neal Ewers

urges anyone who submits items for the talent show to drop him an email stating that you are the copyright owner or that the material is in the public domain. 2.4 MB

Dog Accessories

2/16/2006 Larry Skutchan

discusses guide dog accessories, weight loss, exercise, and more while on the walk home. 25.8 MB

Studio Recorder 3

2/16/2006 Rob Meredith

describes the new features in version 3.0 of this accessible digital audio editing software. 21.5 MB

Our New Pick

2/15/2006 Larry Skutchan

talks about our new pick for the portable digital recording device, the Olympus ws320m. He also announces that Neal Ewers has accepted the position as the bct mail list moderator. 31.0 MB

Talent Show

2/15/2006 Mary Emerson

explains how you can showcase your talent for an upcoming BlindCoolTech talent show. Send your recordings to 5.7 MB

Talking Nokia 6682

2/15/2006 Shane Jackson

describes this phone running the Talks software from and discusses the differences among the ways to access cell phones. 31.9 MB

Autoharp Demo

2/15/2006 Matthew Bullis

plays some beautiful music on this under appreciated instrument in this excellent recording and discusses its construction, history, and pricing. 22.4 MB

Elefun Game

2/14/2006 Donna Slater

and her children, Bethony and Alex, play a game where butterflies blow out an elephant’s trunk. You’ll laugh as you join in the fun. 7.5 MB


2/14/2006 Kim Duff

and her husband, Darren, tell their story. They discuss how they met and got to know each other, how they debated on the practicality of two blind people being married and taking care of a house, and conclude that their love and relationship is God’s will. 36.4 MB


2/13/2006 Shane Jackson

reviews this very accessible Bible software from 50.0 MB

Feedback 06 Feb 12

2/12/2006 Larry Skutchan

answers listener feedback and plays some songs from Marcus Quinzer. Rick Harmon explains how to turn on auto update for SpyBot. 45.9 MB


2/11/2006 Donna Slater

walks to the nursery and interacts with the other parents and workers. 34.4 MB

Aura Feedback

2/11/2006 Jerry Hallatyn

cautions us to be skeptical when evaluating any claim as he responds to the Aura cast. 4.4 MB

Bathroom Scales

2/11/2006 Donna Slater

reviews the Cobolt Systems talking bathroom scale. 3.2 MB

Snowman Braille Card

2/11/2006 Mary Emerson

continues her braille card series with a beautiful snowman. 14.3 MB

New Orleans

2/10/2006 Don Ball

visits New Orleans for the ABBA tournament. He visits

the Fudgery at the River Walk Mall where the proprietor sings as he orders fudge, and then he takes an 80 minute walk up and down Bourbon

Street and discusses the sites. Recorded in May 2005. 73.0 MB

Drum Meditation

2/9/2006 Bill Mind

plays his two conga drums in a large kitchen. He set the Microtrack levels as low as possible, but the binaural in-ear mics were, of course, quite close to the drums, and the recording distorted quite a bit. If you hear the distortion as an affect, the sound of the drums, the sound of the room, and the affect of distortion can work together in interesting ways. 32.6 MB

Insulin Training

2/8/2006 Don Ball

shares a session he had with Maryanne Simpson, a certified

diabetes trainer on how to use insulin. She covers many aspects of

diabetes including use of the lancette device, using a glocometer to test sugar, use of the lantus pin and how to use a vile of insulin. She also discusses eating and health aspects of diabetes. Recorded May 2005. 23.4 MB


2/8/2006 Dan Graham

What is the aura? Is it real? What does it mean? Dan

explores these and other aspects of the human aura. 10.7 MB

Mobile Speak Pocket

2/8/2006 Larry Skutchan

briefly demonstrates and provides first impressions of this innovative combination of a screen reader from Code Factory and a PDA. We’re using the Dell Axim 51. 13.7 MB

Valentine Braille Card

2/7/2006 Mary Emerson

creates another beautiful braille card, this one with three large hearts. Grab your braille writer and follow along. 21.6 MB

Screen Readers Compared

2/6/2006 Chris Grabowski

demonstrates the reactions of each of the main three screen readers–HAL, Window-eyes, and JAWS–to the same set of actions. 23.8 MB


2/5/2006 Shawn Thiel

demonstrates the use of adware and spyware removal tools with Jaws for Windows and provides Window-eyes keystrokes

as known. 28.4 MB

Google Petition

2/4/2006 Darrel Shandrow

urges anyone who cares about access to sign a petition asking google to make their visual word verification procedure accessible. 6.4 MB

PC Maintenance

2/4/2006 Riz Khan

describes the maintenance procedures for healthy and care-free computing. 11.9 MB

Pay Per Listen

2/3/2006 Lynnette Tatum

describes a new audio books source from 34.5 MB

Audio Training Tool

2/2/2006 Joe Quinn

demonstrates this training tool for listening to audio with cassette or Digital Talking Book from 49.5 MB


2/1/2006 Darren Duff

demonstrates the process of sending new ringtones to his Nokia cell phone. 25.5 MB


1/31/2006 Chris Judd

demonstrates this accessible game of Football from just in time for the superbowl.

17.3 MB

Talking Tactile Tablet, Part 2-The Authoring Tool

1/30/2006 Lynnette Tatum

demonstrates the authoring features of the tablet. 43.1 MB


1/29/2006 Scott Howell

demonstrates this Internet Explorer plug-in that helps make Math ML accessible. 33.4 MB

WindowEyes And JAWS

1/28/2006 Chris Grabowski

and Marla compare Window-Eyes and Jaws. 3.8 MB

Braille Proclamation

1/27/2006 Lisa Hall

describes a proclamation from the San Antonio Mayor’s office. 4.1 MB

Libsyn Tip

1/26/2006 Hope Povenmire

shares information about hosting your podcast on Libsyn. 13.6 MB

Rick Harmon Bio

1/26/2006 Rick Harmon

shares information about his eye conditions and careers in the computer field. 8.9 MB

Leapfrog Fridge

1/25/2006 Donna Slater

demonstrates this phonics learning tool that is accessible. 5.2 MB

Music From Hope

1/24/2006 Hope Povenmire

shares some great songs and playing.

ATIA Exhibits

1/23/2006 Larry Skutchan

tools through the exhibit hall at the 2006 ATIA conference.

38.7 MB

Audio Conversion

1/23/2006 Mary Emerson

demonstrates a simple, accessible means of batch converting audio files from one format to another.

14.9 MB


1/22/2006 Darren Duff

Shares his wedding. 34.5 MB

Audio Games

1/21/2006 Lynne Reaper

demonstrates some great audio games from

Voice It All USA

1/20/2006 Rick Harmon

demonstrates this 3-in-1 device that identifies money, detects color, and records.

10.3 MB

Rockbox On The Iriver

1/19/2006 Kristian Whawell

demonstrates the accessible Rockbox firmware on the Iriver h340 mp3 recorder/player and describes the process of patching the firmware including some great accessibility tips for the patch software. 23.3 MB

John Gardner Interview

1/19/2006 John Gardner

tells about the Triangle accessible math processer program and describes the line of graphics embossers carried by View Plus. 15.9 MB

Paul Schroeder Interview

1/18/2006 Paul Schroeder

describes his career at American Foundation for the Blind.

18.6 MB

Ann Marie Cook Interview

1/18/2006 Ann Marie Cook

from Recordings for the Blind lets us know to go digital.

2.9 MB

Language Master

1/18/2006 Chris Judd

demonstrates this portable dictionary device. 8.5 MB


1/17/2006 Julia Myers

explains the National Instructional Materials Access Center. 16.7 MB


1/16/2006 Mary Emerson

and friends share music.

45.3 MB

All About The Music

1/16/2006 Lynnette Tatum

and Maria share some life and music. 32.4 MB

Animal Park

1/15/2006 Donna Slater

lets us join her family for a trip to this animal park in England.

70.2 MB

Iriver H340

1/15/2006 Kristian Whawell

in this review I discuss the iriver H340 hard disk based mp3 player/recorder

and actually use it for the review to give you a feel for how it handles

audio at the recording stage! my yamaha tyros keyboard gets pressed in to

service to show you the dinamic range it has for recording, the bass sounds

come over realy strong! watch your bass speakers! 38.1 MB

Creative Muvo

1/15/2006 Sindy Greenwell

describes and demonstrates this popular mp3 player. 6.2 MB

Talking Color Detector

1/14/2006 Darren Duff

Demonstrates the Cobolt Talking Color Detector on numerous objects including laundry, carpet, and his dog. 17.8 MB


1/13/2006 Kristian Whawell

Gives a tour of his accordian.

26.0 MB

Income Taxes

1/12/2006 Mary Emerson

provides background on taxes and explains accessible ways to file. 17.2 MB

LG Talking Microwave

1/11/2006 Kristian WhaWell

describes and demonstrates this accessible microwave oven.

16.2 MB


1/10/2006 Dan Graham

describes the art and joy of making one’s own espresso. Then he demonstrates the equipment.

14.8 MB


1/9/2006 Larry Skutchan

and grandaughter Marley, 2.5, do laundry.

34.5 MB

Net Library

1/9/2006 Larry Skutchan

demonstrates downloadable audio and etext books from the public library. Accessibility and ease of use are discussed and demonstrated.

28.6 MB

System Access Skype

1/9/2006 Matt Campbell

demonstrates the soon-to-be-released Freedom Box System Access 2.0 with the Skype phone system.

4.4 MB

Holistic Health

1/8/2006 Mary Emerson

describes her experience with holistic medicine, the use of herbs and supplemental foods. 30.2 MB

Sony Recorder

1/7/2006 Meagan Kelly

reviews the Sony ICD ST10 digital recorder.

6.7 MB

Sonus 1XT

1/6/2006 Kristian Whawell

Khristian demonstrates this incredible digital radio made to be accessible from the manufacturer.

55.3 MB


1/4/2006 Larry Skutchan

Larry discusses some cool new options for borrowing ebooks and dropping digital rights management at some institutions. 27.4 MB

Burn Wood

1/4/2006 Larry Skutchan

Larry discusses alternative heating options.

36.4 MB

Chicago Trip

1/4/2006 Jim Fettgather

Join Jim for New Year’s eve in Chicago. 7.1 MB

Music Therapy

1/4/2006 Jamie Pauls

Jamie describes the career of music therapy.

10.7 MB

Bopit Blast

1/3/2006 Darren Duff

Darren describes and demonstrates the newest of these great, accessible Bopit toys, the Bopit Blast.

20.9 MB

Owasys 22C

1/2/2006 Marc Mulcahy

Marc describes and demonstrates this screenless, talking cell phone from 18.9 MB


Baking Turkey

12/31/2005 Damian McMorrow

Damian bakes a turkey. 9.2 MB

Night Before Christmas

12/30/2005 Michael Killian

Michael presents some interesting variations.

6.6 MB

New Year

12/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk to work while we reflect on the passing year and look forward to the next. 15.7 MB

HTML Basics 2

12/30/2005 Riz Khan

Riz continues his popular series on getting started with HTML and includes some sample files.

18.1 MB

German Market

12/29/2005 Paul and Sally Hopkins

A tour of the German Christmas Market in the city centre of Birmingham England. 21.7 MB

Keysoft 7

12/29/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris discusses the exciting new features in the release of version 7 of HumanWare’s Keysoft product for the BrailleNote.

9.3 MB

Christmas Memories

12/29/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Maria share some beautiful music and share memories.

35.5 MB

Doggy Decorations

12/28/2005 Darren Duff

Darren takes us shopping for holliday dog collars for his guide dog. 32.6 MB

Christmas Plays

12/23/2005 Donna Slater

Join Donna and her family for an afternoon of school Christmas plays in the north of England. 86.1 MB

Talking Tactile Tablet

12/23/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Richard demonstrate this unique system for adding several layers of audio information to tactile graphics. 45.9 MB

Scarlet Wombat

12/22/2005 Dan Graham

Dan introduces himself and discusses the winter solstus. 8.7 MB

Hexabits and Wrapping Gifts

12/20/2005 Donna Slater

Donna discusses this creative toy as a Christmas idea for a blind child, and she discusses techniques for wrapping presents. 6.4 MB

Christmas On The Kurzweil

12/19/2005 Neal Ewers

Another fantastic cast from Neal entertaining and demonstrating the capabilities of the Kurzweil keyboard. 49.9 MB

Angel Picture

12/17/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary continues the braille writer Christmas card series with a beautiful angel picture.

28 MB


12/17/2005 Angie Matney

Angie describes and demonstrates Humanware’s Maestro PDA.

19.9 MB

HTML Basics

12/16/2005 Riz Khan

Riz gets down to the nitty gritty about html and how to get started writing it. 46.5 MB

Leap’s Phonics Library

12/15/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette describes and demonstrates this Leap toy.

Christmas Tree Assembly

12/15/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Maria assemble a Christmas tree they purchased from QVC. 53.0 MB

mp3 Christmas 3

12/13/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry continues the accessible mp3 player as a Christmas present discussion. Check out Ray Kurzweil’s interview on IT Conversations. We also discuss the accessibility issues raised by over the podsafe network and Slau’s “If Everyday Were Christmas” song. 19.0 MB

Hope Povenmire Life

12/13/2005 Hope Povenmire

Hope describes her young life and interest in the music theropy career as described by Jamie Pauls. She ends with a beautiful song from her CD. 15.2 MB

Not Your Average Christmas Music

12/12/2005 Mary Emerson and Duncan Holms

Mary presents several interesting Christmas songs from Duncan Holms‘ CD, Not Your Average Christmas CD.” She follows up with two songs on vocals and guitar. 20.5 MB

Dick Wamser Bio 3

12/11/2005 Dick Wamser

Join Dick for part three of his autobiography. 19.4 MB

Guide Dog Grooming

12/11/2005 Darren Duff

As Darren puts it, don’t listen to this one while you’re eating dinner! He brushes his dog’s teeth, cleans ears, and more.

CS Lewis

12/11/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary discusses the person CS Lewis. 26.5 MB

Curt Tucker Career

12/11/2005 Curt Tucker

Curt describes his education and career in the human resources field. 6.8 MB

Amazing Amanda Demo

12/11/2005 Donna Slater

Donna discusses and demonstrates this doll she wishes we had when she was a young blind child. 10.7 MB

Roomba Discover Review

12/10/2005 Darren Duff

Darren reviews the Roomba robotic floor vacume. 30.9 MB

Dick Wamser Bio 2

12/10/2005 Dick Wamser

Dick describes his life in part 2 of 3.

20.6 MB

Mix Mix Mix

12/10/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob discusses the new sound mixing features in Studio Recorder beta.

9.8 MB


12/9/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary tells the story of this classic Christmas tale in her own words. 26.9 MB


12/8/2005 Riz Khan

Riz shows how you can use Cdex to record and talks about vidio gaming. 8.0 MB

Talking Multimeter

12/7/2005 Clay Jeffcoat

Clay describes the hhm2a-ir talking multimeter which you may obtain at

13.5 MB

Studio Recorder

12/6/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob discusses the new compression and adjustable clip indicator features in the latest beta. 24.2 MB

Napili Bay

12/5/2005 Jim Gammon

You are alone on the beach with this fantastic recording of Napili Bay in Hawaii. 101.4 MB

Napili Bay Intro

12/5/2005 Jim Gammon

Jim describes the next incredible recording. 2.4 MB

Lord Of The Rings

12/4/2005 Shane Jackson

Shane provides background on this literary treasure. 33.2 MB

Telex Professor Demo

12/2/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates this multi-purpose cassette/CD/DTB machine. 8.9 MB

Thanksgiving Ponderings

12/1/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Maria share some real Thanksgiving. 27.6 MB

Christmas Tree 2

12/1/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary continues her Christmas card series with a much more elaborate Christmas tree card on the braille writer. This one has a teddy bear to the left of the tree and a doll house to the right. 23.1 MB

mp3 Christmas 2

11/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry continues the discussion of what to look for with inexpensive mp3 players. 18.9 MB

mp3 Christmas 1

11/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry discusses options for inexpensive mp3 players as Christmas gifts in part 1 of a multi-part series. 19.7 MB

Christmas Tree 1

11/27/2005 Mary Emerson

In this first installment of a multi-part series, Mary demonstrates making a simple Christmas tree with a braille writer for use on a card. 6.3 MB

Christmas Decorations

11/25/2005 Chris Grabowski

Join Chris and Marla to kick off the Christmas season with decorations. 29.4 MB

Concrete Factory

11/25/2005 Adam Morris

Join Adam for a tour of this factory. 34.3 MB


11/25/2005 Jeff Armstrong

That cold rain turned to snow, and Jeff enjoys and shares it. 14 MB

Back Room In Rain

11/24/2005 Jeff Armstrong

Jeff shares a cold Minnisota rain from the back room. 8.2 MB

In The Well

11/24/2005 Neal Ewers

Neal shares a thoughtful Thanksgiving message and a story from his book, Touch the Stars. 7.1 MB

WS320 Review

11/23/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary describes and demonstrates the Olympus WS-320 digital recorder. 26.7 MB


11/23/2005 Larry Skutchan

Check out this awesome intro from Kai Xiong. Also, in this issue: Mary Emerson bakes pumpkin pudding and/or pie, Daren Duff, smashes an AOL disc, Marvin Rush installs the DS-2 plus software, Larry shows how to install Andre Louis’ sound scheme, sound seeing tours, and lots more. 100.3 MB


11/21/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Maria demonstrate the TADI electronic organizer. 32.1 MB


11/21/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk to work while he discusses dreams, perseptions, child sighted guides, and more. 30.7 MB

Christmas Parade 05 Nov 19

11/21/2005 Don Ball

Join Don with this incredible recording of the annual Raleigh NC Christmas Parade. 94.2 MB

Star Wars Collection

11/21/2005 Chris Grabowski

Let Chris show you his extensive collection. 11.2 MB

Savannah Haunted Tour

11/20/2005 Daren Duff

Join Daren, and Kim for a tour of haunted old Savannah Georgia. 77.9 MB

Robert Carter Hobbies

11/20/2005 Robert Carter

Robert describes his ham radio addiction. 38.3 MB


11/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Feedback and articles from Steve Bauer, Kia Xiong, Chris Grabowski, Rob Meredith, and listener feedback. The issue rounds out with a mashup from 64 MB

Loop On Loops

11/19/2005 Kai Xiong

Kai explains and demonstrates how loops in sound production are used. 11.8 MB

Fred Otto Interview

11/19/2005 Fred Otto

Fred discusses projects as the Tactile Graphics Project Leader in the Department of Educational Research at American Printing House for the Blind, Inc. 41.2 MB

Microphone Placement Part 1

11/19/2005 Neal Ewers

Neal describes several examples of microphone placement with some incredible real-life recordings. 35.7 MB

Dick Wamser Bio 1

11/18/2005 Dick Wamser

Dick describes his education and early interests. 20 MB

Running Errands

11/19/2005 Chris Grabowski

You’ll get chilly as you join Chris and Marla on a cold Buffalo day to run some errands.

You’ll love the cab driver. He digs the idea of a podcast, but the radio dispatcher isn’t quite as impressed… 50 MB

DSS Player Plus Review

11/17/2005 Jeramiah Rogers

Jeramiah discusses the software you may purchase that lets you control the options on the Olympus DS-2 from your PC. 18.4 MB

Dana Niswonger Career

11/17/2005 Dana Niswonger

Dana describes his childhood, education, and various careers. 94.7 MB

Rose Combs Career

11/16/2005 Rose Combs

Rose shares her life with a chat about her education, marriage, and career as a medical transcriber. 47.4 MB

Blind Like Us

11/14/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Maria will make you laugh, learn, and cry all in a few short minutes. This is real NYC attitude! 23.4 MB

Best Recorder Continued

11/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we continue with the discussion of the best digital recorder. You might want to get your rain coat, though, because we get caught in a rain storm! 39.8 MB

Christine RobbinsInterview

11/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

Christine Robbins shares experiences as an intern from Canadian National Institute for the Blind for American Printing House for the Blind. 15 MB

Best Recorder

11/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk in while we talk about an email asking which is the best digital recorder. We’re doing our first recording on the M-audio MicroTrack. 31.8 MB

mPower Demo

11/14/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes and demonstrates the Braille Note mPower. 11.5 MB

Saturday Morning

11/13/2005 Mary Emerson

Join Mary while she does a few Saturday morning chores. 18.9 MB

Bonfire Night

11/13/2005 Donna Slater

Join Donna and her family for this unique British celebration. 48.1 MB

Feedback 05 Nov 13

11/13/2005 Larry Skutchan

  • Brandon Armstrong and his girlfriend Kelly Deeds share their college career.
  • Rob Meredith discusses microphone self-noise
  • Larry Skutchan provides additional information about using the Olympus DS-2.
  • A winner to mystery sound 8
  • Mystery sound 9.

34.7 MB

Making Chili

11/12/2005 Damian McMorrow

Damian cooks a Chili dish and shares some useful

cooking tips. He closes with a short comedy segment on cooking. 30 MB

More On Dogs

11/11/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning walk while we talk a little more about guide dogs. 33 MB

Jim On Relationships

11/10/2005 Jim Gammon

Jim shares some great information including a new aspect to a blind husband sighted wife relationnship that is possible through technology. 4.8 MB

Donna On Relationships

11/10/2005 Donna Slater

Donna discusses relationships with her sighted husband and children as a blind wife and mother. 13.4 MB

John Zinniger Interview

11/8/2005 Johnny Zinniger

Join Rob and John, Studio Engineer, for a technical conversation about microphones, audio, and digital recorders. 48 MB

Guitar Runover

11/8/2005 Jim Gammond

You’re going to laugh at this one. Jim shares an old an incredibly preserved recording of running over a guitar with a car. 4 MB

New Model

11/8/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry talks about another way to take podcasting to a new level and plays user feedback and mystery sound 8. There is also a good recording of a thunder storm. 43.7 MB

DS 2 Review

11/7/2005 Jamie Pauls

Jamie provides extensive information about the operation of the Olympus DS 2 digital recorder. 15 MB

Bose 321 Demo

11/7/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates this home theater system. 4 MB

Mike Hudson Interview

11/6/2005 Larry Skutchan

In addition to the interview with the new director of the APH museum, this issue contains:

Tim Cumings

Part 3: Keep the Noise Down

Lynnette Tatum

Making the Point with Power Point

Sky Taylor

Bopit Extreme 2 Demo

Larry Skutchan

Blind Grandpa Sighted Grandchild Sound Seeing Tour

Rob Meredith

Mystery Sound 8

98.1 MB

Show 209

11/2/2005 Larry Skutchan

Jerry Halatyn explains microphones.

Lynnette Tatum takes us with her in Harlum for some grocery shopping.

Jerry Halatyn explains kbps annd Khz.

Larry walks home with you while discussing topics on the list.

57.7 MB

Carroll Stewart Interview

11/1/2005 Larry Skutchan

Professional narrator and Studio Director Carroll Stewart chats about her experiences as a narrator.

Grant Hardy shares a Halloween prank with a tech twist.

Keith Creasy reviews the MyFi XM satelite receiver.

Steve Bauer and Kai Xiong strut some cool new sound works of art.

Users call in with thoughtful submissions and a correct guess for the mystery sound. 52.9 MB

Laptalk Review

11/1/2005 Robert Carter

Robert reviews the Laptalk LT portible computer. He also plays a song from the Lascivious, Biddies, a great independent band. 22.4 MB


11/1/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates the Victor Classic Plus DAISY Digital Talking Book Player. 5.5 MB

Mary Emerson Interests

11/1/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary talks about her interests and hobbies and includes some great folk music. 11.1 MB

Plextalk PTN1

11/1/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes and demonstrates the Plextalk DAISY player. 5.4 MB

Ultimate Digital Recorder

11/01/2005 Neal Ewers

We asked for it. Neal describes the ultimate. 26.3 MB


10/31/2005 Larry Skutchan

Several thoughtful comments about relationships.

Chris Grabowski and his wife Marla talk about how they do things as a blind couple, Edward Alonzo calls in with some great relationships suggestions by listening to his excellent podcast at .

Jeff Armstrong writes some powerful and interesting material. . 22.3 MB


10/31/2005 Larry Skutchan

Kenny and Larry tour a haunted house. User comments, and a guess to

the mystery sound round out this issue. Check out the cool intro by Kai Xiong.

47.2 MB

Show 200

10/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Jim Fidler from Republic of Avalon Radio shares some music and a moving email.

Lynnette Tatum shares music and a snapshot of her week.

Larry proposes someone recording an audio guide to recorders and other appliances.

Lois Goodine found a terrific resource on digital audio at 39.1 MB


10/29/2005 Larry Skutchan

David Law demonstrates vPad software used to move content to your iPod.

Jamie Pauls demonstrates iPoddre using iTunes as its player with the Hartgen JAWS scripts to get content to the iPod.

Rob Meredith submitted mystery sound 7.

Larry answers voice mail.

31.2 MB

Sample Rate Vs KBPS

10/28/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob explains the difference between sample rate and KBPS.

9.1 MB

Hillcrest Halloween

10/28/2005 Larry Skutchan

Spaceship Halloween DecorationJoin Marley, Liz, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of a street in Louisville that goes way out for its Halloween decorations! 49 MB

Pleasantview Ghost

10/27/2005 Larry Skutchan

Shelly, Liz, and Larry talk a little more about the ghost. 7.8 MB

California 1989 Earthquake

10/27/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary shares a recording of the San Francisco earthquake of 1989.

1.9 MB

Book Port Beta Preview

10/26/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we discuss a few things including a preview of the features in the next beta of Book Port firmware and software.

13.3 MB

Accessibility Followup

10/26/2005 Darrell Shandrow

Darrell explains more about accessibility on digital recorders and other consumer products. 9.5 MB

Email Shortcut

10/25/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette demonstrates a slick technique for creating a desktop icon to open your email program with the To: field already filled out to a specific person. 8 MB

Recorder Accessibility

10/24/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob and Larry discuss various aspects of digital recorders including accessibility and useability. 24.3 MB

Sams Tour

10/22/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Liz and Larry for a brief discussion of relationships between blind and sighted partners and a sound seeing tour of a visit to Sam’s Club, a warehouse type grocery store.

20 MB

Manhattan Walk

10/22/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Join Lynnette for a walk up Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, NY.

33.2 MB


10/21/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we discuss various topics including ghosts! 27 MB

Verbal View Of Word

10/21/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry describes and demonstrates Verbal View of Word, a new DAISY based tutorial from APH.

8.3 MB

Jeff Armstrong Career

10/20/2005 Jeff Armstrong

Jeff describes his early life, education, and career as a vender.

30 MB

Mystery Solved

10/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we explain why the quality of the recording on the Olympus ws200s is so much less dynamic than those recordings made on the Iriver IFP 899.

32.1 MB


10/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning commute while we visit, once again, the differences between the Iriver and the Olympus and discuss what is going on with the quality of the recordings on the Olympus.

26.8 MB

Rival Snow Cone Maker

10/19/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary demonstrates making a chocolate snow cone with the Rival snow cone machine.

3.4 MB

Studio Recorder Oct 18 Beta

10/19/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob discusses the latest features in Studio Recorder beta.

16.6 MB

One More Minute

10/18/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for one more behind the scenes while we appear on another local TV show.

29.9 MB

Picking Pumpkins

10/17/2005 Larry Skutchan

Marley Holding a PumpkinJoin Shelly, Marley, Liz, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of Huber Farms in Starlight Indiana for some good old fall fun.

41.8 MB

Cobolt Talking Tape Measure

10/17/2005 Jeff Armstrong

(version 2) Jeff demonstrates another talking tape measure, this one from Cobolt Systems.

6 MB

Almer Backup

10/16/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes and demonstrates this backup software.

6.5 MB

VIP Thermostat

10/16/2005 Scott Howell

Scott demonstrates and describes another talking thermostat that appears very similar to the one Chris demonstrated.

10.5 MB

Ultra ISO Demo

10/16/2005 Chris Grabowski

In part three of his imaging series, Chris demonstrates the techniques for creating a bootable image for your backups.

7.0 MB

Breakfast Drink

10/16/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary blends a healthy drink to get the day started with a flair.

8.4 MB

Bosch Vox Tape

10/16/2005 Scott Howell

Scott describes and demonstrates the Bosch Vox talking tape measure from Care Tech.

7.8 MB


10/15/2005 Dean Martineau

Dean describes and demonstrates a new search engine with a twist–designed for cell phones.

6 MB


10/15/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry responds to voicemail and email for the past two weeks.

54 MB

Jeremiah Rogers Career

10/14/2005 Jeremiah Rogers

Jeremiah describes his background, hobbies, and career in the braille production industry.

11.4 MB

Steve Bauer Career 2

10/13/2005 Steve Bauer

Steve describes his career in the banking industry (part 2 of 3).

9.3 MB

One Minute Of Fame

10/12/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for a behind-the-scenes sound seeing tour of getting interviewed for a local morning news segment on TV.

33.3 MB

Edirol R1 Review

10/11/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob describes and demonstrates this high-end digital Wav/MP3 recorder.

36.4 MB

Steve Bauer Career 1

10/10/2005 Steve Bauer

In part one, Steve talks about his broadcasting career.

7.5 MB

Chit Chat

10/10/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning commute while we talk about this and that.

28.6 MB

Microtrack Recorder Review

10/10/2005 Neal Euers

Neal reviews and demonstrates a high-end digital recorder.

43.7 MB

Lynnette Tatums Career

10/10/2005 Lynnette Tatums

Lynnette describes her career as a technology trainer.

22.5 MB


10/9/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris reviews and demonstrates Image For Windows, a backup and restore system. 4.1 MB

Scott Howell Career

10/9/2005 Scott Howell

Scott describes his education, experiences, and career at NASA.

34.2 MB

SPBMC3 Mic Review

10/9/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary demonstrates and reviews this binaural microphone.

4.94 MB

Talking Thermostat Demo

10/9/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes and demonstrates a programmable thermostat available from

3.3 MB

Bird Of Prey Tour

10/9/2005 Donna Slater

Join Donna and her family on a sound seeing tour of the Milky Way Theme Park in Cornwall England.

35.7 MB

William Lomas Career

10/8/2005 William Lomas

William Lomas describes his education and young career in the UK as a college student.

11.3 MB

Olympus WS-200S Review

10/7/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while he records on and describes the Olympus WS-200S digital recorder. 33 MB

Tim Cross Career

10/6/2005 Tim Cross

Tim discusses his education and career in the programming and technology field.

38.6 MB

Sky Taylor Career

10/6/2005 Sky Taylor

Sky talks about his young life and career as a high school student in BC.

3.5 MB

Robert Carter Career

10/5/2005 Robert Carter

Robert describes his career as a psychologist and gives us some musical entertainment from his past.

26.5 MB

Adam Morris Career

10/3/2005 Adam Morris

Adam Morris describes his various career events.

13.5 MB

Lisa Hall Career

10/3/2005 Lisa Hall

Lisa hall describes her many careers as an operator to a transcriber.

19.6 MB

Fidler On The Iriver

10/3/2005 Jim Fidler

Jim Fidler from the Republic of Avalon Radio show answers a couple of questions on the Iriver hard disced based players.

4.3 MB

OSM Proposal

10/3/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while he tells you about the Off Screen Model and a proposal about an approach to increase accessibility and innovation to Windows.

28.9 MB

Feedback 05 Oct 03

10/3/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry answers email and voice mail.

64.6 MB

Donna Slater Career

10/3/2005 Donna Slater

Donna provides information about her education and career in the UK as a lawyer and information about a new business she is starting.

33.8 MB

Larry Skutchan Career

10/2/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry describes his career in the technology field.

36 MB

Chris Grabowski Career

10/2/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes his career as a trainer and how he got started.

4 MB

ITI Simon 3 Demo

10/1/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris reviews a wireless, totally accessible home security system.

5.2 MB

DS2 Review

10/1/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary describes the Olympus ds2 digital recorder from which you have heard many recordings, but no real formal discription–until now.

11.5 MB

BrailleNote GPS Demo

10/1/2005 Robert Carter

Robert all wired upRobert demonstrates a bluetooth global positioning system (GPS) receiver with the BrailleNote PK in a trip around his neighborhood.

53.6 MB

Brian Charlson Interview

9/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry and Brian have a chat about things going on at the Carroll center and other techy items.

37 MB

Recorder Overview

9/29/2005 Donald Ball

Don discusses the advantages and disadvantages of several digital recorders, earphones, and portible speaker systems.

17.6 MB

An Introduction to Using Braille Input on Book Port

9/29/2005 Larry Skutchan

In the 5th installment of the Book Port training series, Larry introduces the concept of the Book Port’s braille input capabilities.

12 MB

Id Mate 2 Demo

9/29/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris discusses and demonstrates this portible, talking bar code scanner.

4.7 MB

Braille Rap Song

9/29/2005 Jonathan McCarty, Amanda Livers, Dustin Figg, Jonathan Cord,

and Shawn Holt

You’ll love this rap song about braille. This was part of a project Tristan Pierce worked on. For more information, you may email her at .

Lyrics by:

Lynn Horton, Helen Keller School, Alabama

Music by:

Tammy Whitten,

Helen Keller School, Alabama

Project Leader:

Tristan G. Pierce

Students’ Vocals by:

Jonathan McCarty, Amanda Livers, Dustin Figg, Jonathan Cord,

and Shawn Holt,

Kentucky School for the Blind

Additional Vocals By:

Warren Killabrew

Produced by:

Aaron J. Frisbee

3.3 MB

York Boat Tour

9/28/2005 Donna Slater

Join Donna and her family for a sound seeing tour of a boat ride in York, UK.

40.5 MB

Budget Recording Solutions

9/28/2005 Debee Norling

Debee describes the new RockBox 2.5 firmware and the Radio Shack Stereo Hands-free Tie-clip Electric Mic catalog number 33-3028. They are only $29.99.

7.2 MB


9/27/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning commute while he talks a little about all the fantastic submissions you, the listeners, are sending in and why this is so good for all of us.

27.4 MB

Matt Campbell Career

9/27/2005 Matt Campbell

This fourth installment of the Career Profiles series features Matt Campbell, a very young, very successful programmer.

5.9 MB

File Quest Demo

9/26/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates File Quest XP Gold, a file manager replacement for Windows Explorer.

3.4 MB

Keep The Noise Down 2

9/26/2005 Tim Cumings

In this second installment of a three part series, Tim discusses pops and crackles and demonstrates some inexpensive software to eliminate them.

5.3 MB

Open Wide

9/26/2005 Larry Skutchan

You don’t think I’m going to suffer by myself do you? Join us for the first ever dental cast.

36.6 MB

Debee Norling Career

9/25/2005 Debee Norling

Debee describes her many career moves and invites input from listeners who wish to hear more about any of them or how to effectively get a job.

52.6 MB

Feedback 05Sep25

9/25/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry answers user feedback from email and voice mail and replays mystery sound 6.

Some of the urls mentioned in this episode are:

PodCasting 101

Creating RSS Feeds

Digital Mediacast Experiment. is at

The program that claims to provide less irelivent information is at

47.6 MB

Reply To 3D Question

9/24/2005 Stan Hendrix

Stan Hendrix postulates explanations to the question Jamie Pauls asked about how we perceive front to back or back to front sensations when there are only two microphones and 2 speakers on which to listen.

4.8 MB

KeyRf Demo

9/24/2005 Debee Norling

Debee describes how to control your computer with a remote control device, the KeyRF from

5 MB

Web DriveDemo

9/24/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates Web Drive, an application that maps a remote ftp site to a local drive letter, very cool.

3.8 MB


9/24/2005 Jamie Pauls

In this 2nd sumbmission for the career profile series, Jamie Pauls describes his.

11.4 MB


9/23/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry demonstrates and discusses the beta of a new game from APH. Go to to check it out.

14 MB

Keep The Noise Down 1

9/23/2005 Tim Cumings

In this first episode of a three part series, Tim Cumings describes hiss reduction in audio software.

7.3 MB

York Jorvik Tour

9/22/2005 Donna Slater

Join Donna Slater and her family for a sound seeing tour of the Jorvik Viking Museum in York England.

39.9 MB

Steve Gomas Interview

9/21/2005 Larry Skutchan

Rob and Larry chat with Steve over lunch about Book Port, Book Courier, and other techy stuff.

30.6 MB


9/21/2005 Debee Norling

Debee explains how to use your cell phone as a modem in an expensive way.

15.3 MB

Bowling League

9/21/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join the 16 Fun Makers for the first game of their regular Tuesday night bowling league. Larry and Jo Ann explain how blind bowlers line themselves up and bowl.

35.9 MB

Point Of Reference

9/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we discuss how a blind person can maintain a point of reference.

31.8 MB


9/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry answers more email and voicemail and plays mystery sound 6.

25.2 MB

Mary Emerson Career

9/18/2005 Mary Emerson

In the first of what we hope will be a long and fascinating series, Mary Emerson describes her career from college through retirement from IBM.

19.6 MB

CD3O Network mp3 Player

9/18/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates this network based mp3 player from


9/17/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 114, Larry answers email, plays voice mail feedback, and presents mystery sound #5.

37.3 MB

CAST Interview

9/16/2005 Larry Skutchan

Skip Stall and Chuck Hitchcock of the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) explain the fundimentals of the new National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard.

13.4 MB

Dallas Carriage Ride Tour

9/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Karen, Julia, and Larry for a carriage ride through the historic west end district of downtown Dallas.

28.3 MB

Dallas West End Tour

9/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Karen, Julia, and Larry for a little tourism fun through Dallas’ historic West End. Especially check out Slim from the Fudgery. This man can sing, and he is garenteed to make you smile!

67.1 MB

Solar Cooking

9/13/2005 Debee Norling

Debee explains equipment and techniques for solar cooking. Go to for more information.

12.2 MB

User Feedback

9/12/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 109, Larry answers email and voice mail and rreplays mystery sound 4.

Matt lets us know about another accessible media player called Foobar.

The source forge project we mentioned about drm was JHymn. 40 MB

Cobolt Systems Talking Time Stat

9/11/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes the Cobolt Systems talking timer.

3.8 MB

Podcasting: How it Benefits the Blind User

9/11/2005 Larry Skutchan

This presentation at the 2005 NFB Computer User’s Division of the Kentucky state convention describes some ways podcasting may be used to benefit blind computer users.

26.4 MB

Typical Mall Sound Seeing Tour

9/10/2005 Larry Skutchan

Sound seeing tour of a typical mall.

19.5 MB

Verizon VX4650 Accessible Cell Phone Tour

9/10/2005 Karen Delzer and Curtis Delzer

Curtis and Karen Delzer demonstrate the Verizon LG VX-4650 cell phone.

They provide you tips to get you started using this phone. They describe the menus and buttons and show the accessibility features built into the phone.

20.4 MB

Jonathan Mosen Interview

9/9/2005 larry Skutchan and Jonathan Mosen

Larry and Jonathon talk about their podcasts and technology.

20.3 MB

More on Notetab

9/9/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry finishes up the conversation about the Notetab editor.

Shane Jackson’s podcast is at

30.6 MB

Itunes 5 Impressions

9/8/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry provides first impressions of Itunes 5 and its accessibility.

25.4 MB

Notetab Editor

9/7/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we talk.

15.2 MB

Yard Work

9/6/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry and Shelly describe typical yard chores. We look at electric chainn saws.

7.9 MB

Digital Rights Management

9/6/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry on the commute to, work while we discuss Digital Rights Management issues. 21.7 MB

User Feedback

9/6/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry responds to email and voice mail. We also hear mystery sound 4.

We also discuss the MosenExplosion podcast. 45.3 MB

Frazier Arms Museum Sound Seeing Tour

9/5/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Liz, Shelly, Marley, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of the Frazier Arms Museum in Louisville.

56.1 MB

2005 Kentucky State Fair Sound Seeing Tour

8/28/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry, Liz, Shelly, and Marley for this sound seeing tour of the 2005 Kentucky state fair. Especially check out the roller coaster ride!

117.6 MB

Digital Audio-Past, Present, and Future

9/4/2005 Tim Cumings and Michael Lang

Tim Cumings interviews Michael Lang about his vast experience with digital audio and the variety of reviews he has done for the Main Menu program. 19 MB

Vienna Public Transit Sound Seeing Tour

9/2/2005 Mike Busboom and Peter Rand

Join Mike Busboom and Peter Rand for a fascinating sound seeing tour of the public transit system in Vienna.

42.9 MB

Katrina Victums

9/2/2005 larry Skutchan

Please consider offering a room in your house to help the victums of hurricane Katrina. Visit

Larry also answers email and voice mail.

25.9 MB

Guido Corona Interview

9/1/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry and Guido Corona for lunch and some tech talk. We discuss Home Page Reader, Guido’s career, passions for audio, and scanning and reading ebooks. 80.3 MB

Desktop Tips

8/31/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry describes some tips and tricks for using the Windows desktop effectively with keyboard commands.

27.9 MB

Digital Lending

8/30/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we discuss the new way some libraries lend digital books.

26 MB

FTP to

8/30/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry demonstrates the process of uploading multiple files to

15.4 MB

Bookshare Tips

8/28/2005 larry Skutchan

In episode 88, Larry answers email, responds to comments, plays mystery sound 3, and demonstrates the recent uploads browsing feature and downloads a well formatted DTB to Book Port. He then shows you how to move from section to section in the book just as if you were using the table of contents.

14.3 MB

Rockbox On Iriver H1XX

8/26/2005 larry Skutchan

Rockbox announces the iminant release of Rockbox with voice support for the Iriver H1XX series of mp3 player/recorders. 34.2 MB

Google Desktop Search

8/26/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry answers email, voice mail, and demonstrates the new version 2 Google Desktop Search tool.

The site that Dennis Brown manages is

The Direct mp3 Splitter and Direct mp3 Joiner are at

24.8 MB

More On Ourmedia

8/23/2005 larry Skutchan

29.8 mb.

Larry discusses some more about

Ourmedia Impressions

8/22/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk to work while we talk about our first impressions of, a storage and hosting service.

Farm Sounds

8/21/2005 larry Skutchan

Join us for some brief sound seeing tours and information about farming in Hope, Arkansas.

We Are Back

8/21/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry reviews email and voice comments to help catch up after the long absence.

Clinton Library Sound seeing Tour

8/15/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Shelly, Emil, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of the Clinton Library in Little Rock.

Watermelon Festival Sound Seeing Tour

8/14/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Emil, Joey, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of the annual watermelon festival in Hope, AR.

Arkansas Road Trip

8/12/2005 Larry Skutchan

28.1 mb.

Join Shelly and Larry for a road trip from Louisville Kentucky to Hope Arkansas.

Using The Voices With JFW

8/11/2005 Edward Alonzo

7.3 mb.

Edward Alonzo explains and demonstrates how to use the voices from with Jaws for Windows.

Send To Tips

8/10/2005 Larry Skutchan


Larry replays mystery sound number 2, answers listener feedback, and shows how to use and add new items to the Windows Send To menu.

The microphones that we have been using in recent episodes on the street are the SP-TFB-2 Sound Professionals In-Ear Binaural microphones.

Podcast Reorganization

8/9/2005 Larry Skutchan

27.2 mb.

Join Larry on the morning commute while he describes the new category system for filtering how much of Blind Cool Tech you want to get.

Iriver Menues

8/9/2005 Larry Skutchan

29.9 mb.

Rodger goes through the menues in the Iriver IFP 899 version 1.29 firmware. We also present mystery sound #2. Larry also answers user email and comments.

Buying A PC Sound Seeing Tour

8/8/2005 Larry Skutchan

75 mb. Join Liz and Larry for a trip to buy a new PC.

Google Tips

8/8/2005 lskutchan

30.9 Join Larry for the walk home while he describes little known Google tips and tricks and checks out a cool new microphone.


8/5/2005 lskutchan

Larry describes the practise of phishing for personal information and how you can avoid getting caught up in this scam. 27.3 MB

Ipodder Addendum

8/4/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry corrects a mis-statement in the Using Ipodder episode and shows how to set up Ipodder’s scheduler.

2.3 MB

Using Ipodder

8/4/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry demonstrates setting up and using Ipodder 2.1 to catch those podcasts.

21.5 MB

Our Pick On Digital Recorders

8/3/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry discusses why he selects the Iriver IFP 899 as the best all-around recording device.

The id3 tag editor we discuss is at .

The two opml files we talked about are at Blind Podcasters OPML and Best of the Best Podcasts opml . To use them, right click and select save target as. Finally, open Ipodder and go to File/Import and use the file you just downloaded.

51.7 MB

Programming In Windows Vs DOS

8/1/2005 Larry Skutchan

Keith, Rob, and Larry describe the differences between writing a program under an older system like DOS and writing modern applications in Windows.

10.4 MB

Comparing RFBD, Bookshare, And Audible

8/1/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry compares and contrasts the service and kinds of books available from RFBD, Bookshare, and

We also discuss the Republic of Avalon Radio podcast.

21.5 MB

Automated Tactile Maps

7/31/2005 Larry Skutchan

Josh Mealy describes a research project that actually creates an embosser ready file of a map that you request. These maps are generated to your specifications–you just download it and emboss! 13.9 MB

Win Catalog Light Review

7/31/2005 Larry Skutchan

Dick Wamzer reviews Win Catalog Light, an accessible disc cataloging program.

16.4 MB

Washing The Dog

7/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry shows some techniques for effective dog washing while discussing email.

7.8 MB

Fat Friday

7/29/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Liz, Marley, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of Frankfort Avenue Trolley (FAT) Friday, an event that happens on the last Friday of each month on Frankfort Ave.

35.2 MB

Reading On Book Port

7/29/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry describes and demonstrates the process of ordering and downloading a book from then sending that book to Book Port for on-the-go reading. 15.2 MB

Book Port Vs Book Courier

7/29/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning commute while we describe the differences between Book Port and Book Courier.

25.6 MB

Access Watch And A Coffee Maker

7/28/2005 Larry Skutchan

Jamie Pauls describes Access Watch, a web site he created that lets users review products. Scott Rutkoskie also reviews the Sansio coffee maker in his Wormcast.

21.1 MB

Talking Word Puzzles Demo

7/27/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry demonstrates Talking Word Puzzles, an application that creates and lets the user solve accessible word puzzles. Crossword, hidden word, and hidden word with clue type puzzles are all supported.

16.9 MB

Podcasts We Would Like To See

7/27/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning walk to work while we discuss podcasts that should be. In addition, we share some good ones we’ve found.

Shane Jackson’s web site is .

The web site for the historical audio podcast we discussed is .

The list of blind podcasters is at

24.3 MB

Reading RFBD Books On Book Port

7/26/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry guides you through the process of obtaining an RFBD key which enables you to read RFBD books on the Book Port.

12.3 MB

Sony MZB-100 Demo

7/24/2005 Edward Alonzo

Edward Alonzo describes and demonstrates the Sony MZB-100 mini-disc recorder/player.27 MB

Louisville Zoo Sound Seeing Tour

7/24/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Liz, Shelly, Marley, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of the Louisville zoo.

57.9 MB

Worm Composting

7/24/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry Describes the process of composting kitchen waste with composting worms. 14.7 MB

More On Digital Recorders

7/23/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry discusses and demonstrates the Olympus DS-2. He then demonstrates the Iriver’s internal microphone in a very harsh environment.

22.1 MB

Iriver Demo

7/22/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry talks about the Iriver IFP 899 and demonstrates its capabilities.

Here is the link to the Firmware update to let the device show up as a drive.

27.6 MB

Fred’s Head

7/19/2005 Larry Skutchan and Michael McCartey

Michael McCarty describes and demonstrates Fred’s Head, a free database that gives tips, tricks, and techniques about blindness.

12.2 MB

Rockbox Demo

7/17/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry discusses and demonstrates the Archos Jukebox V2 Recorder mp3 player/recorder and walks you through the Rockbox accessible firmware.

9.7 MB

Harry Potter 6 Release

7/16/2005 Larry Skutchan

Linda, Shelly, and Larry are live at the Harry Potter release. Then follow along as we check out

Next, Scott reports on in his new podcast, Wormcast. Subscribe at

17.6 MB

Street Talk

7/15/2005 Larry Skutchan

Mike Tindell visits Louisville and demonstrates the new GPS package, Street Talk, for the Pacmate. 14 MB

Voting In Albania

7/15/2005 Larry Skutchan and Tristan Pierce

Tristan Pierce describes the accessible voting system she observed on her trip to Albainia. 10.2 MB

Sleep Apnea

7/14/2005 Larry Skutchan and Don Barrett

Don Barrett discusses the topic of sleep apnea and some possible solutions for the problem.

11.6 MB

Talking Word Puzzles Beta

7/13/2005 Larry Skutchan and Mario Eiland

Mario Eiland discusses the features in the latest beta of Talking Word Puzzles. This program provides enhanced feedback for students who want to work with crossword and hidden word puzzles. It also lets you create puzzles from a list of words.

There is a discussion list for this program. Send a blank email to if you wish to subscribe. You may check out the beta at

The blind programming list Mario describes is at .

12.2 MB

K Sonar Demo

7/12/2005 Larry Skutchan and Terrie Terlau

In episode 44, Dr. Terrie Terlau demonstrates the K Sonar. This device provides feedback about the environment to help with mobility and orientation. 23 MB

Jonathan Mosen Interview

7/10/2005 Robert Carter and Jonathan Mosen

In episode 43, Robert Carter interviews Jonathan Mosen about the new product lineup from Humanware, Inc. The interview actually takes place on July 7, but it took us a day or two to get things together. 17.2 MB

Crescent Hill Tour

7/10/2005 Larry Skutchan

Liz and Larry provide a sound seeing tour of historic Frankfort Ave in the Crescent Hill neighborhood of Louisville KY. Liz describes some of the architecture of the houses and explains the buildings we walk by. Inn some cases, she knows a little bit of history about the building. 32.3 MB

Media Center Demo

7/10/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 41, Larry demonstrates the use and accessibility of Windows Media Center. Media Center is the home entertainment version of Microsoft Windows that integrates into your living room.

14.4 MB

Accessible Cell Phones

7/9/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 40, Larry discusses accessible cell phones with particular emphasis on the Nokia series running the Symbian operating system. He demonstrates a Nokia 3650 with Talks software. 26,2 MB

Care And Feeding Of A Guide Dog

7/8/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 39, Larry goes into more detail about the care and feeding of a guide dog. 11 MB

Book Wizard Reader Beta

7/8/2005 Larry Skutchan and Keith Creasy

In episode 38, Keith Creasy describes the new features and functionality in Book Wizard Reader, the Digital Talking Book player software.

You may subscribe to the Book Wizard list by sending a blank email to .

8.4 MB

Blazing A Trail Through The Jungle

7/8/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 37, Larry answers some questions from email while he trims a path on the way to work.

5.6 MB

Studio Recorder 2.4.2 Released

7/7/2005 Larry Skutchan and Rob Meredith

In episode 36, Rob Meredith returns to discuss Studio Recorder. He discusses the features in the latest release and gives a road map of where the product is going.

To subscribe to the Studio Recorder list, send a blank email to and put subscribe in the subject.

9.1 MB

How To Read A Menu

7/6/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 35, Liz and Larry demonstrate a way to read a menu to someone blind. We decide to let you join us for dinner, too, but the interest level is questionable. Delete if necessary! 18.5 MB

Humanware Notetakers NFB 2005

7/6/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 34, we learn about the differences between the new Humanware notetakers–the PK and the M Power. 13 MB

Everything Digital With NLS 2005

7/6/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 33, we attend a meeting at the NFB convention called Everything Digital where officials from the National Library Service answer consumer questions about the new Digital Talking Books. We hear for the first time, that the books will be offered online! 79.9 MB

NFB 2005 Exhibits

7/3/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 32, Liz and Larry take you on a sound seeing tour of the accessible home showcase, the NFB store, and the exhibit hall at the 2005 annual convention in Louisville.

We were actually evacuated from the hall because of a fire scare, but unfortunately, the batteries on the recorder died before capturing that event! 52 MB

Digital Recorders

7/2/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 31, we look at the advantages and uses of the portible digital recorders. Larry also talks about the new Itunes 4.9 that supports podcasting, the fact that now offers podcasting as a means of receiving subscriptions, and the fact that Blind Cool Tech is looking at some alternatives to handle increased traffic.

The show now offers listeners a way to submit longer material. You may submit audio files to . Use bct as your user name and submit as your password.

22.7 MB


7/1/2005 lskutchan

In episode 30, we present the audio material distributed by the museum at APH. This material describes the history of tactile printing and the history American Printing House for the Blind. 11.7 MB

Museum Tour At APH

6/30/2005 Larry Skutchan and Ann Rich

In episode 29, Anne Rich, Museum Associate, gives us a guided tour of the museum located on the premises at American Printing House for the Blind. 32.7 MB

Ipodder, Media Player 10, And More

6/28/2005 lskutchan

In issue 28, Larry talks abou the new Ipodder, Media Player 10, and a few other little tidbits. 28.2 MB

Galt House Tour

6/26/2005 lskutchan

In recognition of the convention of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), we take a sound seeing tour of the Galt House, site of the convention, to help you get oriented to the layout of the hotel and downtown Louisville.

In addition to the tour of the Galt House, we take a carriage ride through downtown Louisville and get some great history and background.

Liz, Marley, and Shelly in CarriageJoining Larry, this issue, are Liz, Joseph, Shelly, and Marley.

88.1 MB

Tour APH Part 2

6/24/2005 lskutchan

In issue 26, Roberta Williams completes an extensive, behind the scenes tour of the production area of American Printing House for the Blind.

You see braille transcription and proof reading, braille presses, educational aids, large print, slate making shop, the studio, and tape duplication. 88.5 MB

NLS, DTBs, And The Future

6/23/2005 lskutchan

In issue 25, we look at the impressive future of the Talking Book program from the National Library Service (NLS).

Larry provides a brief history of where the program has been and where it is going. He demonstrates some impressive capabilities of Digital Talking Books and explains the NLS plans for the books in this format.

Finally, the program concludes with a reading of an excellent article about NLS history found on the NLS web site at

17.4 MB

Getting Started With Money Talks

6/22/2005 lskutchan

In issue 24, Larry walks you through the steps necessary to get started using the Money Talks application to manage your accounts. He discusses the initial balance, clearing transactions, projecting expenses, and splitting transactions.

The software is demonstrated using its self-voicing capability. 20.9 MB

Verbal View Of Windows XP Demo

6/21/2005 lskutchan

Verbal View of Windows XP LogoIn episode 23, we look at a comprehensive tutorial about Windows XP.

Larry discusses the purpose of the tutorial and explains the formats available on the CD. He demonstrates how the presentation software works. 8.7 MB

Wiraman Niyomphol Interview

6/20/2005 Larry Skutchan

Rob, Larry, and Wiraman

In issue 22, Larry and Rob interview Mr. Wiraman Niyomphol. Wiraman Niyomphol is visiting the US from Thailand and tells of many interesting aspects of accessibility, attitudes, and education in Thailand. 50.4 MB

Mowing The Grass

6/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for some lawn mowing tips. 13.8 MB

Roomba Robotic Floor Vac

6/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Roomba at WorkJoin Larry for a look at the Roomba robotic floor vac. We discuss the pros and cons, accessibility, and reliability issues. 24.1 MB

Grocery Addendum

6/18/2005 larsku

Larry clarifies a point or two about the grocery shopping tour that might not have been obvious to the listener. 1.2 MB

Grocery Shopping

6/18/2005 larsku

Liz and Larry take a trip to Sam’s. Come on this sound seeing tour with us to see the proper way to shop with a blind person. 35.9 MB

Tool Around In A Hot WRX

6/18/2005 larsku

Suburu WRX

Join Liz and Larry for some sports car fun. 3.1 MB

BCT 16 Update

6/18/2005 larsku

In this issue join Larry for the walk home while he updates you about the podcast. 11.3 MB

Bill And Jaroslaf Interview

6/17/2005 lskutchan

In episode 15, Larry interviews Dr. Bill Penrod from the University of Louisville and Dr. Jarosaf Wiacowj of Warsaw Poland. 31.8 MB

Rob Discusses Studio Recorder Beta 2.4.x Features

6/17/2005 lskutchan

In episode 14, Rob Meredith discusses the new Studio Recorder beta. He lets us know what is new with this version and what to expect in the next few weeks. 6.5 MB

Tristan Pierce Interview

6/16/2005 Larry Skutchan and Tristan Pierce

Tristan PierceIn episode 13, we interview Tristan Pierce, Multiple Handicap Project Leader in the Department of Educational Research at APH. She develops both physical fictness and multiple handicap products.

Tristan describes the projects she is working on.

23 MB

Studio Tour

6/16/2005 Larry Skutchan and Steve Mullins

In episode 12, we take a tour with Steve Mullins, Special Projects Manager at APH. He describes the recording process and talks about how APH creates digital talking books.

24 MB


6/16/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join us for a friendly game of braille Scrabble. Is detoughen a work or not? What about trapezer?

If this is too boreing for you, use the delete command!

32 MB

Exploring Features In Book Port 2.0

6/21/2005 Larry Skutchan


In episode 10, Larry goes back and discusses all the new features in Book Port firmware release 2.0 and its accompanying software version 2.0. He also gives brief demonstrations of how these features are used.

Episode 9 looked at the 2.1 release, but Larry wanted to bring you up to date on all that was added to 2.0 as well.

27.2 MB

Book Port Firmware 2.1 Released

6/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

In epasode 9, we discuss the new features and bug fixes with Book Port Firmware version 2.1.

Larry goes through the process of updating the firmware over the internet and demonstrates the new features.

13.5 MB

Money Talks Demo

6/13/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 8, Larry demonstrates Money Talks, a new financial management program that is totally accessible. It was written at APH to provide a means of managing your accounts while using screen readers or magnification products. The program also works as a self-voicing application. You may download a demo of Money Talks to evaluate for yourself.

22.9 MB

Getting Started Listening To Podcasts

6/11/2005 Larry Skutchan

In show 7, Larry has an early morning talk with you about how to get started with podcasting. We discuss two podcatcher applications–Ipodder and PPR Prime Time Podcast Receiver– and discuss accessibility, subscribing to new shows, finding shows, and more. We talk about what makes podcasting podcasting and how it is different from just downloading an mp3 file and listening to it.

We mention getting a more accessible version of Ipodder from Jeff Bishop’s Web site. There are also links to subscribe to his show on the page.

17.6 MB

Introducing The Software Engineers At APH

6/10/2005 Larry Skutchan

Issue 6 provides an overview of the kinds of projects we are working on in the Technology section of the Department of Educational Research. We introduce you to each of the developers and let them tell you a little about themselves and what they are working on.

Larry Skutchan, Mario Eiland, Rodger Smith, Mike McDonald, John Hedges, Keith Creasy, Mark Klarer, and Rob Meredith all talk for a few minutes.

12.9 MB

Tour APH Part 1

6/10/2005 Larry Skutchan and Roberta Williams

In show 5, we join Roberta Williams for the tour of APH. APH offers this tour daily (except Fridays and weekends) at 10:00 and 2:00.

Roberta Williams giving tour in plantWe get an introduction to APH, examine some sample products in the display room, and start back into the production area to look at how tactile graphics are made.

Be sure to tune in for more in an upcoming show.

25 MB

Working With A Seeing Eye Dog

6/9/2005 Larry Skutchan

In this issue, Jake and Larry take a 2 mile walk. Larry explains what Jake, the guide dog, is doing and how he conveys information to Larry. Larry also explains the training process and how to provide the dog with direction and commands.

They get the added benefit of an unscheduled detour, so you see the dog’s reaction to an unexpected event.

35.7 MB

Blind Bowling

6/8/2005 Larry Skutchan

In this episode, we go bowling. 8.4 MB

Advanced Book Port Features

6/3/2005 Larry Skutchan

We explore all the menu options and round out with the rest of the commands available on the Book Port. 14.8 MB

Exploring Book Port Transfer Software

6/2/2005 Larry Skutchan

The software that is used to transfer files to Book Port is examined in detail. We explore the differences between music and spoken word audio content and take you through many of the software’s functions. 20.8 MB

Introducing Book Port

6/1/2005 Larry Skutchan

This eposode takes the user through unpacking, orientation, and beginning use of Book Port.

We set the time and date, explore the manual, connect to the PC, send files, and record a memo. 12.5 MB