Do you beg for money on your podcasts?

This morning I awoke to the following email message:


One of the most worst visually impairment contents I have seen online is the people asking for money or donations by the manner which gives the listener a negative impression about the blind people.

Instead of encouraging the listener to be determinedly optimized, you’re keeping on showing that’s the blind person is just an online penniless.

We’re not a people of online solicitation as I may identify it, duh, we’re a truly honored and dignified people.        

Best Wishs.
It’s always hope that gives meaning to life.

The message was from:


Mostafa almahdy



and here was my email that I sent him in reply:


If you have a problem with me asking for donations on my podcasts and my website then I respectfully ask you to give running a website and doing hundreds of demonstrations yourself a try. It costs a great deal of money to do this.  Since the recipient of this email is solely addressed to blind geek zone I take great offense to your assertions here, I don’t beg and if you and others don’t like the fact I ask for donations to keep BGZ running then I suggest that you find other websites to get your free resources and information from in the future.


Rick Harmon

Owner – BGZ






After this I recorded BGZ podcast #50 and uploaded it to the BGZ website:


Where I went off on a bit of a rant and  said what I thought about people complaining about donation requests from people like myself to help keep new free content  appearing on my website.


I hope those of you who don’t feel it’s necessary to donate and expect things totally for free understand it’s very expensive to purchase new things to demonstrate on the BGZ website.  I never expect anyone to donate because I ask for a donation, I hope that people will donate because they got something out of the content I produced and felt it worthy of a donation.