A new Notetaker!

I couldn’t resist posting this.  This comes from my BGZ mailing list.  Not sure whether to take it seriously or as a complete joke!
Help wanted:
  Hi my name is Alexander Kaiser. I need help with developing a 100%
  completely pocket sized braille notetaker running under a windows version
  called windows zoom hyperstorm a new version of windows mobile
  designed for the blind and Visually Impaired And on a version of linux
  called Linux ZZt a linux version specifically built for the Blind and
  Visually Impaired. Can you please call this note Taker the thunder bolt
  pocket? Help is greatly appreciated with developing this notetaker. Please
  develop the Thunder bolt pocket wwith the following features: a pocket
  80 cell braille display with tiny thumbkeys, an 8 terrabyte internal hard
  drive, an 8 key perkins style braille keyboard including an enter key six
  braille keys, a spacebar, and a backspace key, speech output, with
  additional features including access to XM satellite radio with a
  mandatory Xm radio subscription with the best of sirius subscription
  required, a word processor, access to aim 7.5, internet access , access to
  email, ameture radio connection via program encoding using morse code,
  access to citizen band radio transmitions via an audio posting program,
  Citizen band radio connection for CB radio calling and receiving live
  comunications with other CB radio users, access to klango, access to NOAA
  weather radio stations, access to asterisk telephone chatline development
  software,, access to netscape instant messenger, access to ICQ messenger,
  access to skype, a phone dialer, a media player for music and speech
  a memo recorder, a full dictionary in english, Belgin, Portuegese, latin,
  hindi, yitish, Danish, German, Russian, Spanish and Dutch, an FM radio, a
  Theasaurus, a book reader, a newspaper reader, a built in wireless
  card for network stability, wireless internet modem for secure web
  browsing, Unlimited access license for ID vault, hotspot shieled,an
  advanced securety system for file protection, a built in function where
  braille keyboard can be used as a keyboard for the computer, a function
  where the braille keyboard works as a keyboard for bluetooth ready cell
  phones, a wireless syncronization setting where the braille keyboard can
  function as a keyboard for non-blutooth capable cell phone devices, a
  bluetooth printer connector, a bluetooth Braille embosser connector, a
  serial port for printers a serial port for braille embossers, a paralell
  printer port a paralel embosser port active sync data Syncronization
  with windows and linux based computers , an advanced scientific
  an address book, and a database manager?
Wow! Anything else you would like while someone is at it!


  1. The developer of this note taker, forgot: 1 Eighth inch Stereo jack, that acts as both a line in, and Microphone input providing 9 V of plugin power, with a low noise pre-amp. A stereo pare of quarter inch/xlr combo connectors, providing both line, and instrument levels. Fantom power is launched when needed. a SD/card reader slot, a compact flash slot.