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New Posts:

November 2011

BGZ Podcast 59 – November 11, 2012

In this podcast I briefly update everyone about the BGZ website. It will soon be replaced by a new and more powerful BGZ website, where you the user can contribute your own content here. BGZ059.mp3

July 2012

BGZ Podcast 56 – July 10, 2012

This is a recording from a live presentation that I gave on Accessible World demonstrating using the iPhone 4 as a barcode reader. I use primarily Digit-Eyes through most of the demonstration. I also talk about proper techniques that will allow you to have success in identifying items with Digit Eyes. BGZ056.mp3

BGZ Podcast 55 – July 5, 2012

Fireworks, rain, thunder and traffic around my area here in Akron on July 4th 2012. BGZ055.mp3

June 2012

BGZ Podcast 53 Google Chrome for iOS – June 29, 2012

In the podcast, I demonstrate google chrome for iOS which released on June 28th. I take you through a couple of websites and play a podcast and shop a little bit on amazon. BGZ054.mp3

May 2012

BGZ podcast 53 – May 1, 2012

In this podcast, I talk about the new desktop PC I built in February of this year. I also talk about in general terms why this might be a good system for blind users that want to build their own desktop PC. BGZ053.mp3

January 2012

Tweet list Pro – January 16, 2012

This is a demonstration of the iOS application tweet list pro, which is a twitter client for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices made by Apple. I walk you through the basics of using the app, which is a very well done and very accessible iOS application. TweetListDemo.mp3

BGZ podcast 52 – January 9, 2012

In this podcast I describe the New Trent imp70d 7000mah USB battery that is sold at ATGuys for $49. BGZ052

BGZ Podcast 51 – January 6, 2012

In the first BGZ podcast of 2012, I review the RII 66 key mini blue tooth keyboard sold by speed dots This keyboard is the size of a iPhone 4 and a iPod touch 4 in dimensions. It’s thicker than the iPod touch but thinner than the iPhone. BGZ podcast 51.mp3

AVG 12 free with jaws – January 3, 2012

Bobby shows us the current version of AVG which is 12.0 He tells us why he likes it over Microsoft’s MSE. Working with AVG 12.mp3

Main Menu 2011 highlights – January 1, 2012

ACB Radio’s Main Menu shares the highlights from the year 2011 and talks about a contest for 2012.Main Menu 2011 highlights.mp3

December 2011

Using Free Reg Cleaner – December 31, 2011

Bobby gives us a demonstration of using the program free reg cleaner which is a registry cleaner for windows. Using Free Reg Cleaner.mp3

Bose SoundDock 10 voice over issues – December 26, 2011

I show how the Bose SoundDock 10 has an issue with people using voice over on their iOS devices so that you can be aware of them before deciding to purchase the sound dock. Bose SoundDock-10 Voice over issues

Bose SoundDock 10 demo – December 26, 2011

I just purchased a Bose SoundDock 10 for my iPhone 4 and my iPod touch 4 devices. It is a great unit with 1 major issue that I will demonstrate in another podcast. I describe the unit and give several demonstrations of the audio from the unit recorded with a blue yeti microphone using the stereo setting. It gives you an idea of the sound quality but hearing it for yourself is going to be necessary to get the full effect of this sound dock. Bose SoundDock-10 demo

iHeart radio demo – December 26, 2011

Here is a demonstration of the iHeart radio app for iOS devices. This app has been an accessibility night mare at times but the more recent versions have been getting more usable. iHeart radio demo

November 2011

BGZ Podcast 50 – November 2, 2011

In podcast 50, I rant about a person writing to BGZ complaining about me begging for money on my podcasts and making the blind community look bad as a result of it. BGZ050.mp3

October 2011

Windows 8 parts 1 and 2 – October 10, 2011

Thomas, Alex and Kevin take an endepth look at accessibility and the upcoming Windows 8 operating system that was released in a developer build beta by Microsoft to the public last month. Windows8_podcast.mp3 and Windows8podcast2.mp3

Virtual audio cable demo – October 10, 2011

Alex gives us a nice demonstration of Virtual Audio Cable, a program to give you the ability to create a virtual sound card and to route sources from programs and sound sources through the cable tieing the differnt sources together so you can record them. VAC.mp3

BGZ podcast 49 – October 10, 2011

In this podcast I talk about the BGZ stream being down and that the website hosting will change this month over to dream host. I also talk about the new iPhone4s and the passing of Steve Jobs last week. I end talking about 2 new mailing lists and an update on recording issues here. BGZ049.mp3

BGZ podcast 48 – October 9, 2011

in this short informal podcast I talk about trying to use technology to compensate for lack of mobility skills and the interesting consequences of doing so. BGZ048.mp3

July 2011>

BGZ Livecast – July 7, 2011

In this latest BGZ Livecast we talk about all things Apple, starting with a demonstration of Apple TV. I walk you through the device, demonstrating how it’s fully accessible and easy and enjoyable to use. Then I demonstrate a few apps on the iPod Touch 4 such as FourSquare, a object identifier called VizWiz, a easy to use audio recorder called Voxy and so on. Finally I make a mess of trying to install VMware Fusion on the Macbook Pro. BGZ Livecast 07-07-2011.mp3

May 2011

Updating your Skype 5.1 user profile using Jaws – May 24, 2011

Geovanni gives us a podcast where he shows us how to update our user profiles using Skype 5.1 and Jaws. OverviewOnUpdateingYourProfileOnSkype5.1UseingJaws.mp3 tutorial – May 24, 2011

Keith Hinton gives us a demonstration on using the services offered by Linode He explains the entire process of purchasing a Linode and offers a referral code to anyone that is interested in setting up a Linode for themselves. – Tutorial.mp3

Podcasts by Chase Crispin – May24, 2011

Here is a series of podcasts that Chase Crispin sent me for everyone to listen to. Most of them talk about the book port plus and the companion software for it. He also demonstrates the refresha Braille 18. Book Port Plus.mp3 Notes OnThe Book Port Plus.mp3 Book Port Plus Book Transfer.mp3 RefreshaBraille18.mp3

April 2011

TekTalk – Windows Live Mail 2011 – April 24, 2011

Here is a demonstration of various features of Windows live mail 2011 including navigating the ribbon that I gave on April 18, 2011 on Accessible World. I talk about the pros and cons of using the latest version of the program with the various screen readers out there and then take questions for the virtual audience that was in attendance. TekTalk04182011.mp3

BGZ podcast 46 – April 13, 2011

In this podcast I review the Sennheizer PC 166 headset. This is a high end audio headset that is capable of some very high quality recordings and capable of playing your music back at very high quality levels. I am also including 4 audio samples from the microphone in .wav format so you can hear exactly how the recordings will sound from the microphone . BGZ046.mp3

Sample 1 – recording in a quiet room: quiet room sample

Sample 2 – recording in a room with a fan running on low speed: room fan 1 sample

Sample 3 – recording in a room with a fan running on high: room fan 2 sample

Sample 4 – recording in a room with a television on in the background: room tv sample

BGZ Update – April 06, 2011

I just wanted to give everyone out there an update on what is up with my life and why nothing has been posted in awhile. Rest assured I’m going to get back working on things for the site very soon. BGZ Update

January 2011

BGZ Livecast 4 – January 22, 2011

In the latest BGZ livecast I talk about Hope the accessible interface for Pandora radio and then demonstrate the accessible Amazon Kindle reader application for the PC as well as demonstrating my blue tooth keyboard I recently purchased for my iPod touch. Show notes can be found at here. BGZLivecast004.mp3

Chase Crispin – January 10, 2011

Chase Crispin has put together 3 great podcasts and sent them to BGZ for everyone to listen to. I’ll post them together in this posting. First he reviews the APH RefreshaBraille 18 display by APH Refreshabraille 18.mp3 Next he provides 2 more podcasts about the BookPort Plus also from APH. In the first podcast he talks about the BookPort Plus.mp3 and then he talks about theBookPort Plus book transfer.mp3 software used to transfer materials from the PC to the BookPort Plus.

Main Menu 2010 top news stories – January 10, 2011

Jamie Pauls goes over the top news stories of 2010 on ACB Radios Main Menu heard Friday Nights at 9pm Eastern. Main Menu Highlights 2010.mp3

November 2010

VoiceOver On episode 1

In this first episode of the VoiceOver On podcast there is a discussion on Apple iOS 4.2.1 VoiceOver new features and changes. VoiceOver_On_Episode_1.mp3

September 2010

BGZ Podcast 45 – September 16, 2010

In this podcast I talk about the upcoming BGZ Radio that will be starting September 23, 2010 where I will be doing live presentations that you can directly listen to and interact with. I also talk about becoming a presenter for ACB Radio Interactive. I also talk a bit about this being my 6th anniversary of loosing my eye sight. Finally I talk about a canoe trip my local ACB Chapter Eye on Summit will be having this weekend in Kent Ohio. BGZ045.mp3

Samsung Haven Demonstration – September 4, 2010

Michael Barber gives a detailed demonstration of the brand new Samsung Haven phone from Verizon. This phone speaks all menus and most applications in the phone completely without the need for an additional screen reader. The phone is inexpensive as well, you can get it for $39 with a 2 year contract. Samsung Haven Podcast.mp3

August 2010

Thunderbird Demo Part 2 by Raul – August 24, 2007

Raul Gallegos continues to show us how to use the popular mail client in this second part of a multi part series. Thunderbird_Tutorial_by_Raul_Part2.mp3

BGZ podcast 44 – August 24, 2010

In this podcast, I thank everyone for their generous donations to the website. I also talk about changes I’m forced to make in regards to Skype and MSN contacts for me here. This is leading into major changes coming soon to BGZ. Be on the lookout for BGZ radio!. BGZ044.mp3

July 2010

BGZ podcast 43 – July 7, 2010

In this podcast I demonstrate the iPod Touch 3rd generation player with Voice Over. I show you how to get around the screen using touch gestures and then show you different applications on the player. This is a first part of a series on the iPod Touch. BGZ043.mp3

Windows 7 unattended installation – July 7 2010

Ashley Cox gives us a very long awaited demonstration on how to install Windows 7 unattended for blind users. Windows_7_unattended_install.mp3

Ashley has also included a zip file with example files and instructions that you can use to create your own unattended installation file for Windos 7.

iOS4 and the iPhone 4 – July 7, 2010

Matt Vollbrecht talks about the upcoming launch of the new Apple iPhone 4 as well as the new features in iOS 4 – the new version of Apple’s iPhone OS. He discusses some welcome editions to iBooks and much more. Please note his change in email address. You may contact Matt with any questions or comments at iOSAndIPhone4.mp3

Samsung Epix and Mobile Speak 4 – July 7, 2010

In this podcast Aaron demonstrates the samsung epix with mobile speak. He gives a description of the phone and gives you a few things that this phone can do. As expected of any podcast stuff must go wild and crazy and it does. Any comments or questions please e-mail Aaron at SamsungEpixAndMobileSpeak4.mp3

Hooking up a Braille Display to Jaws – July 7, 2010

Arron Linson is back with another podcast. This time he talks about hooking up Braille displays to Jaws. HookingUpABrailleDisplay.mp3

June 2010

BGZ podcast 42 – June 19, 2010

In this podcast I ask the audience out there for a bit of help by donating to BGZ. I talk about how much it costs to run BGZ and how much it costs to purchase new things to demo on the website. I also talk about the decline in donations since early 2009. Remember any and all donations are appreciated. BGZ042.mp3

HTC Ozone with talks part 1 – June 13, 2010

Richard McKinly demonstrates the HTC Ozone with talks installed on it. HTCOzoneWithTalksPart1.mp3

BGZ podcast 41 – June 9, 2010

In this podcast, I finish up the qwitter 4.0.2 demonstration that I started in BGZ podcast 40. I describe the other sessions that qwitter can create and show you how to use each of them. BGZ041.mp3

BGZ Podcast 40 – June 8, 2010

In this podcast, I give a very lengthy demonstration of the latest release of qwitter the twitter client for blind windows users. I show in detail how to do all of the things that the twitter session in the program allows you to do. In the next podcast BGZ 41 I will cover the remaining sessions. BGZ040.mp3

May 2010

Jaws Tandem Demo – May 20, 2010

Chris Hallsworth gives us a demonstration of Jaws Tandem. JAWS_Tandem_Demo.mp3

Power ISO Podcast – May 20, 2010

Geovanni Bahena gives a demonstration of Power ISO. PowerISOPodcast.mp3

ZoomTwix – May 20, 2010

In this podcast Aaron Linson describes the Zoomtwix portable OCR, Scanner and CCTV from ABISee.
This portable OCR reader can do it all from scanning pictures to reading mail. There is another version called the Zoomex which just has the OCR reader. The software is self voicing and is very understanbable. ZoomTwix.mp3

iPad demo part 5 – May 20, 2010

Matt Talks for a few minutes about exactly where the iPad might fit into
your life – responding to a few reviews etc of the iPad, then
demonstrates the Pandora app and gives a few advanced tips and tricks
for getting things done more efficiently. iPadOverviewPT5.mp3

iPad demo part 4 – May 20, 2010

Matt walks you through creating an event in the Calendar and adding a
contact to the Contact Manager. Plus he has a very special surprise
at the end.

April 2010

iPod Touch Apps demo – April 27,2010

Aaron Linson shows us a few ipod Touch applications. Aaron shows off facebook, a tv guide client and twitter client. IpodTouchApps.mp3

iBill Review – April 27, 2010

In the following audio podcast, Rich Cavallaro describes and demonstrates the recently released iBill Talking Money Identifier from Orbit Research. He describes the unit, and goes through the three different modes speech, vibration and tones using several different bills.
Orbit Research can be found on the web at:
Other dealers selling the identifier:
I can be contacted via e-mail:
for any questions. iBillReview.mp3

iPad demo part 3 – April 24, 2010

Matt demonstrates several very accessible third-party apps including a
grocery list app, a movie theater app, the Wikipedia app, a few news
and weather apps, and more. iPadOverviewPT3.mp3

ThunderBird tutorial part 1 – April 24, 2010

Raul Gallegos shows us how to use the popular mail client in this first part of a multi part series he’ll do as time permits. Thunderbird_Tutorial_mono_by_Raul_Part1.mp3

BGZ podcast 39 – April 20, 2010

In this podcast I continue to talk about the HTC Ozone. I show you how to swap out screen readers this time. I uninstall mobile speak 4 and then put talks on it and then play around a bit with talks. I then show you how to then uninstall talks and put mobile speak on the phone. BGZ039.mp3

Windows 7 Part 3 – April 13, 2010

In the 3rd part of the Windows 7 series, I now talk about XP Mode which can be used if you have Windows 7 Pro or higher. I discuss where and how to get the download and then how to install and setup XP mode on your machine. I then demonstrate XP mode using Window Eyes 7.2 beta 1. Windows7Part3.mp3

iPad demo part 2 – April 13, 2010

In this podcast Matt demonstrates two apps that did not come preloaded on
the iPad but which are very useful – Voice Memos and Calculator. Matt
also looks through a few of the other third-party apps on my iPad, and
Matt then shows what it’s like to download an app from the Apps Store. iPadOverviewPT2.mp3

iPad demo part 1 – April 05 2010.

Matt Vollbrecht Gives us a general introduction to Apple’s new iPad which is fully accessible. This is the first in a series of iPad podcasts. iPadOverviewPT1.mp3

March 2010

BGZ 38 – March 15 2010.

I demonstrate the HTC Ozone Windows Mobile cell phone for Verizon networks. In this demonstration I use Code Factorys mobile speak 4 instead of the Nuance Talks that came with the phone. I describe the physical layout of the phone and then demonstrate various features of the phone using mobile speak 4. I show you the home screen, the start menus and then I go on to show you internet explorer, texting and a twitter application called twikini. BGZ038.mp3

February 2010

BGZ 37 – February 17 2010

In this podcast, I talk about the latest qwitter which is version 4 beta 3 at the time of the recording. I show how it’s very different from version 3. I walk through some of the major differences in the new version. Also I demonstrate the new accessible online Monopoly from RS Games. BGZ037.mp3

January 2010

01-31-2010 – The Message Of Peacefulness.

Mostafa Almahdy presents another podcast in a series he’s been doing. This time he talks about differences in eastern versus western cultures. He talks about current issues, religion and misconceptions people may have about the Middle East. TheMessageOfPeacefulness..MP3

01-13-2010 – Using Facebook with Jaws 10

In this first ever podcast, Armando demonstrates how he uses facebook successfully with Jaws for windoes version 10 and shows you how to access the chat feature using facebook lite. Using Facebook with Jaws 10

01-10-2010 – Top Stories of 2009

I join ACB radio’s Main Menu host Jamie Pauls and Blind Bargains J.J. Meddaugh to talk about the top 11 Assistive Technology stories of 2009. We talk about everything from the commemorative Louis Braille coin produced by the US mint on his 200th birthday to the release of Apple’s iPhone 3gs and iTouch that are main stream devices that are fully accessible to the blind. The three of us then make our guesses as to what will be the top stories of 2010.
Top stories of 2009

01-06-2010 – Windows 7 part 2

Here is part 2 of my series on Windows 7. This time I cover more items for people wanting to upgrade from earlier versions of Windows. I make a few corrections of the part 1 podcast and then I talk about the action center, the ease of access center, sticky notes and using windows media player to rip music cd’s and the windows burn utility to burn songs to a cd. I also continue to describe differences of windows 7 and windows XP. Windows 7 part 2

December 2009

12-31-2009 – Windows 7.

Here is a demonstration of Windows 7 that will help those of you that may still be using XP or something older to decide whether or not to upgrade to Windows 7. This is an update to the Windows 7 first looks podcasts that I did earlier this year. I talk about many of the new things in the new operating system. Windows7.mp3

12-30-2009 – BGZ podcast 36

In the last BGZ podcast of 2009, Dan Ikemire and Justin Romack join me in BGZ’s first skype conference. We discuss over the better part of an hour the advantages of switching to the mac for interested windows users. We also talk about the mac and what applications both Dan and Justin use, the issues they went through switching over to the mac. I also ask a few hard questions some windows users have about switching over. BGZ036.mp3

12-29-2009 – Mac podcast 4.

I’m back with a 4th part in a multi part series on my learning how to use the mac and voice over. I show a couple of performance tweaks and then demonstrate installing a twitter client called Syrinx and the popular VOIP program Skype on to the computer. I demonstrate downloading and installing Syrinx and then show you how to use the program using VO. Then I do the same for Skype. MacPodcast4.mp3

12-29-2009 – NLS DTB standard book player demo.

I demonstrate the NLS digital talking book player. This is the standard model that most people out there are likely to recieve. I show you the layout of the player and describe the various buttons. I also talk about how people can use a flash drive instead of the supplied cartridges to play one or more books on the player. I talk about how to find the serial number and firmware version that your player has and then talk about how you can upgrade your player to the latest version very easily. Finally I play a part of a book, show how to use the bookshelf feature, volume controls, tone and speed controls and also how to skip backward and foward in the book you are currently playing. NLS DTB Player Demo.mp3

12-02-2009 – Mac podcast 3.

Here is the third in a series of podcasts on the Apple Macintosh. This time I continue exploring the mac, I talk about a couple of good email lists and a website that has lot’s of mac tutorials. I use one of the tutorials to optimize my Voice Over settings. MacPodcast3.mp3

November 2009

11-17-2009 – Mac Podcast 2.

In this continueing series on learning to use the Apple macintosh from a windows users perspective, I start learning how to setup and use the finder. I use the finder to run a few applications such as chess, system preferences and safari. I also tweak verbosity settings using the VO utility. Then I show how to use the spotlight program and learn how to get to the dock and back to the finder. MacPodcast2.mp3

11-11-2009 – Mac Podcast 1.

This is my first podcast on using a Apple Macintosh. I have purchased a Mac mini and am podcasting my experiences with it. In this podcast I power up the mac for the first time and show you how to get it up and running as a blind user.Mac Podcast 1.mp3

11-11-2009 – Education and class memory.

Mostafa Almahdy Presents another podcast where he talks about his education and early school memories. EducationAndSchoolMemory.MP3

October 2009

10-02-2009 – Summit county ACB Ohio presentation.

I’m currently a member of the Summit county chapter of ACB Ohio and last month I gave a presentation on alternatives of the new NLS talking book player that a person could use. Also I play a pre recorded demo of the NLS player to let everyone there know what it will be like when they get it. SummitCountyACBOhioSeptemberPresentation.mp3

10-01-2009 – Atari 2600 demo.

Missy Hoppe gives a demonstration of her Atari 2600 that many of you probably remember from the 1970’s. Atari2600Demo.mp3

10-01-2009 – Viper Installation.

Bill Cox is back again with part 2 in a series on his Viper program. This time he covers installing the program. ViperInstallation.mp3

10-01-2009 – Demonstration of Jaws 11 beta and basic scripting.

Mostafa Almahdy presents us with his first podcast. He demonstrates the beta of Jaws 11 and talks about basic scripting with it. DemonstrationOfJaws11BetaAndTheBasicScripting..MP3

September 2009

09-05-2009 – Daily Report.

Bill Cox describes part of an inventory system he uses in his Virginia vending machine program. The part he describes in this podcast is for doing daily reports. Daily Report.mp3

August 2009

08-27-2009 – BGZ podcast 35.

In this podcast I demonstrate Qwitter which is a twitter client written by Christopher Toth and others as an open source project. Qwitter is very similar to Shawn Randels Jawter except it isn’t tied to a screen reader and has many other enhancements. Then I demonstrate the brand new Booksense from GW Micro. I give an in depth demonstration of all the booksense features and how it compares to the Victor Stream by Humanware. BGZ035

July 2009

07-06-2009 – Akronfireworks 2009.

This is a recording I made on the 4th of July this year using my Roland Edirol R09 HR digital recorder. I record all the fireworks going on in my neighborhood and waited to see if I could pick up the downtown fireworks as well. AkronFireworks2009.mp3

June 2009

06-17-2009 – BGZ podcast 34.

In this podcast I talk about updates to jaws, window eyes, Apple, Mc Twit and NLS. BGZ034.mp3

06-12-2009 – Screenless Switchers Podcast 30.

In this podcast Darcy, Holly, Josh De Lioncourt, Steve Sawczen and Cara Quinn. take time to extensively go over the Apple Voice Over review that appeared in the NFB Braille Monitor in June 2009. They describe to all of us in great detail the various major inaccuracies throughout the article. This is a very long but detailed podcast and is well worth listening to by anyone interested in Voice Over and that has read the NFB’s review of it. SSP30.mp3

Anyone wanting more information on the screenless switchers podcast can click here.

06-03-2009 – BGZ podcast 33.

In this podcast I talk about Windows 7 RC and other updates from MS suchas IE8 and Vista SP2. I also talk about other things going on in the assistive technology world. I also talk about McTwit and twitter. I then play calls from Skype voice mail and comment afterwards. BGZ033.mp3

06-02-2009 – CCleaner Demo.

I demonstrate the popular CCleaner utility program that many people use to cleanup their computers on a regular basis. I walk through all of the features of this flexable program. CCleaner demo.mp3

May 2009

05-06-2009 – McTwit demonstration.

I demonstrate a new and popular twitter application written by Jamal Mazrui. I describe the various controls of the program and use McTwit to perform several different tasks on twitter. The updates can be downloaded from here. Be sure to check often as the program is changing and growing rapidly. McTwit Demo.mp3

05-03-2009 – Tech Talk Windows 7 presentation.

Another Live Windows 7 presentation that I have done. This time For Accessible World on April 27th. Afterwards I take questions from the live audience. TechTalkWindows7Presentation.mp3

April 2009

04-01-2009 – Windows 7 live Presentation.

I give a live presentation of Windows 7 in the BGZ chat room. Afterwards I have a Q and A session from the audience. BGZ 03-31-2009 Windows 7 Presentation

04-01-2009 – BGZ chat 1.

In this first live chat session in the BGZ Chat room, we have an open Q and A session. BGZ chat 01.mp3

04-01-2009 – Motorola Q9C with Talks Demonstration.

Steven Guerra from the The Guerra Show demonstrates this new accessible release from Verizon. He demonstrates many of the features of this cell phone with talks. VerizonMotoQ9CAndTalks.mp3

March 2009

03-17-2009 – BGZ podcast 32.

In this podcast I talk about CSun, updates from HumanWare including the VR Stream 3.0 firmware update. I also talk about issues I and others had installing the latest build of Jaws. I talk about our new talking communities chat room. Following my introduction and comments, we have several call in comments and questions. Finally we wrap things up with a demonstration of the Oasis 22c screenless cell phone by Tim Jonhson. BGZ032.mp3

February 2009

02-27-2009 – Tech Talk February 23, 2009 presentation.

This is a live recording of an appearance that I made on . Myself and others answer questions sent in to the show in advance as well as questions asked at the live event by the virtual audience. Tech Talk 02-23-2009.mp3

02-27-2009 – Twitter and the ways you can use it.

In this podcast I talk about Twitter. The extremely popular micro blogging service. I give an over view of twitter showing how to get around the site as well as to how to post your “tweets” there. I also show how to use the accessible Twitter website, that gives a bit more navigation assist to screen reader users as well as making the service options a bit easier to get to. After this, I show a few of the applications that you can use to send and receive “tweets” with. One of these is twitterlicious and the other is Jawter, a very easy to use jaws script done by Shawn Randel. During the podcast I also briefly discuss other options for accessing Twitter, including Macs, cell phones and the Icon from LevelStar. Twitter.mp3

02-22-2009 – Jawter demonstration

In this podcast, Earl Zwicker demonstrates a script called Jawter written by Shawn Randel that allows Jaws users to use the Twitter micro blogging service. The scripts are still in beta but well worth checking out. Many people are using the scripts and have reported them to be really great. Jawter.mp3

02-22-2009 – BGZ podcast 31.

In this podcast we go totally interactive. The entire podcast is dedicated to your calls in to the BGZ comment line and through Skype voice mail messages. BGZ031.mp3

02-11-2009 – Windows 7 first looks part 3.

In this podcast I tell everyone about a couple of performance tweaks for using Windows 7 with machines running assistive technologies. I then demonstrate the differences of the network and sharing center in Vista versus Windows 7. Windows 7 is much more accessible here than Vista is. Windows 7 first looks part 3.mp3

02-11-2009 – Mobile GEO Review Final Release Version 2.

Cory Martin gives a in depth demonstration of the mobile geo GPS system by Code Factory. Mobile GEO Review Final Release Version 2.mp3

January 2009

01-21-2009 – Windows 7 first looks part 2.

In this demonstration of Windows 7 currently in beta, I go over differences in UAC from Vista. I also show everyone the new action center and the sticky notes feature. Windows 7 first looks Part 2.mp3

01-08-2009 – Windows 7 first looks.

In this podcast I demonstrate Windows 7 using Jaws 10. I’ve downloaded and installed the beta here so that I can get a feel for it using a screen reader. There will be more to come in the next few months as I continue to use the beta here. In this first look, I show you around the desktop. I show changes to the taskbar and then show items in the control panel. Windows 7 first looks.mp3

01-05-2009 – Tech Talk Send Space demonstration.

In this live demonstration at AccessibleWorld I demonstrate using SendSpace and the SendSpace wizard to upload and download files to and from the website. I cover setup and useage of the wizard. I talk about differences in free and paid accounts on SendSpace. After the demonstration, I answer questions from the virtual audience. TechTalk-SendSpaceDemonstration.mp3

01-05-2009 – Levelator by Chris Bartlett.

The levelator is a free audio production tool from the Conversations Network, an aggregation of podcasts about technology and social change. Its purpose is to automate the process of setting appropriate recording output levels for computer recordings so that programs that have varying audio levels can be brought to a comfortable listening state without a lot of fuss or having to work with compression or limiting. In this podcast, I discuss its function and use and provide a demonstration of the difference between an untreated audio file and one that has been processed through the Levelator. It should be noted that I produced this over a year ago, and a few details have changed. The recent BCT podcast gives us an alternate download site and simple Jaws scripts to work with that I didn’t have access to in 2007. Levelator Podcast.mp3

BGZ Podcasts:

Creating your own podcast feed.

In this tutorial I describe how to create a podcast feed that you can upload to your website. I describe the process using a sample file that you can download and edit to your needs. You can then upload your finished podcast feed to your website and give others your podcast feed address so that they can automatically download your podcast with Juice or another podcatcher. Podcasting 101.mp3

BGZ podcast 1.

This is my first official BGZ podcast. I talk
about compacting folders in Outlook Express and talk a bit more
about my thoughts on Vista. bgz001.mp3

BGZ podcast 2.

Feb 25, 2007. A short podcast
about my week’s activities and thoughts about future audio
tutorials and podcasts.bgz002.mp3

BGZ podcast 3.

I talk about the latest
revision of Jaws 8 and some of the issues that I am having with
it. I also talk about some of the new things in Goldwave. I thank
the people that have donated money to my web site and I talked
about Larry’s appearance on the ACB radio show to talk about the
Book Port 2. BGZ003.mp3

BGZ Podcast 4.

I talk about Jaws 8 updates,
audacity, donations and web site traffic. BGZ004.mp3

BGZ Podcast 5.

I talk about Jaws 8 updates, and
getting Vista here on my PC. BGZ005.mp3

BGZ Podcast 6.

In this podcast I talk about Jaws
8.0 build 2107 and problems and fixes people are reporting with
it. I also talk about my experiences with Vista and how Jaws is
working with it. I talk a bit about the NVDA list and other
things as well. BGZ006.mp3

BGZ Podcast 7.

In this podcast I talk about
purchasing window eyes and GW Micro’s new LTO plan for 39 dollars
a month. I talk briefly about Freedom Scientific being bought
this week as well. I also talk about other projects I am working
on for the web site and projects I have planned. BGZ007.mp3

BGZ Podcast 8.

In this podcast I talk about my
appearance on main menu as well as suggestions for spending the
web site donation fund for new software or hardware demos. I talk
about projects I want to work on for the remainder of the year
and I ask for suggestions from all of you that use the web site
for your suggestions about what you want me to cover in the
future. I also talk about the FS vs. Serotek lawsuit. BGZ008.mp3

BGZ podcast 9.

I briefly talk
about some new revolutionary technology shown to me tonight by
Serotek. Be sure to tune in to ACB Main Menu Tuesday night for
full details. BGZ009.mp3

BGZ Podcast 10.

In this podcast I talk
about SA To GO and my new web blog that I just created to go with
the BGZ web site. I also rant a bit about my not being a
professional broadcaster. BGZ010.mp3

BGZ Podcast 11.

In this podcast I talk
about The new Blog I have, Then I apologize to Eric Damery of FS
for posting a comment of his to my Blog and I then explain my
reasons for doing so. I also talk about changes to my audio
recording methods. BGZ011.mp3

BGZ podcast 12.

In this podcast I talk about changes I’ve made in recording my audio for the web site. I also talk about new offerings from me about for pay services such as web design and the possibility of doing some for pay audio series as well. BGZ012.mp3

Mike Calvo interview.

Here is a interview with Mike Calvo from Serotek
that I did with him before he left for the ACB and NFB
conventions. We talk about the new System Access To Go, Serotek’s
values and commitments to the blind community. I get personal
with Mike and he shares with us his personal views on life and
business as a blind person. The interview is almost 90 minutes
long. I think that you will find it to be a very open, candid and
very humor filled interview. It’s a not to be missed podcast.
A Interview with Mike

BGZ podcast 13.

In this podcast I talk about changes to the website that I have made. I’ve added some things that make the website look nicer for partially and fully sighted visitors to the BGZ website. I also talk about the demos that I’ve done in the last month and thank everyone for their suggestions for them. I also talk about the Yahoo accessibility petition and ask everyone to go sign it. And finally I talk about my new pay offerings such as web site development and HTML training. BGZ013.mp3

BGZ podcast 14.

In this podcast I talk about a patch from Freedom Scientific. Bryan Carver sent me this patch last week for the blank buffer problem in Internet Explorer. Bryan requests anyone having the issue to contact FS support for the patch. I also provide a tip to get Jaws not to say blank on blank lines. BGZ 14.mp3

BGZ Podcast 15.

In this podcast I talk about things going on here over the last two weeks and what new podcasts I’m working on for this week and next. I also talk a bit about petitions that are out there for Myspace and Yahoo. BGZ015.mp3

BGZ podcast 16.

In this podcast I talk about the Yahoo petition and the importance of signing it and other petitions that give us equal access to the internet as sighted persons have. I talk about the upcoming release of Jaws 9 public beta. I also talk a bit about my new Vista PC that I built this month. I also invite all of you to send me your audio contributions to the website and thank everyone for continued monatary support that helps keep the website growing. BGZ016.mp3

BGZ podcast 17.

In this podcast I talk about an interesting website called Twitter I also talk about some Book Port information I seen over the weekend, I talk about being on Main Menu this week, I talk about the just released Jaws 9 public beta and a few other things. BGZ017.mp3

BGZ Podcast 18.

In this podcast I announce that I got a job at my local blind center. I talk about my experiences so far with the Jaws 9 beta on XP and Vista. I talk about a couple of my Blog entries, one is about a new service and the other is about a way for you to get your Yahoo captia turned off. And finally I show two tips that you might find useful. The first dealing with finding messages in Outlook Express and the other tip deals with optional programs in Vista. BGZ 18.mp3

BGZ podcast 19.

In this podcast I talk about the website’s first anniversary and reaching 20000 visitors. I also talk about the Jaws 9 beta and the upcoming Open Book 8.0 release. I show how to import HTML code into your messages in Outlook Express. I talk about the latest release of Goldwave and accessibility changes made in the latest release of the popular audio editing program. I also talk about new scripts that Jim Grimsby Jr. has produced for it. Finally I give another tip on how to easily find where your scripts need to be placed when they do not come with a installer program. BGZ019.mp3

BGZ podcast 20.

In this podcast I talk about the release of Jaws 9.0 and about FS wanting our comments on scripts for the new and not accessible ad-aware 2007. I also give tips on Vista. I show how to enable disabled audio devices and talk a bit about the difficulties in recording with Vista. I also play with the weather gadget on the Vista sidebar and show how to configure it. I also talk a bit about work and skype. BGZ 20.mp3

BGZ Podcast 21.

In this podcast I welcome everyone into the new year. I talk more about the Creative Zen Stone. I talk briefly about Microsoft’s releasing some new betas last month. I talk about purchasing a Victor Stream and I also talk about future tutorials in 2008. BGZ podcast 21

BGZ Podcast 22.

In this podcast I talk about some changes being made to the website and the mailing list. I talk briefly about the upcoming Window Eyes 7.0 and a few other items of interest. BGZ022.mp3

BGZ podcast 23.

In this podcast I talk about our moving from freelists to yahoo groups for the blind geek zone mailing list. I explain how freelists closed the mailing list early and how to subscribe over to the yahoo groups mailing list. BGZ023.mp3

BGZ Podcast 24.

In this podcast I talk about my new mailing lists. I talk about how you can manually update Ad-aware 1.06 so that you can continue to use it. I briefly demonstrate C Cleaner which is a cleanup utility. I also demonstrate a CPU temperature monitor for multi-core processors called core temp. BGZ024.mp3

BGZ podcast 25.

In this podcast I talk about some changes to how I make my recordings here. I also talk about learning Braille. And finally, give a breif demonstration of the changes to the Victor Stream in firmware version 1.20. BGZ025.mp3

BGZ podcast 26.

In this podcast I tell everyone what I’ve been up to since the last BGZ podcast and also I talk about some of the things I’m working on here for future podcasts. BGZ026.mp3

BGZ Podcast 27.

In this podcast I update everyone what I’ve ben up to in the last two months and explain why I’m not currently recording new podcasts. BGZ 27.mp3

BGZ Podcast 28.

In this podcast I talk about the newly released Window Eyes 7.0 and the Beta 3 of Jaws 10. I give brief demos of the new features in both products. I also talk about SuperAntiSpyware a anti spyware program and Avast 4.8 a Anti Virus program. I give breif demonstrations of both programs. I also talk about things I have been doing since podcast 27. BGZ Podcast 028

BGZ Podcast 29.

In this podcast I talk about Jaws 10, Window Eyes 7.01, System Access 3.0 and Windows 7. I talk about adding voice mail and a Skype-in number so that people can leave comments, ask questions and give tips, all of which will be put in my BGZ podcasts to make them more interactive and entertaining. I’m working up to perhaps doing a live podcast where people can call into Skype and talk with me. BGZ podcast 29

BGZ podcast 30.

In the last BGZ podcast of 2008, I talk about new offerings From Freedom Scientific. I talk about the new beta of Jaws 10 64 bit. I also talk briefly about the Windows 7 public beta that will be out some time next month. I also talk about my purchasing Serotek System Access 3.0. In this podcast I start a new interactive segment where I play questions and comments from the comment line and Skype Voice Mail. There are several questions and comments this time. I also comment on and answer questions from the callers. BGZ030


Tech Talk recording skype conversations.

This is a demonstration I did over at Accessible World on February 25th showing how someone could record Skype conversations using both low tech and hi tech methods. TechTalk-RecordingSkypeConversations-MondayFebruary25.mp3

Main Menu – Call burner.

This is a segment I did for Main Menu about Call Burner a Skype recording utility. I did a bit of additional work beyond what I originally did for the Call Burner segment I did here a couple of months ago so I’m re posting it here for anyone interested. Call Burner for Main Menu.mp3

Call burner demo.

This is a demonstration of Callburner which is a program used for recording Skype calls. You can download a free demo copy at it’s free to try for 14 days and then can be bought for $49.95. Running time is: 28 minutes and download size is: 20 megs. Call Burner.mp3

This is a sample recording from the call burner program. Call Burner Sample.mp3


This is a demonstration of SKRead a program done by Sean Randall at The program gives you additional info while Skype is running such as audible notification when a contacts status changes, when you get a call, when you place a call and other things as well. I show briefly how to setup the program for use and also show the program in action. SKRead Demo.mp3

Actiontec VoSky call center

This is a demonstration of the ActionTec VoSky call center that allows you to use a standard analog telephone with Skype. It allows things like call forwarding, call back, remote calling and a computer answering machine when the device is hooked up to a regular analog phone line. You can make and get skype calls with a phone and not be tied to the computer any longer. The unit can be ordered online from the Radio Shack website for $69.99. You can get more info on the product by going to the VoSky website. Running time: 36 minutes size: 25 meg. ActionTec VoSky call center.mp3

Skype part 1.

This is a demonstration of the popular VOIP
program Skype 3.2. I give a description of basic setup for using
the program and I show you how it works with various screen
readers. I also talk about using proper etiquette when calling
other Skype users. Total running time is 53 minutes and the
download size is 38megs. Skype.mp3

Skype part 2.

This is a follow up on the Skype tutorial I did
last week. In this part I talk about using the scripts for Jaws
with Skype 3.2 and I also talk about a few other things you can
setup in Skype. Skype2.mp3


Vista goes classic.

In this short demonstration, I show you how to take Vista’s start menu and control panel from standard view to classic view and back again. Vista goes classic.mp3

Vista first looks part 1.

This is part 1 in a series on Windows Vista. I
talk about my first experiences with Vista here on my home PC. I
talk about installing Vista and briefly show you around the start
menu and desktop with narrator. Windows Vista First

Vista first looks part 2.

This is part 2 in a series on Windows Vista. I
talk about my first experiences with Vista here on my home PC. In
this part I show you more of Vista with Jaws and briefly Window
Eyes. I talk about many of the differences in Vista compared to
XP and older operating systems. Windows Vista First
Looks Part 2.mp3

Vista first looks part 3.

This is part three in a continuing series on
Windows Vista. In this part I show you how to use the CD / DVD
burn utility that comes with Vista to burn a CD. Vista Burning CD’s and

Vista first looks part 4.

This is another part of my continuing series on
Vista. In this part I demonstrate how to use the video DVD maker
that comes with some versions of Vista. Vista Video DVD Maker.mp3

Main Menu – Vista and jaws 8 part 1.

This is a presentation that was on ACB Radio Main
Menu on 05/08/2007 Where I describe many of the new features of
Vista using Jaws 8 beta 2. MM050807 Vista and Jaws 8
Part 1.mp3

Main Menu – Vista and Jaws part 2.

This is a presentation that was on ACB Radio Main
Menu on 05/15/2007 Where I continue to describe many of the new
features of Vista using Jaws 8 beta 2. MM051507 Vista and Jaws 8
Part 2.mp3

Main Menu – Vista and Jaws part 3.

This is a presentation that was on ACB Radio Main
Menu on 05/29/2007 Where I continue to describe many of the new
features of Vista using Jaws 8 beta 2. I appear live after the
recorded demonstration and talk with Jeff Bishop, Darrell
Shandrow, Don Barrett and Randy Knapp about Vista and other
things. MM053007
Vista and Jaws 8 Part 3.mp3

A guide to Vista part 1.

This is part 1 of a demonstration of Windows
Vista by Joseph Lee. In this part he introduces us to Vista.
A guide to
Windows Vista part 1.mp3

A guide to Vista part 2

This is part 2 of a demonstration of Windows
Vista by Joseph Lee. In this part he describes various aspects of
Vista and shows how Jaws and Window Eyes work with it. A guide to Windows
Vista part 2.mp3

A guide to Vista part 3.

This is part 3 of a demonstration of Windows
Vista by Joseph Lee. In this part he continues describing various
aspects of Vista and shows how Jaws and Window Eyes work with it.
A guide to
Windows Vista part 3.mp3

A guide to Vista part 4.

This is part 4 of a demonstration of Windows
Vista by Joseph Lee. In this part he continues describing various
aspects of Vista A
guide to Windows Vista part 4.mp3

A guide to Vista part 5.

This is part 5 of a demonstration of Windows
Vista by Joseph Lee. In this part he continues describing various
aspects of Vista A
guide to Windows Vista part 5.mp3

A guide to Vista part 6.

This is part 6 of a demonstration of Windows
Vista by Joseph Lee. In this part he continues describing various
aspects of Vista A
guide to Windows Vista part 6.mp3

A guide to Vista part 7.

This is part 7 of a demonstration of Windows
Vista by Joseph Lee. In this part he finishes describing various
aspects of Vista A
guide to Windows Vista part 7.mp3

A guide to Vista part 8.

This is an addendum of the demonstrations of
Windows Vista by Joseph Lee. In this part he talks about some of
the things that Jaws 8 beta 2 allows us to do with Vista now.
A guide to
Windows Vista – Addendum 1.mp3

Vista chat.

This is a recording from three voice chat
sessions over at where we discussed the new
Vista Operating System. Vista

accessible World – Vista chat.

This podcast is from and was recorded on August 13, 2007. Joseph Lee talks about how the blind can use Vista. He describes and demonstrates Vista for the hour and then takes questions from the live audience after the discussion. Accessible World 08-13-07 Conquering Vista.mp3

Screen Readers:

NVDA Updates.

Aaron T. Spears Discusses and demonstrates some of the many enhancements that have been made to NVDA, a free and open source screen reader for microsoft windows, of lates. Including improved support for Mozilla firefox, a free and open source web browser. Also touches on a few things that are on NVAccess’s plate of things to improve, such as high performance support for internet explorer’s virtual buffers. Offers a few hints on how to use NVDA a little more efficiently with outlook express. NVDA Updates.mp3

NVDA demo.

This is an in-depth demonstration of NVDA the
free open source screen reader. I talk about who could make use
of it and who may not want to use it. I give a demonstration of
NVDA using several popular programs. I show it’s pro’s and con’s
and compare it with Jaws and Window Eyes. NVDA.mp3

Main Menu – NVDA.

This is a recording of my appearance on ACB radio
on March 7, 2007 where I talked about NVDA the free open source
screen reader. ACB_NVDA.mp3

Thunder Demo.

This is a in depth review of the free screen
reader Thunder. I show Thunder running with several popular
programs. I give it’s pros’s and con’s and compare it with the
other screen readers out there. Thunder.mp3

Thunder and NVDA update.

This is a brief update on Thunder and NVDA screen
readers. Thunder and
NVDA update.mp3

SA to go demo.

This is a demonstration of Serotek’s System
Access to Go which is a new offering from the company that allows
you to have access to a screen reader on the go from any PC with
sound and a internet connection. You can currently try the
product for free. System
Access To Go.mp3

Windows Maintenance and Security:

Windows maintenance.

This is a tutorial on doing maintenance on your PC. I discuss
doing disk cleanup, defragmenting the hard drive and deleting
files from temp folders on your PC. I also talk about automatic
updates and clearing your temporary Internet cache. Windows


This is another part in the series covering Windows
maintenance and security. This tutorial is for Ad-Aware a spyware
removal utility. In this part, i show you how to use Ad-Aware
with and without scripts. Ad-Aware.mp3

Spybot search and destroy.

This is another part in the series covering Windows
maintenance and security. This tutorial is for SpyBot SD a
spyware removal utility. In this part, i show you how to use
SpyBot and I show you how to use the SpyBot scripts to help with
using the program. SpyBot.mp3

Windows defender.

This is another part in the series covering Windows
maintenance and security. This tutorial is for Windows Defender a
spyware removal utility. In this part, i show you how to install
and use Defender on your computer. Windows Defender.mp3

Using task manager.

This is another part of the Windows maintenance and security
series. This time I talk about using the task manager to find out
what’s running on your PC. Windows Task

Windows XP unattended install part 1.

A step by step tutorial describing how to perform a unattended
Windows installation on your PC using Setup_mgr.exe or files you
can download from the JFWLite web site. This is a fairly
technical tutorial, if you are not sure of what your doing please
don’t attempt this as it could leave you without a Windows
installation or complete loss of data on your hard drive.
Unattended Installation.mp3

Windows XP unattended install part 2.

This is part 2 in a series on Windows unattended installation.
In this part I show you how to do the installation from CD
instead of having to use a floppy disk. Windows
Unattended Installation Part 2.mp3

Windows XP unattended install additional info.

This is an update for the unattended install tutorial. I give
information about the USB sound device I use. Windows
Unattended Installation.mp3

Outlook Express:

Outlook Express basics part 1.

Part 1 of 4 on Outlook Express. This part covers overviewing
how Outlook Express looks with JAWS and basic setup of Outlook
Express for use. Outlook
Express Basics Part 1.mp3

Outlook Express basics part 2.

Part 2 of 4 on Outlook Express. This part covers Setting up a
new account and sending and receiving emails. Outlook
Express Basics Part 2.mp3

Outlook Express basics part 3.

Part 3 of 4 on Outlook Express. This part covers creating
folders, moving messages to folders and mail rules to automate
moving messages to folders as well as going over the address
book. Outlook
Express Basics Part 3.mp3

Outlook Express basics part 4.

Part 4 of 4 on Outlook Express. this part covers setting up
signatures for your email messages. Outlook
Express Basics Part 4.mp3

Backup and restore of Outlook Express.

This is another part of my Outlook Express
series. In this part I talk about backing up your mail box
folders, the address book and your account settings. I also show
how you would restore them on a new setup. size 15.2MB – time 22
minutes. Outlook Express
Backup and Restore.mp3

More Outlook Express Basics.

This is a continuation of the Outlook Express basics series. In this part I show you how to use the block senders list, moving folders around in OE and viewing messages in groups. More Outlook Express Basics.mp3


Goldwave Tutorial part 1.

Part 1 of a series on the audio editing program Goldwave. The
first part covers the basics of using the program. Goldwave Part 1.mp3

Goldwave tutorial part 2

Part 2 of a series on the audio editor Goldwave. This part
covers scripts for JAWS that make the program easier to use.
Goldwave part

Goldwave Tutorial part 3

Part 3 of a series on the audio editor Goldwave. This time we
learn to use Goldwave to create a sample promo using Goldwave to
record then edit the recording and then place a music background
under the voice track. Goldwave Part 3.mp3

Goldwave tutorial part 4.

Part 4 of a series on the audio editor Goldwave. This time we
use Goldwave to convert a batch of files from one format to
another, then we merge several files into one file with the merge
function and finally we split the merged file into several
smaller files using the cue points feature to mark then split the
file into 4 smaller files. Goldwave part 4.mp3

Goldwave tutorial part 5.

Part 5 of a series on the audio editor Goldwave. This time we
use Goldwave to capture music from a tape deck and save it to the
computer as a digital file. Goldwave part 5.mp3

Goldwave tutorial part 6.

This is part 6 of my Goldwave series. This time I cover the
new version of Goldwave 5.18. I show you how to get the newer
scripts required for it and how to compile them. i also go over
basic setup of Goldwave for people just getting started with
Goldwave as of this version. Goldwave Part 6.mp3

Goldwave tutorial part 7.

In the long over due part 7 of this series, I talk about some of the new key shortcuts that will help in editing and moving through playing files. I explain exactly how zoom works and how it affects marker and cursor movement in Goldwave. I also talk briefly about the latest 1.57 scripts and the new tutorial mode. Goldwave part 7.mp3

Goldwave tutorial part 8.

In Part 8 of my continueing Goldwave series, I show how to fix the audio dingging problem some users are having with later versions of GW. I also show you how to get your peak recording levels while recording with Goldwave. Goldwave part 8.mp3

Tech Talk June 30 Goldwave and Vista live presentation with Q and A session.

I spoke live at Accessible World on June 30th where I gave a presentation on using Goldwave with Windows Vista. I talked about many of the difficulties in recording audio using the Vista OS. After the presentation I answered the audiences questions. TechTalk-June30th2008-GoldwaveandVista.mp3

Goldwave Q and A.

This is a recording of a Goldwave question and
answer session that I hosted over on the BCT voice chat room. The
quality is a bit on the low side but as you will see a good time
was had by everyone there. Goldwave_chat_session.mp3

Goldwave scripts 5.22 demo

This is a demonstration of the new scripts for Goldwave 5.22 by Jitendra that describes the use of their new features. GWScripts_cast.mp3

Nero Burning Rom:

Nero 8 demonstration.

In this demo, I show how similar Nero 8 is to both Nero 6 and 7. I briefly show how to create a data Cd. For new users of Nero, I refer you to my tutorials of Nero 6 and 7 that I did previously. Nero8Demo.mp3

Nero 7 and jaws 8.

This tutorial is for Nero Burning ROM 7.9 Ultra Edition.
This demonstration covers installing Nero using Jaws 8.
I show how to do a custom installation of Nero and then briefly
run Nero to determine how accessible it is with Jaws 8. Nero 7 Ultra Edition

Nero 7 and Window Eyes.

In this podcast I discuss how Window Eyes 5.5 seems to be
better than JAWS 7 on early versions of NERO 7. Nero 7
Accessibility with WE 5.5.mp3

Nero 7 and Jaws 7 accessibility.

In this podcast I talk about how JAWS 7 isn’t totally
accessible on early versions of NERO 7. Nero
Burning Rom 7 Accessibility.mp3

nero 6 tutorial part 1.

This is part 1 of a 4 part series on NERO 6.6 In the first
part I cover describing NERO for the beginner with JAWS. Nero Burning Rom Pt.

Nero 6 tutorial part 2.

This is part 2 of a 4 part series on NERO 6.6. In this part I
show how to burn CDs using NERO with JAWS. Nero Burning Rom Pt.

Nero 6 tutorial part 3.

This is part 3 of a 4 part series on NERO 6.6. This part
covers copying a CD and ripping its music contents back on to the
computer. Nero Burning Rom Pt.

Nero 6 tutorial part 4.

This is part 4 of a 4 part series on NERO 6.6. In this part I
show how you can burn a DVD and I cover some more advanced
settings you can use in NERO. Nero Burning Rom Pt.

Other Programs:

4yoinformation website review.

I review a website for mostly teens and young adults out there in my audience. The website 4yoinformation contains a podcast feed and other information of interest to younger people. Well worth a look for those of you that want some humor in your podcasts. The review was re-recorded and extended considerably on 9/16. 4YoInformationWebsiteReview.mp3

Tech Talk Live presentation July 21, 2008.

This is the presentation that I gave over at Accessible World on July 21. The presentation is a demonstration of Roxio’s Record Now 10 standard CD and DVD burning package. I show how accessible Record Now is with a screen reader. I show how to creat a audio Cd, a data Cd and how to copy a CD in the demonstration. Afterwards I take questions from the audience. TekTalk – Roxio Record Now 10 July21 2008.mp3

BCT tech chat.

This is another tech chat that was held over at on April 7th. It was basically a
general tech chat that lasts for about 2 hours. BCT Tech Chat 4-7-07.mp3

Main Menu – Building PC’s as a blind person.

This is a live Main Menu segment that I was on October 3 2007. I was on with several other people discussing building PC’s from a blindness perspective. It was a very good show and a lot of things were discussed. Main Menu Live October 3 2007.mp3

BCT tech chat.

This is another chat that I hosted over on the
BCT voice chat room. This was just a tech chat session where
everyone just talked about blind tech issues. Tech_chat_session.mp3


Accessible Podcatcher

This is a tutorial for the accessible pod catcher
program. I show how easy the program is to setup and get podcasts
from. Accessible_Podcatcher.mp3


A demonstration of the FTP client FileZilla. A easy and pretty
accessible program to use for uploading and downloading files to
FTP servers on the net. FileZilla.mp3

FileZilla update.

This is an update to the podcast I did for the FTP client
FileZilla. FileZillaUpdate.mp3

Singe CD burner.

This podcast covers a portable CD and DVD burning program a
friend of mine wrote. It’s very accessible with JAWS. It will
burn data CD’s and DVD’s without you having to actually install
the program on your PC. Singe CD-DVD

Singe update.

This is an update to the podcast I originally did on Singe the
portable and accessible CD and DVD burning program. Singe Update.mp3

LGVX 9100 Demonstration.

In this podcast I demonstrate the ENV2 for Verizon networks. I describe the phone in detail and then show how to use various functions such as creating and calling contacts, sending and receiving text messages. I also show how to delete the call logs and Inbox on the phone. I demonstrate how to change the ringers on the phone for incoming calls. This accessible phone is the replacement for the LGVX 9900 ENV cell phone. LGVX 9100 Demonstration.mp3

Here are text instructions for setting up your Verizon phone to speak. Instructions

Creative ZenStone demo.

This is a demonstration of the very popular Creative Labs Zen Stone mp3 player. No screens or menus make it simple to use. No software required and it even plays Audible books. Creative Labs Zen Stone demo.mp3

Plantronics Audio 350 headset demo.

This is a demonstration and description of the Plantronics Audio 350 headset that I’ve started using here for my recordings on the BGZ. This is a full sized headset and is very affordable at $25 to $35 at many places. The microphone has noise cancellation giving it very good quality for recording purposes, talking with others on Skype or using on Vista for it’s voice recognition features. Plantronics Audio 350.mp3

shoutcast server part 2.

This is the second part for the shoutcast server series. Here I show you how to setup the SAM broadcast DSP plug-in for Winamp to get you broadcasting to the shoutcast server. SAM Encoder DSP.mp3

Shoutcast Part 1.

This is part 1 in a series on running a shoutcast server. In this part I show you how to setup the shoutcast server for use. ShoutCast Server Setup.mp3

creating Podcasts

This podcast describes how you can make your own
podcasts and how to get them out on the web for others to listen
to. Creating

Wireless Networking

In this podcast I talk about my experiences with
setting up my first wireless network here at home. I also talk
about the importance of securing your network and I describe
briefly about setup of the router and the PC side of the wireless
network. Wireless_Networking.mp3

Networking your home PC’s.

This tutorial shows how you can network two or more computers
using Windows XP and a cable or DSL router. home networking.mp3

Olympus WS320 recorder demo.

This is a demonstration of the Olympus WS320M digital voice
recorder I use for my recordings and everyday note taking.
Olympus WS320M.mp3

This is a sample recording from the recorder. Olympus WS320 sample

This is another sample recording from the recorder. Olympus WS320 sample2.wma

Hamilton Beach Talking Microwave demo.

This is a demo of the Hamilton Beach talking microwave oven
that you can buy at Walmart for 80 dollars. HB Talking
Microwave Demonstration2.mp3

Poor mans media center.

This is a podcast I did showing how to use an ATI All In
Wonder video card with TV tuner on your PC to record TV shows and
then how you could burn them on to DVD’s for later viewing.
Poor Mans Media

LG VX4650 Ringtones demo.

I show how to get ring tones onto a LG VX4650 cell phone using
Goldwave to edit the file and Bitpim to transfer the ringer to
the cell phone for use. LGVX4650 Ring

Voice it all demo.

This is a demonstration of a three in one portable device
called the voice it all. The voice it all scans currency and
scans colors of things. It also functions as a voice recorder and
costs 250 dollars US. VoiceItAllUSA.mp3

Meltable scented candles.

This is a podcast that I did about a hobby I have where I make
meltable scented candles that don’t require burning. BurnlessScentedCandles.mp3

Other Peoples Files:

Express Burn demonstration.

Aaron T. Spears Demonstrates Express Burn, a CD and DVD burning software program from NCH Swift Sound . Which can burn just about any media one can come up with, including read and write to and from ISO image files. It can burn DVDs, Blue Ray disks, data and audio CDs and others onto write once and multi-session configured rewriteable and write only disks. It has a limited free version that can only work with copying and burning CDs, and will not work with ISO immage files. expressBurn.mp3

ME51s microphone demo.

Aaron T. Spears demonstrates the optional higher quality ME51s stereo microphone with it’s tie clip and included cable that can be purchased from Olympus for use with the ds series recorders. he compares it with the quality of the internal microphone and the included me53ss stereo microphone that ships with the ds series recorders. He wraps it all up with an approximately 6 minute long recording of an electric storm done out on the screened in porch with the me51s stereo microphone to perhaps provide a good idea of the quality it offers. ME51s.mp3

Skype tutorial on the Mac.

Dennis Bartlett gives us a very good demo of using Skype on the Apple Mac with Voice Over. Mac Skype Tutorial

Mac chat.

In this podcast Shane Jackson,Dennis Bartlett and Lewis Brock talk about Voice Over on the Apple Mac. It is a very nice chat and hopefully this will show people some of the reasons one would choose to use a Mac and Voice Over. Mac Chat.mp3

Anyone interested in Shanes podcast feed, here it is: Blind World Podcast


This is a post from Valiant8086. Here is his description. I take a few minutes to talk about and then demonstrate a continually improving and becoming more popular MUD Game Miriani. Players of Miriani can fly ships around and do missions, haul asteroids, hunt for artifacts, mine plannets for valuable materials, dig plannetary surfaces for artifacts, and a whole heck of a lot more. I try to mention and provide quick detail on most of the things you can do, then I get on the computer and demonstrate to you some aspects of artifact hunting, flying space ships around, using a simulator to simulate a combat mission, landing on an asteroid, interacting with drones, and a bit more. MIRIANI.mp3

Really flying blind.

Alan Paganelli shares with us a flying lesson he recorded about 30 years ago. At the time he was paying for flying lessons and yes he was blind! This wonderful recording is about 52 minutes long. I think everyone will enjoy listening to it. Thanks Alan for uploading the file to me and allowing me to share it with everyone here at BGZ.

Here is Alan’s description of the mp3 file.

I’m putting together an mp3 file of my youth about 30 years ago when I was flying blind. I got this bug in my bonnet that I wanted to learn to fly and sense I could afford the $40 an hour for the aircraft and another $20 an hour for the CFI )Certified Flying Instructor) I decided to put my money where my mouth was. A friend of mine talked to one of the CFI’s at the airport who took me on as his student. The mp3 recording was made on one training flight some time in 1977 give or take a month but I believe it was in the winter.

The recording starts off with the checklist and engine start and taxiing to the run-up area where the flight controls are checked one more time before leaving the ground. From the run-up area we proceed to the runway for takeoff and departure. The altitude is 3500 feet and the bass ground level is 614 feet (ASL) (above Sea Level.

It was a bit windy at altitude and we kept hitting these little bumpy spots in the road.

Flying is a constant recovery from left/right up and down all the time. When you run into a bump, it pitches one wing or the other slight up or down or the same with the nose or a combination of all of that. All this sounds like it’s like being bounced around like a Ping-Pong ball in a tempest but these are very slight but noticeable with instruments. We did a little flying around this way until I got bored and asked the instructor if we could do a few stalls.

To explain what a stall is, I need to tell you what actually keeps you up in the sky. It doesn’t matter if it’s the smallest ultra light or the largest jet airliner. The same thing holds all aircraft up there. That is about %8 difference between the top and bottom side of the wing. That’s all friends only %8 keeps you in the sky.

As the aircraft flies along, the pilot will chop the power. This means the aircraft flies slower and slower. As the aircraft flies slower, less lift is produced and the nose begins to drop. The pilot will pull the nose up with back pressure on the control column to keep the nose up. He will do this and the nose will rise higher and higher. As this happens, the aircraft flies slower and slower until the point of stall is achieved. The stall point is when there no longer enough lift supporting the weight of the aircraft and it’s passengers. When this stall point is exceeded, the aircraft can no longer fly and it falls out of the sky. Think of it like this. As the nose comes up from around 3 o’clock the pilot keeps bring the nose higher and higher through around 1 o’clock when stall speed is exceeded, the nose is said to brake off much like the swinging of a hammer. Some times a stall is called a hammer head stall when this brake off point is sharp. The nose falls from around 1 o’clock to about 4 o’clock but during that time, your falling through around a thousand feet or so give or take. As the nose comes back down, the aircraft moves forward because of gravity. Air flows over and under the wings again and as the aircraft moves faster and faster, lift again over comes the weight of the aircraft and the people inside and your flying again. If power is not restored, you can glide. From around 2000 feet you can probably glide 20 miles if your lucky. Plenty of time to find a place to put down.

The end of the recording concerns it’s self with the landing. The movies and drama all being more fiction then fact, you’ll see that the conversation doesn’t even change much between John the instructor and myself. When the aircraft lands, you can here first the left wheel touch down and a second later the right wheel. This is a fixed gear aircraft and there was a slight cross wind so the left wing is down slightly to compensate for the left cross wind and therefore touches down first and so the aircraft continues to roll latterly the right wheel touches down leveling the aircraft. Even large passenger jets land this way.

After the landing there is other aircraft on the taxi way and John needs to take over because things are getting tight with several aircraft approaching the same point so we needed to move a little faster and John can see what I can’t but after he got us past that point I again took over to shut down the systems etc.

I strongly suggest though, you listen through head phones or the engine sound will drown out the voices.

Really Flying Blind.mp3

Ultracane demo.

This is a review by Mark Vincent of a neat audio equipped cane called the Ultra Cane. The cane gives the user audio feedback from objects it picks up in the path of the user from a ultrasonic device attached to a normal white cane. audio review of the UltraCane.mp3

Zoom H2 demo.

Neal Ewers gives us a first look as he demonstrates the new Zoom H2 digital recorder from Samsung. Zoom H2 – recorder review.mp3

Sprint Motorola demo.

Eric Foreman gives us a demonstration of a Motorola cell phone on the Sprint network. BGZSprintMotorolaDemo.mp3

Sprint LG demo.

Eric Forman shows us a LG FusicLX 550 on the Sprint Network. BGZSprintLGFusicLX550Demo.mp3

Sprint petition.

Eric Foreman talks about a petition to Sprint. BGZSprintPetition.mp3

multi core processors

Joseph Lee shares his thoughts on dual core processors.
Thoughts on
dual core processors.mp3


This tutorial was done by Richie over at blind bridges. It
deals with basics of Jaws training. Jaws training extra.mp3

Audacity demo.

This demonstration of Audacity a free audio editor was done by
Gene Asner. Audacity

If you like the Audacity presentation, consider purchasing
Gene’s Internet tutorial. To hear a free sample, click this link.
Tutorial Sample.mp3 The
tutorial is very affordably priced. Try listening and see what
makes it stand out. Current pricing and ordering information is
included in the sample.

Olympus DS50 part 1.

Don Ball gives us a first look at the new Olympus DS 50
digital voice recorder. OlympusDS50_demo_1.wma

Olympus DS50 part 2.

Don Ball gives us another look at the new Olympus DS 50
digital voice recorder. OlympusDS50_demo_2.wma

BrailleNote Series part 1.

This is part 1 of a series on the BrailleNote by Human Ware. In this part Joseph Lee introduces us to the device and describes it for us in detail. BrailleNote Podcast Part 1 Introduction.mp3

BrailleNote series part 2.

This is part 2 of Joseph Lee’s series on the BrailleNote by Human Ware. In this part Joseph introduces basic commands and concepts behind BrailleNote’s operation. BrailleNote Podcast Part 2 Basics.mp3

BrailleNote series part 3.

This is part 3 in a series by Joseph Lee on the BrailleNote. In this podcast Joseph describes using the BrailleNote as a Braille display for your computer using Blue Tooth connectivity. BrailleNote Podcast Part 3 Using BrailleNote As A Bluetooth braille Display.mp3

BrailleNote series part 3a.

Joseph Lee gives us another part of his BrailleNote series. In this part he talks about the options menu. BrailleNotePodcastPart3A(OptionsMenupart1).mp3

BrailleNote series part 4.

This is part 4 of a series by Joseph Lee on the BrailleNote. In this podcast Joseph describes how to use the BrailleNotes support information mode. BrailleNote Podcast Part 4 Using Support Information Mode.mp3

BrailleNote series part 5.

This is part 5 of the BrailleNote series done by Joseph Lee. In this part Joseph describes the update process and gives details on the startup procedure and boot loader. BrailleNote Podcast Part 5 Upgrading KeySoft.mp3

BrailleNote chat 1.

Joseph Lee records a hour long chat session from the BCT chat room on the BrailleNote from Human Ware and what users would like to see from it in the future. BrailleNoteChat.mp3

BrailleNote chat 2.

This is another chat session on the BrailleNote hosted by Joseph Lee over on the BCT chat room that was held on 07-13-2007. Braille Note Chat 2.mp3

BrailleNote chat 3.

This is a third BCT chat covering the BrailleNote hosted by Joseph lee ThirdBrailleNoteChat.mp3

BrailleNote chat 4.

Here is a fourth BrailleNote chat hosted by Joseph Lee over in the BCT chat room that was
recorded in September 2007. FourthBrailleNoteChat.mp3

BrailleNote chat 4 part 2.

Part 2 of the fourth BrailleNote chat hosted by Joseph Lee in September of 2007 at the BCT chat room. FourthBrailleNoteChatPartTwo.mp3

BrailleNote chat 5.

This is the 5th in a series of BrailleNote chats hosted by Joseph Lee. FifthBrailleNoteChat.mp3