How many screen readers does it take to delete a blogger blog?

So, I decided to delete the blind geek zone blog that I had previously created over on One would think this would be a simple task right? Well for a sighted person probably so but for a blind person using one of the various screen readers out there, not so easy. Let me tell you the steps I had to take here in order to delete the old BGZ blog off of blogger.

Ok, my primary screen reader of choice is JAWS, so I started there. I went to the dashboard at blogger and began looking for a way to delete the BGZ glog. I found a options button by each blog that I assumed had to go in the right path to my goal. I pressed the options button with JAWS and nothing happened. I did a quick google search to be sure this was the right button to be pressing and after a bit of looking at a help article on blogger, I found that I was correct in my assumption. So ok, JAWS 14 does nothing here at all. I then bring up Serotek system access to see what it could do for me.

I was able to activate the options button with SA and get to settings, which is the first step in the path to deleteing the blog. The first thing I noticed however was that SA was dog slow on this screen! It was like swimming through molasses. It took a couple of seconds to move from element to element and I was getting no where quickly. I was in a basic options area but needed to be on other options which SA was not able to get to here. I found a tree which had the option to get to other but SA could not activate it at all. Ok, next step lets get out NVDA and see what it can do with this page.

Well it’s getting better I think, NVDA can see all the links in what SA called a tree. I find the other options link and click on it and hear a sound NVDA makes when entering something but nothing else. I tried it a couple of different ways but no success. Do I give up at this point? hell no! I click on the options link with NVDA and close it and bring back up JAWS.

Success, I was in the right area now and could use JAWS to find tools and then delete blog on the page and after another few minutes, the BGZ blog over on blogger was history. Phew, it’s tough being blind somedays! I confess that I didn’t try this with Window Eyes on the PC or with Safari on the Mac or iOS, so I don’t know how they would handle this job. Maybe someone can tell me here with a comment.