BGZ Livecast 4 show notes

Hi Everyone,
Here are the links as promised for todays show.
This is the link to the blog posting where developers are asking for your donations to help keep NVDA going.
Here is the address where you can purchase and download Hope the accessible interface for Pandora radio.
Amazon Kindle reader application for the PC:
This is the link for the program itself.
and here is the accessibility notes for the reader.
If you missed todays live show, you can listen to the archive here:


  1. Hello. My name is Sue Ward and happened to read the feeds that I get from the blind plannet and saw that you had a show on thought I would check it out, and it was a lot of fun. I really like the demos of all of those cool programs. In fact just purchased the Hope software about a week ago and loving it! Now I want to download the amazon accessible kindle for the pc. I think it sounds pretty good, so think I might try it out. Am not an apple user but it is really something else that they have leveled the playing field for everyone. Great job on the show. Think I will listen again whenever the next one is. I have listened to the windows 7 stuff about a few months back and whenever I get a netbook think will load them up as a refresher review. Thanks for all of the hard work. Keep up the good work.