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Here is a press release that has been going around the web since yesterday, give it a read and I’ll comment below.

America’s First Mobile Smartphone & Service for The Blind and Visually Impaired.

June 5, 2013.

Project RAY Ltd., developer of the first smartphone specially designed for eye-free operation, and Odin Mobile, the nationwide provider of cellular service dedicated to providing mobile communication services to the blind and visually impaired, today announced America’s first full mobile service for the blind and visually impaired.

“This collaboration will provide the blind the ability to access smartphone technology through a unique user interface that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use,” said Robert Felgar , general manager of Odin Mobile. “Odin Mobile is excited to partner with Project RAY to make advanced mobile technology more accessible to the blind.”

Features of America’s first full mobile service include:

. Odin Mobile’s full telephone service including voice, text and data, with customized eye-free setup and services.

. Affordable smartphone developed by Project RAY specially for the blind, from its unique operating system & eye-free operation to specialized built-in apps and content.

. Multiple built-in services for the blind and visually impaired within a single affordable device and one unified user experience – including voice calls, email, messaging contact list services, calendar, GPS, advanced WEB remote assistance, voice recorder, panic and emergency services, color identification, pictures transcription, banknote recognition, and more.

. Advanced communication and lifestyle services such as book and magazine subscriptions built into the off-the-shelf device.

. Unique operating system and user interface specially developed for eye-free operation including single gesture access to frequently used numbers and functions, one-hand operation, homogeneous interface across multiple system functions and services.

“Together with Odin Mobile, and with the initial and invaluable support of Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach program, we are excited to bring the affordable, lifestyle changing benefits of smartphone technology and services to millions of blind and visually impaired people throughout the United States,” said Boaz Zilberman , Founder & CEO of Project RAY. “Our RAY smartphone combined with Odin Mobile’s full-cellular services for the blind and visually impaired, will finally bring to this important community the same services available to the mainstream full-sighted community.”

Project RAY and Qualcomm Wireless Reach collaborated on the first trial and commercial launch of the RAY device in Israel in early 2013. As one of the project’s primary funders, Qualcomm provided technical advice, support, funding and in-kind contributions in support of the development of a device that successfully promotes independence and social inclusion for people with disabilities.

“We are proud to work with Project RAY and support their objective of bringing a mobile device to market that supports blind and visually impaired people so they can access resources and information independently,” said Kristin Atkins , Senior Director of Government Affairs for Qualcomm. “Our team at Qualcomm Israel worked closely with Project RAY on the operational and product efforts of the first RAY device enabling independence and a richer social life for users by providing an all-in-one, independent-living companion capable of eye-free input, text-to-speech, access to content, navigation, label recognition, augmented reality and integration with social networks. This is a great example of how working with partners, we can help improve people’s lives with the latest technology.”

America’s first full mobile service provided by Odin Mobile, including RAY, the world’s first mobile device specially developed for the blind and visually impaired, will be officially launched at the 2013 M-Enabling Global Summit organized in cooperation with FCC and ITU on June 6-7 in Washington.

About Odin Mobile:
Based in Rockville, Maryland, Odin Mobile is a T-Mobile MVNO focused on providing unparalleled mobile service to the visually impaired. Every aspect of its innovative service is designed to make it easier for the visually impaired to take full advantage of mobile technology. Its mission is to narrow the gap between the extent to which the visually impaired and general populations use mobile services. For more information, please visit

About Project RAY:
Project RAY Ltd. develop and market breakthrough accessibility solutions for blind and visually impaired people. The flagship product, the RAY smartphone, is an integrated mobile device developed especially for eye-free usage. It features a common user interface across all system functions, apps and services including voice calls, email, messaging, calendar, GPS, advanced WEB remote assistance, voice recorder, panic and emergency services, and more. RAY leverages cutting edge mobile technologies to afford all blind and visually impaired people the lifestyle improvements we all take for granted in today’s smartphone world: greater independence, spontaneity and mobile accessibility to services we use daily. For more information, please visit

While this clearly isn’t going to be something that I’d go out and purchase. It might be something thats right for you. What works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you. You can also check out the audio page and look for BGZ podcast 69 for audio comments on this article.

I really get tired of reading over and over that someone is saying that what they use is right and if you’re not using the same thing that some how your wrong at the very least and at worst a utter and complete idiot for not using what the person is using. Get a life already and get a clue!