Updated Post: Response To WP Beginners Article on Starting a Podcast with WordPress

The folks at WP Beginner have published an

article about starting a podcast with WordPress.
In this blog post, I want to communicate some things that weren’t communicated in the article and would be helpful.

1. The article assumes that you’ve done the work that needs to be done before you hit record. To learn more about what needs to happen before you hit record,

Check out this getting started guide for podcasting.

2. Regarding web hosting, the companies that I have firsthand experience with are



A2 Hosting.

3. Regarding media hosting, another option, recommended by podcasters, is


Here’s the point. Do not put podcast media on the same server as your web site.

For a firsthand account from someone who made that mistake, click here.

The portion of the recording I’m directing you to starts at 33:34.

4. Regarding microphones, I’m hearing positive comments about the

ATR 2100.

5. On the recording side of things, some podcasters use a digital audio recorder either instead of software or addition to software.

6. As for converting to MP3, don’t do this until all editing has been done. Also, for best results, if you use Audacity, export your audio as a wave file and convert using ITunes.

I hope this article and the original article were helpful. Want more information?

contact me, Christopher Wright.