How To Install WordPress

For those who have questions about installing WordPress, here’s some information that might help.

There are two ways of installing WordPress.

Option 1: the manual way.

  • Download the zipped archive containing the WordPress files.
  • Extract the files and upload them to the FTP account supplied by your web hosting provider.
  • Log into the control panel for your web hosting account and create a database and a user.
  • Assuming that those files were installed in the root, go to

    Replace with the actual site address.

  • Follow the instructions.

Option 2: Most hosting providers, if not all, offer a way of installing WordPress or another content management system, using a script. Some people believe that this method is less secure. As someone who uses WordPress, my advice is as follows:

  • Your username should not be admin.
  • Your password should not be password.
  • Change the table prefix. By default this is set to wp.
  • After installing WordPress, install and configure a security plug-in such as IThemes Security.
  • Back up. My favorite plug-in for creating backups is Backup Buddy.