Updated, My thoughts on the Serotek announcements

I’ve been thinking a lot about the events of the last few days over at Serotek. First let me say that I have the utmost of respect for Ricky,Lisa, Buddy, Rich and Joe. I know some of them better than others but I consider them to all be my friends. Lisa and Buddy have sent customers my way on several occasions. Richard has helped me out on several occasions to get my system access functioning after blunders on my part. Ricky has bent over backwards to help me out whenever she could. Joe also has been a friend prior to and during his time at Serotek. I’m very sad to see all of them suddenly no longer with Serotek. The messages on Twitter Friday at first were not believable but as I saw 1 by 1 each of them announcing that they were no longer with Serotek my feelings went from disbelief to outright shock and sadness.
All 5 showed absolute professionalism and class on Friday. People started asking serious questions of Serotek on twitter throughout the day and things apparently boiled over leading to a rather embarrassing set of tweets from the official Serotek Twitter account towards several of them. The comments were all deleted but I’ve managed to see a few of them and must say that Serotek could learn a lot from how Ricky, Lisa, Buddy, rich and Joe handled themselves.

I don’t think that BGZ has the clout or importance in the community to say that we should or shouldn’t do business with Serotek. I will say though as just 1 person in the grand scheme of things, that I have serious doubts about Serotek’s sincerity. the fact that 5 major players there left in the last two weeks and now a cryptic message out on a Sunday evening saying that all is well there just doesn’t come across as believable to me. This community will pounce on deception in a heartbeat so Serotek, it’s in your best interest to not treat us all as people that will believe anything that you tell us.

Will Serotek die as a result of the recent events? I do not know but I have no doubts that Seroteks reputation in the blindness community is at this point largely in shatters. I wish all 5 of my friends that left Serotek for whatever reason last week the very best in each of their futures. All are very, very talented and will land on their feet and move forward quickly.


I can now add another friend to this continueing story, Jamie Pauls has now also departed from Serotek in addition to the 5 others thad already left previously. I also consider Jamie to be a friend, we worked together on ACB’s main menu as well as ACBRI and the Legend where we both had radio shows. I originally met Jamie via his very popular email list back in 2006. I would like to also say here that I wish you the best of luck in what ever it is that you decide to do now as a result of leaving Serotek.

I have to scratch my head and wonder what will become of what at one time was a very innovative and impressive company. It’s hard to see how Serotek comes out of this and still have any standing in the blind community. It’s all very sad and again I wish everyone that has left there the absolute best of luck in your futures. Also, I’d like to wish you all a good Thanksgiving and a very merry Christmas and new years.



  1. I absolutely agree with this 1000 percent! I felt exactly the same way you did Rick, this is such a shame that it happened like this. A few short hours ago, after reading the press release I closed my account with serotek, and will not go back. If 5 of the best people they have leave for whatever reason, and then 2 days later they say everything is fine that just doesn’t sit well with me, and I can not in good conscience give my money to a company who treats their customers like this. The customers who are their life blood, without them, it doesn’t mean much. Serotek has done a lot of amazing things in the past but it looks like, for me at least, I won’t be part of it moving forward. I quite definitely wish all 5 former employees the best of luck. They’ll land on their feet and do great things. They’re all really good folks.

  2. Richard Wells says

    Rick Harmon´╗┐:Your direct message to me and your thoughts here encourage me in ways I cannot describe. You are an irreplaceable friend and resource in the adaptive technology arena. Keep doing what you do and we’ll certainly be working together in some way in the days ahead.

  3. The news was certainly shocking. I’ve had some contact with many of the players and hve been impressed with their professionalism, even under these very difficult and sad circumstances. while I wish Serotek was more forthcoming with informatio I think it’s important to reserve judgment until we have more data. The people involved have not shared their reasons for leaving, probably for very good reasons. Therefore, speculation can only lead to rumors and misunderstandings. That wouldn’t seem to me to benefit anyone. I don’t mean to be critical of what you have written; I’m just suggesting that we all exercise some restraint until we have a more complete understanding of what’s going on. I would hope that Serotek would clarify things as soon as possible.